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Fantasy Football Tips October 13, 2015 posted by

Differentials Explored Fantasy Football Game-week 9

Differentials Explored Fantasy Football Game-week 9 – Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

The moral of this article is to perhaps be careful what you say in the comments section sometimes, as one wrong move can find you stuck behind a keyboard for two days flat rueing something as simple as asking “Hey, FF247, can we have a differentials article please”. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth we of course said yes you can. When you write it. Some would have laughed it off and said fair enough but to the credit of Pancho he took it as a challenge and only went and wrote one. And it’s a good one too. Hence you sitting here now reading it. Hats off to community regular and now article debutant Pancho as he presents you with his differential picks for the weeks ahead.

The aim here is simply to present some different options for you to consider and it’s especially pertinent given all the excess funds sloshing around as a result of the likes of Aguero and Silva disappearing for a few weeks.

Well done Pancho.

Read More

Fantasy Football MLS October 13, 2015 posted by

MLS GW33 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW33 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

*NOTE* Game-week 32 starts Wednesday at 7.00PM ET (USA), that’s 12.00am in the UK (technically Thursday).

This MLS season is coming quickly to a close — only two weeks left to make your mark on what has been an exhausting season to try to follow and game-plan for your fantasy roster. And in true MLS fashion, we’re not quite yet out of the woods in dealing with the game’s difficulty.

This week sees a return to action for all clubs. Six of those clubs will have a DGW — the caveat is that the round will extend all the way to Wednesday October 21 to accommodate all of the games. So instead of starting the final round of the year with a team on a DGW, the MLS team has decided to still schedule a midweek game next week…but it’s going to count on this week’s scores. We’ll get into more of this in a bit, but just be aware that the rules have changed for this round.

We have a lot to cover today, so let’s just get right to it. Read More

Fantasy Football Fixtures October 11, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football Fixtures Game-week 9

Fantasy Football Fixtures Game-week 9

Fantasy football fpl hints tips fixturesAt some point in our lives, we’ve all lent out something precious to someone we trust, with tragic consequences. I recall with particular regret allowing a neighbour to test-drive my newly acquired pedal go-kart, only to helplessly watch him shatter the sound barrier, the wall at the bottom of our cul-de-sac and, ultimately, my go-kart. So it was with immense empathy that I learned of Manchester City’s recent weekus horribilis. For one club to lose players of the stature of Aguero, Silva AND Kolarov whilst on their tours of international duty, is like having your best friend break your lawnmower, spill coffee on your prized Picasso, and scratch that signed Elvis LP. Whether it be as a fan, frustrated by these sporadically intermittent inconveniences; or as a player, hauled off to serve for your country against your will; we’ve all grown to detest International breaks. But spare a thought for Manuel Pellegrini, and if you see him, put a consolatory hand on his shoulder and say,
“Hey, Manuel? It’s ok, bro’. It’s ok. We know what it’s like to have your go-kart broken.” Read More

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!

Grab, Avoid or Bore off!

Welcome to our second installment of Grab, Avoid or Bore off for the 2015-16 season. For those new to the site, it is a simple question and answer segment that covers everything from the serious to the absurd. So why do we call it that? Tradition, is the easy answer as we basically have veered so far off course that it barely has any resemblance to the original format. Thanks to our members for some of the ideas on the questions, we tried to include most of them or some semblance of them. Well enough of the small talk from me, let’s see what the girls have to say about a number of topics ranging from FPL dilemmas to who is cuter?
Read More

Trends From The Top October 5, 2015 posted by

Trends From The Top Gameweek 8

Trends From The Top Gameweek 8

Welcome to this week’s edition of Trends From the Top. It’s always fascinating to see the ways in which the leader board changes as well as the trends that evolve just over the course of a couple of weeks! Did you know for example that for GW 7, only two of the top 10 players had Aguero on their team? So… what trends did we see this week? What are the leaders doing and will they continue to maintain their leads? Read More

Fantasy Football MLS October 7, 2015 posted by

MLS GW32 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW32 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

*NOTE* Game-week 32 starts tomorrow at 7.30PM ET (USA), that’s 12.30am in the UK.

Colorado, FC Dallas, Montreal, NYRB and Vancouver — that’s it. The MLS, in all its infinite wisdom, has an actual game week with only five clubs playing. While 15 teams get a bye for international dates, these five teams got the short end of the straw and have to play a round of football while other clubs get to rest and plan for their final playoff push.

Is it fair to these teams? Absolutely not. Is it fair to fantasy players? Again, not really. Before getting into the meat of this article, you have to view this round for what it is — this round is simply a placeholder for your team ranking. With such limited players to choose from, there’s no real way that you can shoot up the rankings, but if you deviate too much from the standard selection of players, you could lose a few spots. The best idea would’ve been a bye week for all fantasy players — but this is what we are forced to work with.

