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Fantasy Football Tips August 27, 2015 posted by

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Game-week 4

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Game-week 4

kops-tips-001FPL managers we’re regularly told to remain patient and not to panic, but given the current circumstances it’s proving difficult to do either! Who could have predicted that United, City & Liverpool would keep three clean sheets in the first three games, that Kompany & Kolarov would amass 31 points in that period, that Riyad Mahrez would be the top points scorer or that Eden Hazard would have just 8pts after three games? It really has been the perfect storm! The fun is likely to continue through until 6pm next Tuesday evening when the transfer window closes. Expect a few surprises between now & then, while you should prepare for these surprises to cause some further headaches as we once again try to establish who’s first choice in a particular team and who’s not! However that’s in the future and there’s no point worrying about it now as we’ve more pressing issues to deal with such as who to transfer in & out this week. With such issues in mind we have once again trawled through every team in an effort to identify the players whom we believe can bring home the bacon over the coming weeks. Read More

Pottys Predictions August 27, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 4

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 4

Pottys Predictions FPL Champions LeagueIts another fine week here at Potty’s Bookies and that’s down to you guys as 56 of you entered last weeks Competition – but more on that shortly. How many of you got stung by captaining Aguero in GW3? Well not me as I don’t own him and won’t until after the International break and I still have my Wildcard intact. My Power of Potty transfer this week is Hazard offski and Pedro recruited and my armband will be between 3 strong candidate’s in Rooney, Pedro or Sterling meaning a sleepless Friday night for me, WoooHooo! Read More

Fantasy Football Captain Picks August 25, 2015 posted by

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 4

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 4 – Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 4If you captained Yaya Toure in Gameweek 1, Romelu Lukaku in Gameweek 2, Callum Wilson in Gameweek 3 or Riyad Mahrez in any of these weeks, congratulations! You are succeeding more than most. Some of us are holding on to Rooney’s “assist” in Gameweek 1 as the only time we got it sort of right.
So on to the next chance we have – and I’m writing this off the back of two 4 point captain shows – so you may want to look away now, stick your fingers in your ears and pretend you never caught sight of this.
I jest. Like the most optimistic (or sadistic) FPL players, I’m back for more. And this week I’m going to crack it. Read More

Fantasy Football MLS August 26, 2015 posted by

MLS GW26 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW26 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

Why do we love fantasy football so much? If you’re doing poorly in the game, it feels like an endless climb – and everything you do makes you second guess your basic knowledge of the sport. And conversely, if you’re doing well, it makes you realize that sometimes pure luck outweighs all of your research. Case in point: of the four teams on a DGW last week, San Jose (the team with double road games) managed to have seven players in the Dream Team. No amount of skill would’ve said that was the proper course of action when Columbus, NYCFC and SKC were also featuring twice. Like I said, sometimes you need a bit of luck.

And so, here we find ourselves in another round with four teams on a DGW – and the options look about as appealing as San Jose did last round. Do we stick to our common sense and shy away from bad teams, or do we get bold and try to find that poor team on a run of good form? Let’s go to the drawing board. Read More

Fantasy Football Fixtures August 24, 2015 posted by

Analytical Guide to Fixtures GW4-GW11

Is it time to play that wild card or take a points hit?


Analytical Guide to Fixtures GW4-GW11
So the 2015-16 season has started and many experienced FPL managers have had terrible starts (well based on my own mini-leagues anyway). Chelsea’s form is/was seemingly in decline and with some big hitters like Sanchez and Aguero fit again many managers have already started to panic. Key players like Hazard, Rooney, Sterling, Ivanovic and Walcott are leaving us with captain scores of 4 (and in my GW1 even less!). The only players who seem to be delivering are the City old boys, Man Utd’s new right back and Leicester City’s attackers. Read More

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat August 22, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 3

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 3 – Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 36GW3 is live! Well back to a Saturday kick-off. This time we are treated to a match-up between Man United and Newcastle. If United’s first two games are any indication, there should be no need to watch. Unless of course if you enjoy watching an Italian distract a man right before he hangs onto his neck. The rest of the Saturday games are all at 3pm. Villa travel to Selhurst Park for a meeting of the two best managers. We also see Leicester welcome the defensively interesting Spurs and by interesting we mean crap. The Canaries look to face an EPL team (Stoke) this week instead of the Sunday league team they faced the previous week. Hopefully we will see Kop’s favourite player, Shaqiri. Swansea travel to the Stadium of Light to collect 3 points and score about 5 goals. Payet takes on Bournemouth in the last of the 3pm games. Read More

Fantasy Football Team August 18, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 3

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 3

FF247 team GW3“The good news, we shouldn’t see a red arrow until the New Year.” Well said FF247, well said. Why do we bring that remark up? Well, doing worse was actually possible. That’s right we managed a red arrow after scoring a shocking 19 points this week. We are now only 40K spots away from the magical 3 million overall position. As we now stand in 2,960,600. The good news is that we shouldn’t see a red arrow until the New Year…or next week, whatever comes first. Alright now let’s have a quick rundown of the fantastic XI who underwhelmed us.

