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Fantasy Football MLS July 1, 2015 posted by

MLS GW18 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW18 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

This week’s article is going to be a bit different. Due to the severity of the change in playing style we’re going to see in the fantasy game, I focused a bit more on how to deal with those changes than I normally would. The fact of the matter is, we’re moving into a phase of the game that isn’t going to give us a slew of DGW’s to anchor our teams. In fact, in the next five rounds, only Columbus and Chicago will have a DGW — but for the most part we’ll be playing a more typical fantasy game with teams playing just once each week.

No longer will we have to worry about which player is the most likely to play 180 minutes, we’ll just have to worry about picking the best players in each round (the way fantasy football was meant to be). That being said, there are a host of other challenges that we have to dance around. So let’s start there. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips June 26, 2015 posted by

The Promoted Teams – Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

The Promoted Teams – Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

12While the typical FPL player may be enjoying a summer hiatus from the exhausting and stressful demands of making one transfer a week for a fictitious team, the more discerning amongst us remain in a perpetual state of unfulfilled anticipation. Not knowing whether Alexis Sanchez will be listed henceforth as a forward; how much Harry Kane’s price will rise; or if the bonus points system will be tweaked to take into account hair grooming, will all be sources of great consternation leading up to the new season. Thus we must satiate our delectation for speculation with occasional droplets of FPL dopamine such as today’s look at the three promoted clubs. Here’s a squad comprising of AFC Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich City’s most FPL-friendly players from last season and so (summer signings not withstanding) their foremost candidates for your 2015/16 Fantasy Premier League squad. Read More

UEFA U21's June 8, 2015 posted by

UEFA U21’s Fantasy Football

UEFA U21’s Fantasy Football

Just when you thought you were having a fantasy free summer we are here to reel you back in! If the odd fantasy cricket game or the madness that are MLS DGW’s aren’t quite quenching your fantasy thirst then we have good news for you. Starting on June 17th and climaxing on the 30th we give you UEFA U21’s Fantasy Football. This will be short and sweet but intense never the less. The rising stars of European football and some Englishmen will gather in the Czech Republic to do battle and we invite you to join us and them on the road to fantasy glory. We shall go over the basics here such as the rules, the point scoring, the teams themselves and the fixtures. And of course the all important fantasy league details.

The site itself is – UEFA U21’s Fantasy Football

FF247 League
The Official FF247 league is called ‘FF247 potty Party’ and the code for it is 1510540-686120 More on this later! Read More

Fantasy Football MLS June 21, 2015 posted by

MLS GW17 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW17 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

GW16 is done and dusted – and there were more than a few surprises along the way for many team owners. Who could have foreseen Bradley Wright Phillips making MLS history by missing two penalties in one match? Or who thought that San Jose would pull off another miracle this season and beat Seattle for a second time in an away fixture? Giovinco with 2 points just for showing up? Safe to say there were a few quirks to this past week.

But elsewhere, there was plenty that went according to plan. Consider Portland finding their groove and winning their fourth straight against a lowly Houston. That win looked almost effortless. And LA revealing that they were really a powder keg just ready to erupt spoiled Philadelphia’s long road trip. As long as our good moves outweigh the improbable events of the week, we should stay in great shape.

That being said, it was still a rough week in terms of the average. The game’s average score this week was an abysmal 37 points (sorry NIN, even sorrier Bry! – ed.) – and the average score for the Top 10 in the game wasn’t much better at 47.6 points. So there is still work to do. And if there was ever going to be a week to ‘go big or go home’, this is that week. Read More

Fantasy Football MLS June 18, 2015 posted by

MLS GW16 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW16 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

As it turns out, GW15 wasn’t all that scary after all, was it? There were two sides to GW15; on the one side, the limited options made it hard to score truly great points — and on the other side, the limited options made it hard to make too many mistakes. As a result, those who fully participated in the round probably did OK for themselves.

GW16 is a bit of a different animal though. We now only have two teams on a bye (Chicago and Columbus) and no teams on a DGW. And that all-important massive GW17 is now just a stone’s throw away. So how do we prepare? Do we really focus on getting the most out of this week? Or is the better option to stock your team up for next week and simply hope for a decent return in this round?

Honestly, there may not be a completely cheap answer here where you can say, “Why not do both?”

