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Fantasy Football 247 FPL Team October 21, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 9

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 9

Where do we begin ?!! GW8 was just one of those game-weeks that doesn’t come around very often, where nearly everything we touched turned into points. A final score of 105pts was way beyond our wildest dreams.
It all started at lunchtime on Saturday when Sergio Aguero led the Spurs defence a merry dance as he scored four goals earning us 19pts in the process – it could have been even more had he not missed a penalty. We put the penalty miss behind us and moved onto the 3pm kick-offs. As you will remember, last week we brought in Leighton Baines & Dusan Tadic. We’re still thankful that Sadio Mane did not arrive back on the south coast from international duty until Thursday as this led us to getting Tadic over the Sengalese man and we certainly did not regret our decision as the Serbian international rewarded us with 23pts as the Saints ran riot against Sunderland. Baines didn’t let us down either as the Everton man weighed in with 15pts. Danny Welbeck and Cesc Fabregas also made notable contributions with a goal each, with Welbeck picking up a solitary bonus point and Cesc picking up two. Thanks to another Southampton clean sheet Toby Alderweireld chipped in with 6pts and you know you’re in for a good game-week when Tim Krul weighs in with 6pts thanks to a rare Newcastle clean sheet. So as Saturday drew to a close we were sat on a rather impressive 84pts with another 8 to come off the bench in the form of George Boyd who was set to replace the injured Diego Costa. At one stage chants of “we’re gonna win the league, we’re gonna win the league” reverberated around the FF247 offices, but we soon calmed down as it’s only October and only Arsenal win the league in October!
And so we moved onto Sunday and while we were still on a high from Saturday we were not expecting a ‘Super Sunday’ and so it turned out to be the case as we accumulated a total of 3 points from our Swansea pair of Taylor and Sigurdsson. The gameweek came to a conclusion on Monday night and we had high hopes – we still had our captain, Angel di Maria to play. It could be huge, maybe 120/125pts? Well, sadly (it’s all relative) it wasn’t to be, a solitary assist brought the midfielder a 10pt haul, taking us through the century mark.
So a quite magnificent week saw the team rocket up the rankings into a global position of 679 with 508pts. Finally, we would just like to point out that we are now top of our national league – Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba – ‘we are top of the league, say we are top of the league’!! Read More

Fantasy Football Tips October 23, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Fix – Price Changes

Fantasy Football Fix – Price Changes

Photo 07-10-2014 15 36 23 (1)So, just how accurate are the fantasyfootballfix.com Player Price Changes?
Since we launched Fantasy Football Fix over six weeks ago, we have had a phenomenal response from the Fantasy Premier League community, both on the overall concept of our site and the range of features we provide powered by a mathematical algorithm, however we seem to be getting asked one question more and more…. ‘just how accurate are your player price changes?’. Read More

Pottys Predictions October 24, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 9

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 9

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 8
Hi my unhappy Potty Punters? I say this as no doubt the enigma that is Costa seem’s to be costing you all many sleepless nights so lighten the mood and enter the World of Potty and have a breather from your transfer problems.
Yesterday I went to Next for a suit fitting for the looming Fantasy Football Blog Awards and those of you who frequent twitter will see it went slightly wrong, but the flip side of my clothing bargain mean’s I won’t go unnoticed in Manchester.
Last weekend and including midweek here at Potties Bookies I held 3 Competitions and here are the Winner’s and also this weeks main comp!. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips October 21, 2014 posted by

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 9

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 9

kops-tips-001GW8 was a somewhat strange game-week, as despite a significant number of players scoring double figures the average score was just 49 points which would suggest that the majority of the players who scored well do not feature in a significant proportion of fantasy teams. There has been quite a lot of talk surrounding template teams of late and the need to break away from such teams. If you are doing well in your mini leagues and you are happy with your overall ranking you may not need to worry about moving away from the template, after all the template teams are typically comprised of players that are scoring well. However, if you are trailing in your mini leagues or are simply not happy with your overall ranking the chances are that you will need to try something different if you are to make up ground. As always we here at FF247 have our finger on the pulse and this week we have decided to focus on a number of differentials whom we feel can deliver over the coming game-weeks. Read More

