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Fantasy Football Team Talk May 18, 2015 posted by

Team Talk Fantasy Football Gameweek 38

Team Talk Fantasy Football Gameweek 38

Team Talk Fantasy Football Gameweek 36The last TeamTalk of the season, a truly sad day (he joked). There is no rhyme this week and the reason for that is thus – I have joked at the expense of many this season with the Goonies and Scousers and Pardew of course, copping most of the stick. Deserved? Harsh? Whatever your view, I thought this week, the last week of the season, we should end on a positive note, being nice to all – yep even the Goonies and the Scousers. After all, I did my best Jeremy Clarkson impression last week and faced an FF247 disciplinary meeting after my twitter session last Saturday morning. Apparently I upset a few Scousers. I didn’t really understand the issue, I do it every week anyway, but I have been banned from the FF247 twitter handle until August. Funny that.
This gameweek has been labelled “Survival Sunday” as we will finally determine who will join Burnley and QPR in the Championship next season. With Sunderland’s point at Arsenal securing their safety it is now down to either Hull or Newcastle.
Don’t forget that all matches kick off at 3pm on Sunday.
For the final time this season, let’s go Around the Grounds to see what the managers have had to say. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips May 21, 2015 posted by

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 38

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 38

kops-tips-00111, 24, 49, 8, 33, 2 & 9. What are they I hear you ask? Well they’re my numbers for the EuroMillions draw on Friday night. You’re probably wondering why I’ve shared my numbers with you? Well I’ve got about as much chance of predicting what will happen in GW38 as I do of winning the EuroMillions so I’ve decided to share my numbers with you all! If I can give you one piece of advice ahead of the final day of the season it is that you should try and ship out any players who definitely will not play on the final day of the season. A number of managers will most certainly take the opportunity to play one or two of their fringe players, so it is extremely important that you have a strong bench as it will be needed. As it’s the final gameweek of the season we have decided to change the tips article a little this week and rather than simply picking a number of players we have instead picked a team for GW38. There were no budget constraints adhered to and we haven’t picked any substitutes, we have simply picked a team of players whom we feel can deliver on Sunday afternoon. We hope you enjoy it! Read More

Pottys Predictions May 22, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 38

Pottys Predictions FPL Champions LeagueSo here we are my Potty Punters just a few days away from another end to a pulsating FPL season, writing this article is making my eyes water but 10 minutes ago I did peel two onions that I’ve just added to my liver. But thanks all of you for making Pottys bookies work.

Last weekend’s Competition entitled ” Double Jeopardy ” ended up with amazing scene’s in the port of Monaco as Cookie took the spoils by amassing 44 points, a much deserved winner.

You’ll find me at prctrdvd@gmail.com

Let’s Play – “Its A Final Free For All”

1 – Select a team of your choice of 7 players.
2 – Your formation must be 1-2-2-2. So 1 x GK, 2 x DEF, 2 x MID, 2 x FWD
3 – Highlight a Captain for double points.
4 – The teams that your 11 players must come from are…..Any of the 20 Premier League sides that play this coming Sunday.
5 – Your men may come solely from one team or a mix and match from them all.
6 – Highest points total wins. Read More

Fantasy Football Captain Picks May 20, 2015 posted by

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 38

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 38 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Captain picksAh, the unpredictability of a meaningless fixture. As West Brom’s confident dismantling of the champions reminded us, teams with nothing to chase have respect for neither form nor logic. Romelu Lukaku’s hat-trick in 2012/13’s loopy 5-5 finale with Man Utd is burned permanently onto the retinas of FPL managers across the land (Most infamously, costing runner-up Kelvin Travers the title that year). There hasn’t been a goalless draw on the last day of the Premier League since Hull and Liverpool meekly closed their 2009/10 campaigns; therefore clean sheets could be at a premium, and some games may resemble a Harlem Globetrotter exhibition. All of this is great news for us, of course. In arguably one of the most lacklustre Premier League seasons to date, a carnival of football will not only belatedly whet the appetite for next term, but send FPL players into the summer cradling a bounty of points. The captain choice then, represents something of a Hail Mary for those of us with nothing to lose; a liberating end to a frustrating season. League leaders will look to the consistency of more trusted candidates, and hope that the chasing pack doesn’t unearth a ‘Lukaku moment’. Read More