In goal we went with no one. Oh well, at least our keeper didn’t disappoint us. Last week we decided to save the transfer and with Courtois being red carded the previous game, we were left with no keeper. We did throw Hennessey out there just in case he had a heart, but don’t think he even noticed. Read More

Fantasy Football Team Talk August 16, 2015 posted by

Team Talk Fantasy Football Game-week 3

Team Talk Fantasy Football GW3

Team Talk Fantasy Football Gameweek 3Some are flying high, some are struggling to find the meaning of life after two strange gameweeks – however with 36 weeks left in the season, it’s not time to panic – it’s those with a clear head, strong plans and just a touch of luck that will escape from the abyss unscathed! One good gameweek gets you right back up the rankings. Many have wildcarded, others have attempted to hit their way out of trouble, the lucky ones are well set and selected Kompany, Mahrez, Yaya and errrr Kone from the off. Gamweweek 3 starts Saturday lunchtime, no Friday evening fun this week, though it is United that kick us off again as they welcome the Toon to Old Trafford. We then enjoy five 3pm matches as Lord Pardew hosts the Gilet Genius, the Foxes chase the Cockerels around Leicester, Stoke go to carrot-crunching Norwich, the Swans are set to swoop on the unsuspecting Black Cats and it’s ex-‘Arry reunited as Bournemouth go to West Ham. Saturday night is party night as there are no matches and then onto the Sabbath as Pulis’ Baggies attempt to further destabilise Chelsea, Kun will feel like a kid in a sweet shop as he terrorises the Toffees and the Saints and Watford do battle. Our gameweek ends on Monday night and we have the pleasure again of watching Liverpool as they travel to Arsenal.
The managers have spoken, let’s go Around the Grounds to see the latest team news to help you climb those rankings. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips August 20, 2015 posted by

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Game-week 3

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Game-week 3

kops-tips-001As John McEnroe said time & time again, ‘you cannot be serious’! In GW1 the average score was 34pts which they said was an aberration. They said things would return to normality in GW2 and all would be right in the world again. Well they were wrong! While the average score increased to 44pts, predicting where the points are going to come from remains more of a lottery than ever. If fantasy football mirrored real life we would be living in a world where Donald Trump could be the next leader of the free world. Don’t believe me? Well if Arouna Kone can pick up 16pts in two game-weeks well then who’s to say Trump can’t do it, after all this is the US we’re talking about. Ok, so I’ve clearly left the intro until the last minute and I’m waffling, it’s not even good waffle! That should be enough. Despite the current unpredictability of FPL we have below endeavoured to bring you a number of options whom we feel can deliver over the coming weeks. Enjoy! Read More

FanTeam August 19, 2015 posted by

WooFBet becomes FanTeam: a new standard in Daily Fantasy Football is born!

WooFBet becomes FanTeam:
A new standard in Daily Fantasy Football is born!


WooFBet has been one of the most popular Daily Fantasy Football providers and a platform for many UK users as well. WooFBet has been re-branded to FanTeam over the summer, and the new website has been officially launched now!

To access the new and exciting website and to participate in the tournaments simply click on the picture above Read More

Pottys Predictions August 18, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 3

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 3

Pottys Predictions FPL Champions LeagueOk my potty Punter’s you can now come out of my bookies WC? I got that wrong as I bet many of you are playing your WC? If you are rolling out that first wildcard a word of warning, be careful as I predict many teams will be so template and it so could undo any progress you’re hoping for? Good luck with whatever moves you make.

Last weekend we all got involved in my 2nd competition that was Tag Team Striker’s and what a battle it was, many twists and turns happened and it was Benteke who netted on Monday night that settled the Tag Team fights.

Here are the winners from Anfield….

1st – Kop Warrior/B-Bash – 49pts – 7 points each.

2nd – Ruben/Yellowkanoha – 48pts – 4 points each.
Marky1Boo/Turbo – 48pts – 4 points each.

3rd – Inertia/Bigpopz – 47pts – 2 points each.

So Kop and B-Bash contact me at prctrdvd@gmail.com to redeem your prize. Read More

Fantasy Football MLS August 18, 2015 posted by

MLS GW25 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW25 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

In Round 24, two things were confirmed about the MLS. The first thing is that Giovinco is better without Altidore, and the second is that Villa is better without Lampard (at least in his current mode of being pouty and disinterested). Of those two facts, one is pretty much set in stone, and the other can be changed with time. Altidore has a galactic ability to transform himself into a black hole that sucks the talent from those around him, and there’s no cure for that in his current situation. But Lampard can still be great, especially in a league with less talented players than he’s used to. And unlike Altidore, Lampard can make those around him better if he so chooses. It’s just up to Lamps to decide if he wants to turn that corner and be productive in NYC. And it’s up to fantasy owners to decide how valuable Villa is in a double with the risk that Lampard could return at any moment and not play up to snuff – but more on that later.

What we have in Round 25 are four teams in a DGW. And with those four teams, we have some tough decisions to make – the Lampard/Altidore problems are just the tip of the iceberg. For starters, the teams we have in a DGW this week are Columbus, NYCFC, San Jose and SKC. And in addition to that, we have to maneuver around the bye weeks for NYRB and New England. Further compounding the roster selection dilemma this week is the fact that we have Chicago, Colorado, Houston and NYRB on a DGW next week. It really is a bit of a mess, and this is one of those weeks when even the best laid plans can be undone. But let’s make a plan anyway.

We’ll start with breaking down each team on a DGW, and then we’ll wrap it up by hashing out the other issues that surround this pair of rounds. Read More

Fantasy Football Captain Picks August 17, 2015 posted by

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 3

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 3 – Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 3zzzzzzzzzzzz…..
After having my sleep rudely interrupted by a chicken, c0ck-a-d00dle-doing about a looming FF247 deadline, I could have been forgiven for thinking we were still awaiting the kick-off to season 2015/16. So imagine my shock when I was summonsed to select the captaincy contenders for Gameweek 3! Anyhow, I’ve resisted the temptation to defer to the “snooze” function, and I stand before you under a false pretense that this is indeed GW3…
Makes you wonder why we even bothered playing from GW1. I mean, look no further than the chap who topped the GW2 rankings. While the rest of us toiled over the pre-season, Johnny-come-lately swoons in and pulls the rug from under our feet. Read More

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