Fantasy Football Captain Picks October 21, 2014 posted by

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 9

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 9 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Captain picksSo there I was. A sunny Friday in the spring of 1996. Saffron Walden County High School playing fields. Lunchtime. A slight figure of a 16 year old, desperately needing to finish the week with a win. It was my turn to be captain, and I’d won the toss to pick first.
I surveyed the crop of young men standing in front of me. Who would be first into my team? Who could ensure my bragging rights through free period after lunch, through double Geography and – if my fake ID held up to scrutiny – through a Friday night’s drinking in the White Horse? Decisions just didn’t get bigger than this.
Stuart was the obvious choice, but as I looked at him, something just didn’t look right. I knew the problem couldn’t be me. I was a fine captain. My lack of stature meant all of my players could always play wherever the hell they wanted. In fact some of my finest moments had come from playing the lone GK/defender role, gladly supporting my team as the 10 bigger players shared the 10 striker positions. No, it was something else. “What’s the matter Stu-pot (cos I was captain I could use nicknames that I had not earned the right to use)?”, I asked. “Litter duty” was the reply. “I can only play 15 mins, then I’ve got to pick up litter with the deputy head for getting caught smoking”. Wow, I thought. That’s a blow. Now don’t get me wrong, even 15 mins of an on-form Stu could have the game won. But it was a risk.
“What about you Dave?”, I asked. Flexing my managerial muscles as I dismissed Stu without a second thought. “Yeah, I’m good for the full 40 mins” replied Dave. There was a ‘but’ coming. I knew it. “But…” I was right. “But, I’ve forgotten my trainers so will have to play in my slip ons”. Panic started to set in. “But they’ll give you no purchase on the slippery turf Dave!”. This wasn’t going well.
I could see that my natural 3rd and 4th choices Nick and Rob were distracted by the group of year 10 girls sitting on the side lines. They’d be no use. People were looking at me. I had to make a decision. Lunchtime was 5 minutes old and we hadn’t even picked teams!
And then, just as I could feel that first bead of anxious sweat trickle down the side of my ribcage, from the back of the crowd stepped forward a face that was new to me. “Who are you?!” I demanded. “I’m the new exchange student” was the nervous reply. “But you’re wearing proper football boots!” I exclaimed. “And, wait… Yes! They’re Puma Kings!”. The excitement started to build. “What’s your name?” I enquired. My tone starting to soften. “Diego Pele” was the reply.
“I PICK HIM!” Read More

Fantasy Football Fixtures October 19, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 9

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 9 – Fantasy Premier League 2014

Fantasy football fixtures TipsWe’ve had a few drab game-weeks recently but GW8 bucked the trend for sure! Whilst Aguero and his four goal haul made an early dash for ‘story of the week’ he was soon eclipsed by Southampton and their amazing 8-0 drubbing of a Sunderland sides sorry excuse for a PL team. Names like Pelle and Tadic will be on the lips of every fantasy manager this week to accompany those uttering Aguero. Or more likely ‘Aguerooooooo’, for those that had him. Or ‘oh craaaaaapppp’, for those that didn’t! It’s all very well and good to go chasing ‘lost’ points but before you jump in on the latest good news stories it may be wise to check whether the aforementioned players have good fixtures ahead (they do). Or whether you are jumping into a trap (you’re not). We also take a look at those teams that have less favourable fixtures ahead…
Read More

Fantasy Football FF247 October 19, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football 247 at the Football Blog Awards

Fantasy Football 247 at the Football Blog Awards

fbaFantasy Football 247 is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Best FPL Football Blog award (FBA). The finals take place on November 13th at the National Football Museum in Manchester. This is an immense achievement for us, bearing in mind we only went live in November of 2013 and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the team at FF247 for all their hard work, given freely and in their own time, for making the site what it is today.

tweetvoteWe would also like to thank all our members for being such a huge part of the site – without you we are nothing and the site is irrelevant. We have always aimed to make FF247 a community site, a fun site as well, of course, and a useful tool for FPL managers. It is your involvement, comments, banter and engagement that ultimately has pushed FF247 into the realms of being nominated for awards such as this. Read More

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat October 18, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 8

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 8 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 8The deadline bell has rung and your decisions are final – starting XI, captain and order of your subs has been decided and there ain’t no turning back. GW8 begins at 12.45pm on Saturday as Man City host Spurs in the early game.

There are then six 3pm games which are –

Arsenal vs Hull
Burnley vs West Ham
Crystal Palace vs Chelsea
Everton vs Aston Villa
Newcastle vs Leicester
Southampton vs Sunderland

Sunday sees two games –

QPR vs Liverpool 1.30pm
Stoke vs Swansea 4.00pm

The gameweek is then concluded on Monday evening as West Brom host Man Utd at 8pm.

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place. Read More

Fantasy Football 247 FPL Team October 7, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 8

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 8

It seems an age away now, but GW7 was a pretty good gameweek for the FF247 team. We managed to beat the average score again, amassing 62pts vs an average of 51pts. Our score was very much built around the performance of our midfield and strikers, which in all honesty was the same for a great many fantasy managers this week. Firstly captain Aguero notched his 5th goal in seven games this season, scoring the 2nd of City’s goals at Villa, although he had us nervous for most of the match! A bonus point just made it sweeter, meaning a 14pt return. Other decent returns on that Saturday were Siggy’s two assists vs Newcastle and Sterling’s assist for Liverpool’s winner home to West Brom. Taylor and Moore disappointed in defence, but c’est la vie. Mannone chipped in with 3pts home to Stoke – his save points echoing memories of last season. Onto Sunday and Di Maria was the star – scoring the first for United, assisting the second and collecting three bonus points courtesy of his well-deserved man of the match performance. Spurs goal meant no clean sheet for Alderweireld as thoughts turned to Chelsea and that man Costa. Mixed emotions before the game – of course we want our players to do well, but with many captaining Costa, we didn’t want him going crazy – even a brace would of damaged our ranking! Well, just the one goal and no bonus points justified our decision not to captain him, while reliable Fabregas set up his goal. So all in all, satisfying, the green arrows appeared and we now find ourselves sitting pretty in 13,682 place – a comfortable position to be in at this stage of the season. Read More