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 38

fantasy football tips hints fixtures strikers And so there was one! Wow. It seems like only yesterday that we wrote this with 38 glorious weeks ahead of us. And glorious they were. The up’s and down’s we’ve all been through. We’ve lived it together. Sometimes in good humour, other times in glorious technicolour with expletives at the ready! There’s 1 left though and it could prove crucial to many a mini-league. It’s ‘squeaky bum time’ as someone famously said. If you’re home and hosed already then well done but spare a thought for those that aren’t! It’ll be an excruciating experience as they kick every ball on the final day in the hope of squeezing out those last few pivotal points to see them over the line. As ever we are here to try and help in that pursuit and as such we will look at those teams that we feel warrant your attention this week. Read More

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 37

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 37 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 20GW37 is live! Here we go with the penultimate set of fixtures. Lucky us we have a lunch time kick-off, but if that wasn’t enough, we get Sherwood in the first game. Remember managers, knowledge is the key to life, it is never too late to learn how to be brilliant like Sherwood. So tune in or stay dumb, your choice. We have 5 fixtures hitting us hard at 3pm. With Burnley relegated and nothing to play for, hopefully they will unleash their free flowing “attack” when they go for two goals in one game for the first time in 3 months as they take on Charlie Adam and ten complimentary pieces. In other action we see a highly exciting match-up in QPR versus Newcastle (excuse us for that yawn). Hull visit a Spurs side working hard to drop out of a Europa spot. In other action the Foxes face off against Sunderland in what promises to be a pins and needles affair and not because Defoe needs acupuncture if you know what we mean. West Ham welcome in Everton, considering the Toffees have allowed goals to Cleverly and the Dinosaur Defoe in consecutive weeks, expect Carlton Cole to score for the first time since October. In the last game we get to reminisce a little, but this time Palace visit Anfield. If we are lucky, Liverpool will go up 3 and then… Read More

Fantasy Football Team May 12, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 37

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 37

fantasy football tips team hints Falling faster than a girl’s panties at the sight of Giroud, we continued our downward trend. Although the drop wasn’t major, it still hurts. 309 spots was the fall this time and it landed us in 4932th place. One would think that when your captain scores 46 points, dropping in the standings shouldn’t be a concern, but low and behold we managed it. Well let us get on with it with a quick review of the team in GW36 before we discuss our transfer plans.

Damn you goal line technology! Ospina and us were denied a clean sheet when a dumb little watch told the referee the ball went in. Sometimes progress is not good. Moving on we see McShane our new recruit decided to partake only 56 minutes in his game, wonderful. Luckily the rest of our defence was a bit more responsible. Terry was unable to get a clean sheet, but he scored a goal and a bonus point, so all good. Speaking of good, PvA grabbed us a nice 7 points. We just sent Lukaku a thank you for that Sunderland clean sheet, couldn’t have done it without his finishing or lack thereof. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips May 14, 2015 posted by

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 37

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 37

kops-tips-001The average score in GW36 was 42, Sergio Aguero beat that on his own with a remarkable 46 points. Fantasy managers fell into three groups last weekend, those who captained Aguero, those who owned Aguero but for some reason didn’t captain him and finally those poor misfortunates who didn’t even own the Argentine. Imagine not owning the Argentine and voting Labour? That would’ve made for a fun weekend!! And so we move onto our penultimate gameweek of the season and unfortunately it’s another of those annoying doubles. Three Gunners would appear to be a must while how many Sunderland players you go with is likely to depend on your levels of desperation. When deciding who to purchase this week it’s worth bearing in mind that GW38 is likely to be a lottery as the vast majority of teams will have nothing to play for and certain managers are likely to give some fringe players a run out. You’ve been warned! Read More

Pottys Predictions May 14, 2015 posted by

Pottys Predictions Gameweek 37

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 37

Pottys Predictions FPL Champions LeagueSo with only 10 days til the end of the season and only 2 more Potty Competition’s remaining, I like many of you will enjoy my holiday break, but for those who need a Fantasy Football summer fix I have plans which I will come back to shortly.
Gameweek 36’s Competition was one hell of tussle here at Potty’s Bookies and that old hound the Lawdogg was the sole leader but Elleffcee slipped in and with 68 points a piece a tied spot we had. But guess what? Their thunder was stolen by John Terry who was included in NiN’s selections and he seized control of the Competition with a gameweek winning score of 75 points.
Well done NIN another potty Winner. Read More

