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Fantasy MLS 2019

The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room

The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room

The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room

Welcome to The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room. This purpose of this page is to simply allow a space for any of our avid MLS players to natter away solely about MLS, uninterrupted by the usual FPL chatter.

We shall not update this page weekly with any fresh information, it is down to the users to do so in the chat below if they so wish.

This page will be linked to in our Hot Topics section which you can find above the Latest Comments on any page, so that you can always find it easily.

If you require any further advice or want to check out some weekly articles we strongly recommend that you give our friends at MLS Fantasy Boss a visit by clicking here

Thanks for reading The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room.

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  1. 37
    Otieno says:

    What’s irritated me is I got an e-mail only this morning to say that two of my players have had their position reclassified. My team has been voided and I need to pick a new one

  2. 38
    GoalMachine says:

    FMLS: First few changes are published. Game is yet to open.
    (1) All teams have equal budget 100m all season, leveling the financial playing field.
    (2) In the DGW, the best score will be counted instead of summing the both.

  3. 39
    GoalMachine says:

    FMLS: Game is open now. Interested managers can create your Round1 team. Every week WC stays as-is.

    Changes to the game…
    (1) Fixed budget of $125M – All managers will have the same budget for the entire season, regardless of player prices changing
    (2) No more Spring & Fall season splits – One full season long competition
    (3) MLS Fantasy Champions League – A new competition with 4 6-week long qualifying periods to start the season, and an 8 week long competition to end the season to see who really is the best of the best. At the beginning of the MLS regular season, all entries are automatically entered in the Qualifier #1 league. At the completion of Week 6, the top 50 entries in total points qualify for the FCL. The remaining entries are then automatically entered in the Qualifier #2 league and start a new competition (their score begins at zero). The above process is repeated for 2 more qualifier rounds (Week 13-17, 18-23). Once qualifier #4 completes, the 200 entries that qualified for the FCL compete against one another in weeks 25-32 for prizes.
    (4) Changes to Double Game Week scoring – For players with two matches in one week, only their highest score from the 2 matches will count, rather than combining both.
    (5) Alteration to the max player price change – Max price change for a player in a week changed from 500k to 1M – Player prices react quicker to real world on-field performance.
    (6) Once Round1 transitions to Round2, and your total roster’s value increases to over 125M, your roster is technically in an invalid state and you must make roster moves to bring your total value at or under 125M. If you do not do that before the first match of GW2 begins, your roster will be invalid for the entire week and you will receive zero points.

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