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New Signings 2016/17 July 11, 2016 posted by

New Signings – Fantasy Premier League 2016/17. Leicester

New Signings – Fantasy Premier League 2016/17. Leicester

FPL 2015/16 transfer round upRegardless of who else they sign this summer the current champions arguably made their most important signing already by convincing Jamie Vardy to pen a new deal with them, snub Arsenal and spearhead not only an unlikely title defence but also their great European adventure as they seek to rock the Champions League world, much as they did ours last season. And good on the lad too. In this age of instant gratification, easy money, fame and fortune there’s something almost wholesome and just plain fundamentally good about this decision. If Graziano Pelle and his Chinese money move tells you everything you need to know about the modern football mercenary then Vardy staying put tells you everything you need to know about a player who is almost an 80’s throwback. Don’t get us wrong, he didn’t re-sign for a pittance, of course, but more importantly it may well have a galvanising effect and an influence on any of their other players who were suddenly thinking about bigger and better things outside of Leicester. Apart from Kante, obviously. And maybe Mahrez, although he’s rumoured to be re-signing as we speak. Screw it, you’re getting relegated Jamie. On your own.  Read More

Fantasy Football Team News July 27, 2016 posted by

Best #FPL picks from the promoted teams – Burnley, Hull and Middlesbrough

Best #FPL picks from the promoted teams – Burnley, Hull and Middlesbrough – Fantasy Premier League 2016/17.

Living in Japan I’m always fascinated by the trends that transcend the East-West cultural abyss. This stratovolcanic archipelago (thanks Wikipedia) gave the world sushi, karate and talking robots. In return it got Starbucks, the atomic bomb and Shed Seven. Well, now there’s a new Japanese phenomenon zombifying the mass populous. In ‘Pokemon Go’, armed only with a smartphone, you must physically navigate real-life streets, trespass private fields and probably traverse active volcanoes to grab virtual Pokemon characters. Unexpected add-ons include game-players falling down open manholes, ambling through moving traffic and being lured into abandoned car parks by registered sex offenders.

A safer alternative is needed; one similarly rooted in reality, embellished by fantasy, and so we return to the safe haven of FPL. Lurking deep within its hallowed halls are players from the 2015/16 Championship’s elite three, ready to level up and challenge the Premier League. Burnley ascended as champions ahead of Middlesbrough; while Hull scrapped their way to the promised land via the playoffs.

Let’s look at some of those newly promoted players you can collect to finish off your FPL squad. All this, without unduly draining your phone battery; hitting your monthly data limit after four days; or even having to disclose ‘personal information to government or law enforcement officials or private parties’ (always read the terms and conditions). Banzai!
Here we go then onto the ‘Promoted Clubs XI’. Don’t forget, you gotta catch ’em all.*
(*Well, maybe three or four) Read More

Fantasy Football MLS July 29, 2016 posted by

MLS GW21 – Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW21 – Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer

mls fantasy tips

This weeks deadline is Sat 30th July 3PM EDT. That’s American time – add 5 hours here in the UK to make it Sat at 8PM

The MLS isn’t in the habit of making their scheduling coincide with perfectly timed fantasy articles – and that’s kind of the situation we have on our hands again this week. Full disclosure: this article is being written prior to the MLS All Star game vs. Arsenal. Now, we could’ve waited until after the AS game to check on injuries and any players that played heavy minutes, but that would’ve meant having this article posted for a single day before the round locked. There’s no perfect solution, so we’ll just get this out there, and then the burden of being in the know about injuries from the AS game falls to you, the reader. Apologies.

Now that we have that out of the way, I think most people can be pretty happy about their scores from last week. Having an average in the 70’s is really pretty decent on a single game week. But a lot of players went off for huge points, and I think a lot of people now feel smart about their picks going forward. This being the MLS, you should probably pull a Larry David and curb your enthusiasm a bit. I’m not being pessimistic, just honest. I’m not saying we can’t find a few gems here to boost some scores, but the chances of multiple players going off at the same rate again this week is pretty slim – even slimmer than Lampard’s last score.
Read More

Fantasy Football Team News July 9, 2016 posted by

Fantasy Premier League 2016-17 Pre-Season Round up

Fantasy Premier League 2016-17 Pre-Season Round up

Hellllllooooooooo FPL’ers! We’re back. It is that time of the year again when we begin to look ahead to how our 20 Premier League teams are preparing for this the most potentially cash-laden, superstar-fuelled, world class manager-jewelled season in history.

FPL will again afford us the chance to back our favourite players (which is of course price-dependent – but that’s for another article) but we need to know that they will be playing in a position worth having them, that they are in form, and more exciting perhaps, where the next bargain of the ‘Alli, Mahrez, Payet, Vardy’ ilk are to be found.

And so to assist us along the way this article is intended as a pre-season scrap book where we intend to record all teams pre-season fixtures and will include where possible all salient information as to who is scoring, who is assisting and who is looking hot and who isn’t.

I will do my best to get all information posted as swiftly as possible but it will all eventually appear here. I would appeal to you to follow my example and in the format of previous seasons assist me by including team news with substitutions, team formation information, goal scoring and assisting records and any other information FPL-relevant.

The main new addition here is that this article is linked in with the HOT COMMENTS section that appears above the Latest Comments. Basically we have created a comment link for each team. Simply scroll to the Hot Comments for the team you require info on and it’ll take you to their section and we will have all their pre-season info in one place courtesy of our fantastic community members.

