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UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2019/20 GW6

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2019/20 GW6

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2019/20 GW6

Rotation Central
Hello everyone and welcome to UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2019/20 GW6. The main focus this week will be on the line-ups as we have a good many teams who have qualified already, some who have already topped their group, some who know they are staying in 2nd, some who know they are out of contention, even for 3rd spot, and a handful who still have a vested interest in actually winning this week. We shall detail all of this below. Along with the usual update on the Regular’s League and we also have that all important (now less so) Fixture Tracker.

State Of Play…

Group 1. Nothing to play for;
This is where we are likely to see most of the rotation…

Qualified as Group Winner;
Bayern Munich
Paris Saint-Germain
Manchester City

Qualified in 2nd but CANNOT win the group;
Real Madrid

Slavia Prague

Group 2. Maintaining interest
And less…

Qualified but CAN still win the group;
RB Leipzig

Fighting for 1st, 2nd or 3rd;
Club Brugge
FK Crvena Zvezda
Dinamo Zagreb
Atletico Madrid
Bayer Leverkusen

So basically we have 11 teams with absolutely zero riding on their game, other than perhaps a bit of pride or integrity, but let’s face it, anything with the word UEFA attached to it in that respect…

And 21 others who do have something to play for.

Not to state the bleeding obvious then but your first port of call this week should probably be a numbers game, ticking off those who fall into each category. And if you have way more from Group 1 than 2 then you may have to consider whipping out that anytime wildcard, or at least be contemplating a few hits.

Housekeeping GW6
The main points to consider this week are as follows;

    • Transfers
      You get two free transfers each week and this one is no different. You can choose to carry one over should you wish, but you will never get more than three in any GW, which means that you should have somewhere between 2 & 3 transfers for this week.
    • Deadlines / Manual Subs / Captain Switches
      There are two, essentially. The first and main one is at kick off on Tuesday which is 5.55pm UK time. You will get to see the line-ups of 4 teams prior to it and this week they are; Napoli, Genk, Salzburg and Liverpool.

The second is on Wednesday at the same time. This is the one before which you can change your team around, bring in your subs manually and also change your captain to a Wednesday player, if you so wish.

When setting your team up just make sure that all of your ‘Tuesday’ players are on the pitch to begin with, you can then bring your ‘Wednesday’ guys in prior to 5.55pm on that day. Likewise with your captain.

The Game Itself and the FF247 League Codes

You can access the game here – Fantasy Champions League

We have two leagues running;
Our official FF247 league code is 32NQYUI4KW
This one is the usual open air league that all and sundry are welcome to join; there are about 800 people in it. We have no idea who most of them are!

Our other one, the ‘Regulars League’ is now only open to new entrants via email
Please email us on if you want the code.

We did ask that people respected the purpose and integrity of this one; that is to say that you should only enter it if you consider yourself to be a Regular Community member on here. But this was unfortunately not adhered to. The phrase ‘this is why we can’t have nice things’ springs to mind. As a result we have booted about 50 people out of it who we do not recognise. If you find yourself suspended and feel you shouldn’t be then please just say so in the comments below and we shall happily reinstate you.

The Regulars League Table
The Top 10 as we stand…

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football Tracker
And the Fixtures themselves.

The main purposes of this article are threefold; to remind you to do your team, to provide a separate CL space to ask for help and advice from the community (and to hopefully reciprocate in that aim) and lastly just somewhere to chat about the games as they happen; a CL Live Match Chat if you like, so as ever please feel free to post any RMT’s or questions in the comments below.

Thanks for reading UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2019/20 GW6.

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  1. 1
    inittowinit says:


    Going a bit early on this one because there may be more to discuss / think about this week…

    • 1.1
      oyabbat247 says:

      Hi inittowinit?
      You are the best. i new i had to play my wildcard for gw6 to sort out the less motivated players/teams. I was stuck on how to proceed, then i remember this forum and especially authors like you. Your article was VERY helpful. Particularly i liked the way you categorized the teams (qualified, eliminated, etc). it helped me narrow down the choices. Am done picking my team already. just waiting for kick off, although i will be monitoring relevant news such as injuries. Thanx.

  2. 2
    coys9 says:

    Thanks Init for putting this together. Good stuff! I’ll start the ball rolling if someone could RMT. No boosters left but and only 3 FT. I guess Messi, Lewa, A Sandro and Orban are unlikely to feature? Who should I replace? Does it make sense to use auto subs for this round ?

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 2.1
      inittowinit says:

      It’s a good point that actually, it may be a round to play it as per FPL for once, if you don’t have a chip left anyway. Trouble with that though is that you negate the double jeopardy on the captain.

    • 2.2

      Hey Coys, we knew it’s not gonna be easy after using the unlimited chip last time. We have to just make a research who are the best replacement who are likely to play and then wait for the WC in spring smile

    • 2.3
      oyabbat247 says:

      3 transfers can help better your chances of scoring points. Begin from the forwards. Halaand is likely to play against Liverpool. so now, replace messi and lewand. i also think these might be rested/rotated. you could replace one of them with Mertens (napoli) who have a must win game. Abraham can replace Lewandoski. Chelsea also has a must win game and you can even captain Abraham. Now you are left with one replace to make. Wish you the best.

  3. 3

    Thanks Init, great stuff was going to go through and look at the teams to see who had something left to play for, but you laid it all out here, really made things easy.

    Now, I need to figure out who I want to gamble on from those that usually don’t start but are likely to make the xi now that their teams are already through.

  4. 4

    I am keeping Lewa in my team. Despite Bayern already through he is on a mission to break Messi’s record of 73 for most goals scored in a single season in all competitions, set in 2011/12. He only needs 46 more biggrin

  5. 5
    bees393 says:

    Ziyeck, Mane, Salah or Mertens for Captain?
    How is your team doing guys?

  6. 6
    GoalMachine says:

    Limitless WC – play in round 6? Or, is there a better case in future?

    • 6.1
      inittowinit says:

      Depends how many ‘iffy’ ones you have really. The increased transfers as you progress through the latter stages often negate the need for using it in any of those.

    • 6.2
      Wanton says:

      Hi GM! Haven’t played UEFA fantasy games for years now, but as far as I remember, round 6 was always the best option to WC.

      • GoalMachine says:

        @Wanton You are correct. But in earlier years by now more number of teams are through making your team look bad. But this year, there is not many teams are through. Having said that I am facing a -4 ph case. Now I need to decide if limit myself to -4 or, use Limitless and if so, make some more changes.

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