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Fantasy Football Team News February 8, 2016 posted by

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 26

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 26 – Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 26The last time yours truly constructed a Captains article was back in Game-week 12. So back by popular demand then I can only imagine. On that occasion I selected five players. Well six really, but I wasn’t going for the ten which I have in the past which was pioneering in my book but posterior-covering to my bosses at FF247. The five players performed like this:

Kevin De Bruyne – blanked, showed poor subsequent form and is now out for the foreseeable future.

Philippe Coutinho – scored 10 points and is also currently injured.

Dmitri Payet – blanked and then got injured and although now back, is not producing the big numbers.

Graziano Pelle – blanked unsurprisingly and has now only just begun his first match this year.

Riyad Mahrez & Jamie Vardy – a sneaky double pick and Mahrez blanked (for once) but Vardy posted 9 points.

Hardly nailing them that week was I? However I’m prepared this time. I have all the names in front of me, a large blank wall and five darts. Let’s go.

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Fantasy Football Fixtures February 9, 2016 posted by

Fantasy Football Fixtures Game-week 26

Fantasy Football Fixtures Game-week 26

Twenty-five down, thirteen to go and most of us are still wondering just what the flip is going on in the Premier League this season! Easily one of the hardest to predict, it has at the very least been an even bigger challenge than usual and the actual footie itself, well, it’s been entertaining to say the least! This time last year we were looking at Nigel Pearson’s Leicester as nothing more than cannon fodder, destined for a return to the second tier. However, these past twelve months have seen a remarkable turn around in fortunes as evidenced by the dismantling of Manchester City last weekend, moving them five points clear of nearest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal. Has this crazy turnaround had a knock on effect in the league? Maybe, but with just a few droplets of normality seeping back in we’re still far from a position of comfort. Here at FF247 towers we will plug away though, as we attempt to bring you the best FPL tips we can during this rocky season. The blanks and doubles are almost upon us so, at the very least, we’ve got a few opportunities to crawl our way back into the top 100k(!) and with a bit of luck use our chips a lot more effectively than those who played them early in the season. As ever, the fixture schedule for all teams remains a key aspect of our plans – even more so with the key game-weeks ahead. So, without further ado, lets have a butchers at what sorry bunches to avoid over the coming weeks, and of course those teams who we will need to consider for the long journey back to respectability. Whether we reach our goals or not, we’ll keep fighting until the end! Now, some nice fixtures to get us started; sounds good? Lets do this… Read More

Pottys Predictions February 9, 2016 posted by

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Game-week 26

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Game-week 26

For those that have been with us from the start of FF247, and maybe even in our former life on FFCheat, you will know our good friend and founder of this, our weekly predictions competition, Potty Proctor well. You may also be aware that Potty has been battling a few illnesses as of late and so we haven’t heard much from the man himself in recent months. His article has continued regardless in the good hands of his many ‘helpers’ but we were delighted to hear from the man himself this week, albeit with not the best of news but of course always with a fighting spirit and determination. We shall hand you over to Potty to explain in his own words…

“To all my immediate Family, yes that’s you on FF24,7 where do I start?
As you know I have not appeared on here in ages so let me explain.
A few of you knew I was ill but never knew why?
Well how can I put this?
Sadly I have Lung Cancer, its a massive blow for me and all who love me and I know loads on here do, pervert!
But please don’t get upset because I need ‘Team Potty’ behind me, and why you may ask?
Well its simple, with support behind me I will beat and destroy this fucking (sorry admin) crap disease.
For now I must rest as the chemotherapy has knackered me and my immune system.
My plan’s are if I recover is to host a ‘Potty Euro Fantasy Football’ Tournament which I hope you’ll sign up for?
Plus I can’t die knowing that Inittowinit is the current holder can I?
Miss you all loads but I need to recharge my sapping energy levels.
See you in June.
Big Hugs xxxxx

From all the team at FF247 we sincerely wish our good friend Potty the best in his recovery and look forward to him hosting our Euro’s comp’s in the summer. Read More

Fantasy Football Community Team November 12, 2015 posted by

The FF247 Community Team

Fantasy Football The FF247 Community Team

What is it they say about a camel being a horse designed by committee? Well we wanted to see if we too could create a camel from well, a few donkeys actually, but let’s not be harsh and name names. You know who you are!

The inaugural season was always going to be one laced with teething problems but we are dealing with them as best we can and as diplomatically as we can. The Nobel Prize is in the bag we feel. We try to take an open view on all matters relating to our team and do what the people want or as close as we can get based on the voices we hear. Not in our heads, the other ones we mean.