Fantasy Football Captain Picks May 12, 2015 posted by

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 37

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 37 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Captain picks “One more double for the road . . . .”
Two weeks and the English Fantasy Football will be over for another season. But as a famous philosopher once posed, Why Do All Good Things Come To An End?*. Fear not people, we do have the Copa America in the summer and there is bound to be a fantasy game for that. If not, I have a South American correspondent who can knock a game up for us. Mito mate, on an unrelated matter, can you drop me a line? Also some crickety thing apparently . . .
*It was Nelly Furtado in fact.
The last time I wrote a captains article (when I was supposed to!) I was slaughtered for selecting ten players and it was suggested by a few that I was covering my posterior somewhat. I’ll go for fewer this week then, but I still feel with only two weeks to go, I should view from both the Chaser and Chasee standpoints.
For the anoraks among you, you may have noticed that my scheduled week was last week to write this but I was tied up with work unfortunately and this led to the brilliant Lawdogg covering me. If you manage to figure out this captaincy article rotation then answers on a post-it note please.
I’ll set the scene. There was a frosty atmosphere in FF247 Headquarters when I let the plowers-that-be snow that I couldn’t meet my commitment and in all honesty I thought I was on a slippery slope but its ice to know we have the likes of Lawdogg who has the grit and determination to step up and produce an article which was all-white by me. *This sentence was brought to you by ‘CHINS’ WAFFLES’. “You know its true waffle when it’s all over your Chins”. Read More

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 37

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 37

fantasy football fixtures tips striker fpl epl Welcome to the silly season! What do we mean by that? Well, there’s a theory that at this time of the season you should switch your fantasy allegiances to those teams that have something to play for and ditch those that perhaps don’t, despite having invested in them all season. Well is there any evidence to suggest that this is a plausible strategy? We present three exhibits for the case of teams already being on holiday – Southampton, Tottenham and Everton. And teams for the opposite side of the argument – Sunderland, Leicester, Aston Villa and Burnley. Those in the ‘holiday’ camp managed 0 goals and 7 against this week. Those in the ‘sh*t, we may be relegated’ camp scored 6 and conceded none. Heck, even Newcastle manged to bother to score and get a draw this week and they really don’t seem to care either way despite being right in the mix. It’s an odd phenomenon but one that is playing out before our very eyes. The good news is that one of the above teams actually has a double this week – Sunderland. They aren’t alone in that respect as Arsenal do too and the good news there is that they also have something to play for as they could yet finish 2nd or indeed 4th which would be the difference between automatic Champions League qualification or having to begin the season early with qualifiers. The exception to the rule was of course QPR who had everything to play for. And got spanked 6-0! But that was only ever going to end one way. With all of that in mind we are going focus on those teams that still have something to play for and ignore those with their suitcases at the ready in the departure lounge …

Read More

Fantasy Cricket May 11, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Cricket – Natwest T20 Blast

Fantasy Cricket – Natwest T20 Blast

We at FF247 are delighted to announce we will again be running a league for the ever popular T20 Blast which kicks off this Friday, 15th May. The competition itself has been launched and looks as fun as ever with many of the rules and scoring the same as last season. The group Gameweeks start every Friday with the final gameweek commencing on Friday 24th July, the Quarter Final gameweek begins 12th August and the competition as a whole climaxes with the brilliant Finals Day (weather dependent!) on Saturday 29th August. In other words, our summer is sorted, our lack of FPL pain is eased with some good old cricket! Read More

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 36

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 36 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 36GW36 is live! Just lovely, a lunch time kick-off once again. This time we will see the Black Cats who are of course fighting for survival as their norm. Lucky for them they face a Toffee side that will probably be feeling the sting after getting the life sucked out of them, after allowing Tom Cleverley a goal. Not many teams can lay claim to that particular feat. At 3pm we have 5 games kicking-off simultaneously. This lot of games are more about who will stave off relegation and who will win that unwanted Europa League spot. Sherwood will look to nail the Hammers down with the Belgian beast. Hull City needing a win will be looking to Bruce up the slow dying Clarets. Leicester will be trying to devil-ishy outfox the Saints in a game they badly need 3 points from. Newcastle who have lost 8 on the bounce will be facing a team in West Brom who are willing to relinquish the ball. So basically a team who wants to defend vs a team who can’t string two passes together. Could be a frustrating afternoon for both sides. In the last of the 3pm games, Kane and his mates will be looking to stoke a fire when they visit the Britannia after a couple of games of struggling for wins. In the late game we see a meeting of two great looking managers as Pardew squares off with LVG. It should be interesting to see how the Silver Fox deals with the high possession non scoring game plan LVG seems to be employing. Read More

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