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Fantasy Football Competitons

World Cup 2014 Fantasy Football!

World Cup 2014 Fantasy Football!

Photo 25-04-2014 00 42 58As we sadly near the end of our beloved FPL season we thought it would be time to tell you that all hope is not lost and that you will not have to spend a long and lonely summer with friends and family at the beach ‘enjoying’ yourself whilst secrectly counting down the days to start of the next FPL season! Alas, the World Cup is upon us and will hopefully feed your fantasy addiction! We will be open for business as usual over the Summer with fantasy interest aplenty as we will be partaking in the usual FIFA World Cup game with an FF247 league and articles to boot. Hopefully you are as excited as we are at the prospect of seeing England lose on penalties again, watching Messi try to fulfill his one missing accolade and seeing the latest gem emerge from the tournament only to come to the EPL next season and realise that Big Sam doesn’t quite know how to utilise a silky ball playing South American. Hoof it please love…

Fancy writing for us? Good, because we need your help!
We intend to do a series of mini-articles throughout the various stages of the tournament to help you along the way but we will be kicking it all off with an overall guide to the groups and the teams involved to help you make those initial selections a little easier. That’s where you guys come in as we would like a little help… Basically we would like to do a run-down on each group, the teams involved and assess their players from a fantasy perspective and as such invite you our members to write it for us! We don’t expect many will have specific knowledge of Iran, Honduras or Ecuadorian line-ups but that’s where the fun is! If you fancy getting your name in lights and having a crack at advising your fellow managers as to who is the forward to pick from South Korea or why we shouldn’t rely on England to produce then we would love to hear from you. Simply contact us here and we will get the ball rolling and hopefully we will be able to have a full guide to the World Cup written by our members. Some of the groups have already been taken by the current writers but we have room for 3 or 4 guest writers. As such we may have to operate on a first come, first served basis and we cannot guarantee involvement but the more applicants the merrier and we will try to accomodate as many new writers as we can.

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  1. 13
    Josh721 says:

    Morning guys! Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Mine was pretty decent. I got to witness my city’s new professional soccer team play their first home game ever. It was awesome; 20,000+ people, which blew away the regular season attendance record by a good 10,000 people! It’s only USL (2 tiers below MLS), but I’m still excited! And I finally got my captain pick right in FPL ;) Here’s hoping that Ramsey gets a couple and Dummett gets at least 6 points! It seems like only one of those is likely to happen though.

    About this World Cup fantasy thing: that sounds very interesting. Is Group G still open? I think I might want to take a crack at it.

  2. 14
    theswirly says:

    Hi folks,

    In my drunkenness on Saturday night, I did three transfers: Lukaku, Lallana and Coleman out for Ramsey, Rooney and Sagna. It cost me my 1FT and eight points. Not bad considering my state, however I now wish I’d brought in Kolarov instead of Sagna because that would have kept enough money for a straight Gerrard > YYT move next GW. The thing is, YYT has done his magic today and I can’t help but wonder if he’s going to do what he did last DGW. My current team for GW37 is:

    Shaw, Azpilicueta, Sagna
    Gerrard, Ramsey, Eriksen, Mata
    Suarez, Rooney, Aguero

    …Four DGW players

    So, on -8, should I take another eight point hit to do Gerrard and Shaw for YYT and Alonso and start my GW on -16 but with six DGW players or just chill out and wait until next GW to do that (or something similar) and just take a four-point hit then?

    Cheers muchly!

    • 14.1
      jamesimmo says:

      I’m going in without Yaya… had to in order to accommodate Rooney and Mata in to my set up, and budget, unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll come out alive.

  3. 15
  4. 16
    Calvin Clyne says:

    I’d also be very happy to do some research and give something back to this community. I’ll drop an email and if you’d like a specific thing doing then let me know.

  5. 17
    Potty Procky says:

    As you can see from this Article FF247 are to run a World Cup FF League and as you all know too I will be running an all singing and dancing World Cup Competition myself….
    The Perfect 32 – (so to gain a slot in this Comp you have to finish in the Top 32 places in the current Qualifying League I now have running).
    So ahead of tonights Arsenal v Newcastle Utd match let me enlighten you to how things are shaping up in it right now.
    We have 35 entrants so 3 will miss out after Mwk 38 ends!
    Last week saw 2 new late entrants join the fray and guess what?
    The buggers now sit in 1st and 2nd place,they are……..
    Tinkerman Utd = 152pts
    Silence of the Lambs =145pts
    But more alarmingly they have pushed 3 teams past the “making the cut” position of 32nd!
    Teams who may now go out are……
    33 = Pork n Cheese…..104pts
    34 = Eddy Hitler XI…..104pts
    35 = FC redmecca…..100pts
    Will tonights events at the Emirates change things around for these 3 unlucky souls.
    I doubt weather Tinkerman and Silence care,lol.

  6. 18
    Drexl says:

    An incredible 3 points combined seperate the 4 Shield semi finalists. Good luck all. Worthy matches foe a great comp. well done again Bench

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