Consider this: In GW17, where we get so many double games, four of the teams participating will have two road games. Six of the teams will have one road game and one home game. Only two teams will have a DGW with two home matches. Not all squads with eleven DGW players in Round 17 will be created equal. Making transfers without a plan in mind this round could still put you at a disadvantage. So let’s make that plan. Read More

Fantasy Football MLS June 11, 2015 posted by

MLS GW15 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW15 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

mls fantasy tipsWe love MLS. We love Fantasy MLS. We’ve played it for years. Many of us have had relative success in doing so. We’ve just never committed to actually writing about it… Until now that is! Well, sort of. Let us explain. Despite having a well full of writers who all love and play MLS we could never nail one down to actually write a regular article. So we went on a talent hunt. And as ever we came up with fantasy gold! It’s our pleasure to introduce our new friend and new ‘MLS guru’ Guy Sanchez…

Guy has a long history of covering American sports and previously wrote for a now defunct site (not his fault, we hope!) but in doing so he gained a press pass for the Portland Timbers, which in his words ‘got me hooked’ on MLS. He’s so well thought of in MLS circles he will in fact be featuring on the MLS Fantasy Insider podcast this week. Oh and he’s pretty good at the fantasy thing too. He’s currently ranked in the top 30 overall this season so far. Guy does have his own MLS blog and it’s well worth a visit as it expands upon the current GW – http://www.footyfantastic.com/

Anyway without further ado let’s hand you over to the man himself to talk us through GW15 and the challenges ahead, thanks Guy… Read More

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups May

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups May

FF247 overall leagueWelcome everyone to the final round up of the 2014/15 season. It was a great ride for many, in particular the ones that we have consistently seen showing up in this monthly article. There was some ups and downs along the way in this very weird season and for those of you who had a rough season, you can I least feel good knowing that the scores reset and we start anew. Now let us have a look to see who gets a mention this time.

FF247 Overall League. FF247 overall league

Top of the shop and gold medal winner is Sakari Uutela with a grand total of 2365pts for his team ‘Oulunkylan’, well done. Our very own Alberto Mendonca aka ‘Albertini’ took silver with 2354pts with his team ‘Celtinha’. Only 1pt behind Alberto was David Ross in 3rd on 2353pts with his team ‘Rossaldhino’. The next 2 places are taken up by Nathan Cook in 4th and Daniel Hennessey in 5th with their teams ‘Crookys Gunners’ on 2343pts and ‘Boyz ll Mendonca’ a further pt behind on 2342pts. These top 5 players also did well in the whole competition with their overall places being 72nd, 113th, 122nd, 187th and 191st respectively. Well done to all 5, some brilliant scoring over the season. Read More

Fantasy Football Interviews May 26, 2015 posted by

Life is a breeze for the top Portuguese

Life is a breeze for the top Portuguese

albert-gravThe season may be over, but the memories are still fresh and for one FF247 member, it was an amazing season. Alberto Mendonca, best known to us as Albertini led his team Celtinha to 2,354pts which resulted in an overall global ranking of 113. His final gameweek score of 49pts saw him reach 113 which was fittingly his highest position of the season and also led him to win the Portuguese league and finish 2nd in the FF247 league. Albertini has been a solid and much loved member of our community, regularly contributing on the message boards, both asking for thoughts on his transfer plans and also willing at all times to help others. It is with great pleasure that I met up with Albertini to discuss his brilliant season. Read More

FF247 End of Season Awards May 20, 2015 posted by

FF247 End of Season Awards

FF247 End of Season Awards – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the FF247 End of Season Awards. I’m sure you will all agree that it has been a fantastic season on the site, full of banter, help, comradeship and above all fun. Behind the scenes the FF247 management team has, on many occasions, stepped away from the boards to talk off-line and been very proud of the community as we have watched you talk amongst yourselves, helping each other and enjoying the friendly community that has been evident all season long. And so, without further ado, let’s get cracking with the awards, where we get the chance to thank and reward those folk that have made this season enjoyable and relevant for you all on FF247. Read More

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 38

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 38 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 38GW38 is live! Well this is it folks. Another long, hard fought, probably disappointing season, of near misses and WTF was I thinking captain choices has fallen by the way-side. Unless of course you were one of the chosen few that the FPL Gods showed mercy on and got good consistent scores. As per custom in GW38 all games kick-off at 3pm on Sunday. A bit left to play out when it comes to who holds which spots in the Europa and who is the third team to drop to the Championship. And for any of you holding onto a coveted spot in a mini league there is still a lot to play for. As we all know one really bad GW could put a sour ending to a great season. So we hope you were aware of any hints on who was definitely playing and who could be on early vacation. so you are not left shaking your head in disgust all summer long… Read More

Fantasy Football Team May 21, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 38

Fantasy-football-247--gameweek38Another week and another red arrow. That’s 4 on the bounce and even Newcastle are starting to feel sorry for us. We dropped 396 spots to 5328 in the overall rankings. Not a dramatic drop, but still the trickle slowly down is really p*ssing us off. Well let us have a quick look at the magical 11 that caused our sorrow before we move on to our plans for GW38.