Fantasy Football Team Talk October 17, 2014 posted by

Team Talk Fantasy Football GW8

Team Talk Fantasy Football GW8

IntroWell here we are finally, time to get back on it – your FPL holiday is over. You have survived a nervous fortnight fearing unexpected price rises for your dream transfer, the internationals have come and gone (for now) and it is about time we got back to doing what we do best. Moaning about team selections, dodgy captain choices and getting all fluffed up for a great gameweek. “Stop waffling and get on with it then!” Right, fasten your seat belts, here we go. Our gameweek kicks off Saturday lunchtime up at the Emptihad as City entertain Spurs, before we are treated to no less than six 3pm matches. Hull travel to face the Gooners, its a claret and blue shoot out as Burnley take on West Ham, there’s a London derby down at Selhurst as Chelsea go to Palace, Everton host Aston Villa, Leicester go to Newcastle and Southampton entertain Sunderland. There’s no evening kick off this week, so get those brownie points in – take your loved one out for dinner, hoover the lounge, fix the shower head, clean your bedroom, whatever. Sunday sees QPR welcome Liverpool to Loftus Road before Stoke play Swansea. And that’s it. Or so you thought. Cos we have a little treat – Monday Night Football!!! And it’ll be a good ‘un, there’ll be goals and incident and comic defending as West Brom take on the might of the United attack and the joke of the United defence at the Hawthorns.
A word of warning – as well as the European qualifiers and the South American friendlies which generally were complete by the start of the week, most of the African Cup of Nations qualifiers were held on Wednesday evening…i.e. less than two days ago. So many of those players involved will literally be arriving back as you read this. It may well be that some knocks have been picked up, or game or travel fatigue leads to their manager maybe benching them.
It’s gonna be big, it’s gonna be fun – let’s go laaaaarge!
And without any more random waffling, let’s go Around the Grounds to see what damage the internationals have done to our teams. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips October 15, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Fix

Fantasy Football Fix – FF247 Blog


Welcome to fantasyfootballfix.com, we are a new site created for players of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), to offer mathematical solutions to everyday problems you face as a Fantasy Manager!

Fantasyfootballfix.com was created after two creative FPL Managers, one a Nuclear Physicist (nerd), and one a Business Consultant (not so clever), decided to answer the age old question: Can a mathematical algorithm beat a human at Fantasy Premier League?. Read More

Pottys Predictions October 17, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 8

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 8

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 8
Hi all my Potty Punters, I apologise for the lateness of this weeks article but I have had a very stressful week here in Wetherby.
Many of you will remember my Xmas adventure’s down in the west country, well Minehead to be in fact when we got stranded in them terrible floods?
Well the red dye that runs down from the Quantock hills finally took its toll on my car and the bloody thing blew up on Tuesday -BOOOOOOM it went, so today and tomorrow I am to be car searching which means this is a brief Potty’s Predictions for you. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips October 13, 2014 posted by

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 8

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 8

kops-tips-001So another enthralling international break has come to a conclusion. Although fans of Scotland, Wales, Ireland & Northern Ireland will surely have enjoyed the games, while English fans caught up on some much needed sleep! Before we move on from international football I should just point out that there is another international break to look forward to following GW11. Anyway, enough about international football, the good news is that fantasy football is back, although if you’re one of the unfortunate managers who are struggling you may not be overly enthused at the idea of yet another poor game-week. So whether you’re currently on a wildcard or simply agonising over how best to utilise your free transfer, don’t worry we’re here to help and below we discuss a number of players whom we feel can deliver those precious fantasy points over the coming weeks. Read More

Fantasy Football Captain Picks October 13, 2014 posted by

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 8

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 8 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Captain picksWell it is my turn again. Being the clever cookie (oxymoron?) who innocently but strategically ‘volunteered’ to go 4th, 8th 12th etc. and whose first two articles just so happened to fall over two international breaks so he could have more time to prepare his article, may I just say that I in fact now hate international breaks. Why? Read on . . .
I’m writing here hoping that no one (else!) gets injured during my typing now or up until my Monday deadline as this will cause me a last-minute re-jig of article. Lovely. Anyone injured in the game taking place on Tuesday, I get to pass blame onto my deadline-loving, ball-breaking editor. Nice. Read More

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