The purpose of this is so that –

1. There is a specific place to post relevant pre-season info for each team –
Please post any findings – line-ups, signings, team news, match reports, etc…

2. It’s easy to find all the info.
Need to know the pre-season line-ups for Arsenal? Easy, just click on their link in Hot Comments and you will come to their hub. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips July 26, 2016 posted by

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!

Grab, Avoid or Bore off!

Welcome to the opening instalment of Grab, Avoid or Bore off for the 2016-17 season. Lovely to be back with you the wonderful FPL community and guess what I have in store for all of you? The same 3 fellas who always do it…well, that was an exciting announcement. Much like Wenger, I don’t like to spend money for any new strikers, so no need to break up the 3 Amigos. Unlike Wenger’s crew, this trio of attacking talent always delivers the goods, sort of. Showing that they haven’t lost a step and have all the important nuggets of information you all desire, they reveal to us things like Cahill is Cahill (shocker), that Kop is actually Mr. Excitement, that I might have a soft spot for Costa, that Cookie is absolutely ready when it comes to cheap strikers and that Init has figured out the Italian secret for preserving ageing defenders. Yes!! Yes!! With that kind of info, you certainly can’t afford to not read up and get yourself ready for the upcoming season. So without further ado, bring on Bore off! Read More

Fantasy Football Community Team July 21, 2016 posted by

The FF247 Community Team – We go again

Fantasy Football The FF247 Community Team – We go again

It was around this time twelve months ago that another team joined the 3 million-strong throng of Fantasy Football Teams vying for the crown of overall world champion. Except in this case it would be “champions” as this team was a little different. You were in it. And you. You, too. I was as well. The FF247 Community Team (founded 2015) was born, and indeed borne out of a curiosity of a few regulars who wondered if we could have a fantasy team representing all you good good people. Let’s embrace what we did last year, with an overall respectable final rank of 100,193 and see if we can improve on that the second time around.

For those new to this concept, your management team of myself, elleffcee and NZ Alex will guide you via comments on our dedicated article which sits on the tab at the top of the FF247 homepage. These comments will advise you when we are looking for your interaction, namely to let us know how you think we should manage the Community Team. Once our original squad has been selected (more of that soon), we need you to advise us how many transfers we should make, who should be transferred out, in and how we should line up for the forthcoming gameweek and also who will wear our captain’s armband for double points.

All our voting is based on a first past the post system – most votes wins. Simple. Read More

New Signings 2016/17 July 15, 2016 posted by

New Signings – Fantasy Premier League 2016/17. Southampton

New Signings – Fantasy Premier League 2016/17. Southampton

FPL 2015/16 transfer round upIt has been another summer of turmoil down on the South coast as once more Southampton have lost a number of their key assets. Liverpool clearly felt that they did not have enough ex-Southampton players in their ranks so decided to shell out a reported £34m on Sadio Mane. Spurs splashed out £11m on midfield enforcer Victor Wanyama, while Graziano Pelle has buggered off to China where he will earn a reported £260k per week. The world has officially gone mad! However perhaps the biggest loss will be manager Ronald Koeman who has taken over the reins at Goodison Park. Koeman has been replaced by Frenchman Claude Puel who has spent the past 4 seasons in charge of Ligue 1 side Nice, and prior to that he had spells in charge of Lyon, Lille and Monaco. Over the years he has developed a reputation for developing youngsters and playing an attractive brand of football. This should see him fit in well at Southampton. Although he has big shoes to fill as Koeman had built on the work of Mauricio Pochettino. What he have seen in recent years is that Southampton typically spend their money wisely and judging from their latest two signings they have once more spent wisely. Read More

New Signings 2016/17 July 18, 2016 posted by

New Signings – Fantasy Premier League 2016/17. West Ham

New Signings – Fantasy Premier League 2016/17. West Ham

FPL 2015/16 transfer round upWhat a difference a year makes! Roughly 12 months ago, some bozo on here was ribbing this lot to the max, predicting a rough season and possible relegation due to the appointment of “woeful” Slaven Bilic as head honcho in replacement of the ever sturdy Sam Allardyce. An unknown French dude was supposedly the key to Hammers success but this bozo just didn’t believe it. Who was this character, you ask? None of your goddamn business, that’s who. Now, moving swiftly on; West Ham have been quite busy in the current window, snapping up some very interesting players, 4 of which we’ll cover in this here article. Two youth prospects (Domingos Quina & Toni Martinez) aren’t really expected to break into what is fast becoming a stacked Hammers team but they are worth a mention nonetheless. Quina, a 16 year old Portuguese attacking midfielder, has been highly touted as one for the future and West Ham have done well to nip in and take him on board. Martinez, slightly older at 19, was snapped up from the Valencia youth and is again seen as one for the future. Like Quina, he’s not expected to get much if any game time this season but as fantasy managers we’d be doing ourselves a service to keep an eye on the progression of Martinez and Quina as we may well be punting on them in a season or two. With those two now out of the way, lets have a peek at the Hammers signings that are more relevant to the upcoming fantasy season, shall we?…

For West Ham’s pre-season games, line-ups and general musings here is their link on the Pre-season hub we have created West Ham Pre-season info Read More

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