In goal we had the trusty David Ospina. A nice showing by our keeper with a slick double digit haul. A couple of ‘clean sheet saving’ saves versus Sunderland had us sweating it out a bit, but in the end he came through unscathed. Our transfer for Wasadinho in for Alberto Moreno worked out perfectly. As our Fox defending the box delivered a clean sheet for us. Basically we sold a Liverpool defender playing at home for a Leicester defender playing away and it worked out. Heck if that somehow worked surely John Terry against West Brom would be an easy clean sheet. Guess again, as Terry and the CFC boys were there in body, but their spirits were on vacation with Cesc who left early. PvA our man! With two clean sheets and bonus points to boot, he was certainly a great play this GW. Now let’s move on to our on vacation midfield. Read More

Fantasy Football Team Talk May 18, 2015 posted by

Team Talk Fantasy Football Gameweek 38

Team Talk Fantasy Football Gameweek 38

Team Talk Fantasy Football Gameweek 36The last TeamTalk of the season, a truly sad day (he joked). There is no rhyme this week and the reason for that is thus – I have joked at the expense of many this season with the Goonies and Scousers and Pardew of course, copping most of the stick. Deserved? Harsh? Whatever your view, I thought this week, the last week of the season, we should end on a positive note, being nice to all – yep even the Goonies and the Scousers. After all, I did my best Jeremy Clarkson impression last week and faced an FF247 disciplinary meeting after my twitter session last Saturday morning. Apparently I upset a few Scousers. I didn’t really understand the issue, I do it every week anyway, but I have been banned from the FF247 twitter handle until August. Funny that.
This gameweek has been labelled “Survival Sunday” as we will finally determine who will join Burnley and QPR in the Championship next season. With Sunderland’s point at Arsenal securing their safety it is now down to either Hull or Newcastle.
Don’t forget that all matches kick off at 3pm on Sunday.
For the final time this season, let’s go Around the Grounds to see what the managers have had to say. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips May 21, 2015 posted by

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 38

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 38

kops-tips-00111, 24, 49, 8, 33, 2 & 9. What are they I hear you ask? Well they’re my numbers for the EuroMillions draw on Friday night. You’re probably wondering why I’ve shared my numbers with you? Well I’ve got about as much chance of predicting what will happen in GW38 as I do of winning the EuroMillions so I’ve decided to share my numbers with you all! If I can give you one piece of advice ahead of the final day of the season it is that you should try and ship out any players who definitely will not play on the final day of the season. A number of managers will most certainly take the opportunity to play one or two of their fringe players, so it is extremely important that you have a strong bench as it will be needed. As it’s the final gameweek of the season we have decided to change the tips article a little this week and rather than simply picking a number of players we have instead picked a team for GW38. There were no budget constraints adhered to and we haven’t picked any substitutes, we have simply picked a team of players whom we feel can deliver on Sunday afternoon. We hope you enjoy it! Read More

Pottys Predictions May 22, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 38

Pottys Predictions FPL Champions LeagueSo here we are my Potty Punters just a few days away from another end to a pulsating FPL season, writing this article is making my eyes water but 10 minutes ago I did peel two onions that I’ve just added to my liver. But thanks all of you for making Pottys bookies work.

Last weekend’s Competition entitled ” Double Jeopardy ” ended up with amazing scene’s in the port of Monaco as Cookie took the spoils by amassing 44 points, a much deserved winner.

You’ll find me at prctrdvd@gmail.com

Let’s Play – “Its A Final Free For All”

1 – Select a team of your choice of 7 players.
2 – Your formation must be 1-2-2-2. So 1 x GK, 2 x DEF, 2 x MID, 2 x FWD
3 – Highlight a Captain for double points.
4 – The teams that your 11 players must come from are…..Any of the 20 Premier League sides that play this coming Sunday.
5 – Your men may come solely from one team or a mix and match from them all.
6 – Highest points total wins. Read More

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