The purpose of this article is to simply provide a refresh and a reminder as to our progress so far and encourage continued participation going forward. If you have participated in any of our voting thus far, then thank you. That’s what it’s all about. Read More

Trends From The Top February 8, 2016 posted by

Fantasy Football Trends From The Top – GW25

Fantasy football Trends From The Top – GW25

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 09.18.08Welcome to this week’s edition of Trends From the Top. For this week’s publication, I sit at my computer reviewing and reflecting upon EPL results while my family and the rest of America is engrossed in the 4th quarter of the Superbowl. I know some folks may think I’m odd but personally, I am indeed more curious to understand Firmino’s rise to success rather than the outcome of Manning’s quarterback performance. Blasphemous to many I know! Having now, perhaps shared too much information, let’s take a look at the top trends for gameweek 25. Read More

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat February 6, 2016 posted by

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 25

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 25 – Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

Fantasy Football Live Match ChatGW25 is live! What a way to kick-off the game-week!! We see the top two teams battle it out in a lunch time fixture. Cinderella (Leicester) takes on the future home of Prince Charming (Pep) in what promises to be a drama filled game. Three o’clock sees six fixtures our way. Villa and Norwich tangle in a talentless face off, Liverpool and Sunderland compare defenders just for laughs, Newcastle look to start getting away from relegation when they square off versus The Baggies. We also see the rampaging Spurs continue their magical carpet ride to the top when they look to grab all three points versus Watford. The Stokies are set to do battle with Everton, while the Swans look to take advantage of a Palace side that has lost their way or some would say found their way to Adebayor…not sure there is a difference there. The Saturday games come to an end when the Forster led Saints look for their 5th clean sheet on the bounce since Fraser made it back when they welcome in West Ham.

On Sunday we have two fixtures. Born again Bournemouth faces off versus 4th place again Arsenal and in the last of our fixtures, Chelsea will look to contain the on again genius of LVG. Read More

Fantasy Football Team February 4, 2016 posted by

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 25

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 25

The team committee is starting to feel like inmates who write the days they have spent locked up on the wall. Being part of the selection process for the site team is like being behind bars with no chance of parole. A moment of happiness (probably just a wet dream), last GW has quickly turned into another predictable red arrow. We scored 58 points this past GW, which gave us a ranking of over 2 million for the week and dropped us in the overall to 930K. All is not lost though, we still harbour a bit of pride (not sure why) so we can still be embarrassed over the coming weeks.

GW24 in summary – Tuesday was great, we scored 57 points and moved up the rankings nicely. Then Wednesday came and we plummeted. We only had one guy going on Wednesday and he had to be subbed off at half time with only one point. Our defence wasn’t great as only Bellerin grabbed a clean sheet. We decided to play Rangel and Olsson over Morgan and van Dijk. Predictably the latter two got clean sheets and the former combined for 4 points. The mids didn’t perform bad but the high ownerships of all of them meant that we would not see a huge difference in the standings. They combined for 22 points with Alli leading the way with a nice 10 point effort. Up top our continued faith in Vardy paid off as he carved up the Liverpool defence and scored a brace. Our captain Aguero grabbed a goal and a yellow, so not terrible but nothing to get excited about either. Lukaku went off early in his game and considering that Barkley took two pens in his place, it cost us dearly, as per the masses. Read More

Fantasy Football Team Talk February 2, 2016 posted by

Team Talk Fantasy Football Game-week 25

Team Talk Fantasy Football Game-week 25

Team Talk Fantasy Football Gameweek 25No time to think, no time to celebrate or recover, Game-week 25 is here! This is fantasy football utopia for many and fantasy football hell for those not doing so great. But whatever your position, we bat on and come what may, we’ll have some fun along the way. After our midweek fun, it’s a more traditional weekend set of fixtures kicked off with a top of the table clash as Man City host Leicester at the Etihad. Six 3pm matches follow as Villa welcome Norwich, Sunderland travel to Liverpool, Newcastle entertain West Brom, Spurs and Watford clash at the Lane, Everton take the short trip to Stoke and Palace look forward to a Saturday afternoon in Swansea. Southampton’s match vs West Ham has been brought forward to Saturday evening due to the Hammers’ Cup replay vs Liverpool in the week. Sunday sees the Gooners travel to the seaside to take on Bournmeouth before our game-week is wrapped up at as Chelsea welcome Man Utd to the Bridge.
Let’s move from a manic midweek to a fun Friday to see what the managers have to say as we go Around the Grounds. Read More

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