I don’t want to sound too negative about the prospects for an entire round of fantasy, but when you consider that many FMLS players are already in heated playoff battles in their mini-leagues, the last thing you want is to get knocked out in a round like this. The margin of victory could be razor thin this week, so let’s get to work. Read More

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat October 3, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 8

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 8 – Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 8GW8 is live! We start the week off with a lunch time affair between Palace and West Brom. Palace brings the almost all useable, but none consistent enough to be used in FPL mids versus the Baggies all useable defenders as long as they are playing away. After that early kick off we follow it up with five, 3pm fixtures. The Villans battle Barca B (Stoke City) in an early relegation battle, newly promoted Watford pay a visit to the Wilson-less Bournemouth side, in other action Newcastle take on a Manchester City side that is playing like…well, Newcastle. The Canaries tangle with the recently perch dropped Leicester side after Mahrez and company got beat down at the hands of Arsenal. 3rd place West Ham gets their chance to fill their boots when they face the criminally inept Sunderland defence. In the last fixture of the day we see the strangely enough fun (funny at times) as heck Mourinho side face off against Southampton who is known to at times get into up and down affairs. Expect a 0-0 now. Read More

Fantasy Football Team Talk September 28, 2015 posted by

Team Talk Fantasy Football Game-week 8

Team Talk Fantasy Football GW8

Team Talk Fantasy Football Gameweek 8Welcome to GW8 ladies and gentlemen – a week that promises so much. And will no doubt deliver nothing if we are to take precedent from the previous seven gameweeks. Yeah, it doesn’t get much easier this game, though at least last week we saw some sense of normality return as Rooney, Sturridge and Kane scored their first goals of the season and Alexis popped up with a treble. This week kicks off in South London Saturday lunchtime as Tony Pulis takes his Baggies to meet the Lord at Pulis’ ex-Palace. Five 3pm fixtures follow with Villa taking on Stoke, Watford travelling to Bournemouth, City prepare to see off the Toon, Norwich and Leicetser do battle and the Hammers look forward to another happy away day as they go to Sunderland. Chelsea host Southampton in the evening match and then onto Super Sunday. And it’s better than last Sunday, let me tell you. First up is the Merseyside Derby as Everton host Liverpool and then at 4pm we end our gameweek with two matches. Le Professeur welcomes The Philosopher as United go to Arsenal while Spurs go from the sublime to the ridiculous – having spent Thursday night rolling the dice in Monaco, Sunday sees them travelling the length of the M4 to play Swansea.
So, after a busy week of Champions League and Europa League action, let’s go Around the Grounds to catch up on the latest team news. Read More

Fantasy Football Team September 29, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 8

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Game-week 8

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 22.25.15Four straight green arrows, a spot inside the highly coveted 2 million (yes, at this stage a ranking inside 2 million is coveted) was finally on the cards for this underperforming side. Only problem was the game-week started and we started to capitulate faster than an EPL team in the Champions League. We dropped close to 200k spots and now sit a long, long way from respectability. 38 points is usually a score that one would hope are among the lowest of the season. However in our case that is not only our score for GW7 it is our average for the season so far. Let us give a quick, very quick recap of what our players did before we tell you our plans for GW8, so you know what not to do.

In goal we had our new transfer Boaz Myhill and boy did he not disappoint. Lad fit right in with the rest of the squad scoring 1 big point. By the way who suggested a Myhill transfer anyway? Zzzzzz Read More

Fantasy Football MLS October 2, 2015 posted by

MLS GW31 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW31 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

GW31 comes to us almost in a gentle manner. There are no DGW’s to worry about. There are no bye weeks to have to plan around. And we have back to back wildcards coming in the next two rounds — so nothing that you do this round will have any lasting negative consequence. Nice and gentle.

Everybody, whether in favor of them or not, has a strong feeling about DGW’s. Many people see them as the savior of fantasy rounds — and many people (myself included) see them as a crutch at best, and at worst they’re an element to the game that dictates your transfers for you. Look at last week’s results: 8 of the 11 players in the Dream Team were DGW players. There might be some amount of skill in choosing the correct DGW players, that’s true, but is it truly more difficult than choosing the correct players from an equal pool of teams?

And so while I see this week as a ‘gentle’ week full of traditional fantasy football goodness, many FMLS players are freaking out right now because there isn’t a crop of teams on DGW’s for them to build their team upon. So whether you enjoy this week or not, let’s see what we can do to still build the best team possible. Read More

Pottys Predictions October 1, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 8

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 8

Pottys Predictions FPL Champions LeagueHi my Potty Punters and let’s cut straight to the chase. I have had to refrain from using my Twitter account for the foreseeable future – I cannot go into any details for you due to the delicate nature of what has occurred but once things have settled down and my innocence proved I will be back with a birdy bang.
Last weekend’s competition, Pottys Pontoon, really did bring out the competitive streak in many of you as loads tampered with a loony loophole and guess what? Those who went down those line’s FAILED.
21 was needed from your 4 cards to win and here is the result folks.
These Punters gained 21 and Pontoon outright:
RUBEN / WINNER / SILVERS – top effort indeed you three so e-mail me at
prctr_dvd@yahoo.co.uk to redeem your prize. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips September 30, 2015 posted by

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Game-week 8

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Game-week 8

kops-tips-001Where do I begin? Seriously I’m at a loss at how best to describe the opening seven game-weeks of the season. Words such as carnage, disaster & catastrophe spring to mind but I’m not sure if they would do it justice. In previous seasons we had the old reliables who performed week in week out, they formed the bedrock of your team and you filled the rest in around them. Sergio Aguero has scored once in seven games and this is despite City having scored 13 goals. Last season’s player of the season Eden Hazard has managed just a goal & two assists, the least said about Chelsea the better. Aleksandar Kolarov scored 46 points in the opening five game-weeks which led to a mad scramble to get him in, in the last two game-weeks he’s scored nothing. I could go on! Those fantasy managers who have had the balls to ditch the ‘big hitters’ in favour of the form players are the managers who are doing well this season, while the rest of us wallow in self-pity. I think that’s enough of a rant, here are this week’s tips… Read More

Fantasy Football Captain Picks September 29, 2015 posted by

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 8

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 8 – Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

Captain Picks Fantasy Football Game-week 8Let’s talk numbers. 12% of managers were happy this week. 1.7% of managers were ecstatic this week. 88% of managers looked at how they could transfer Sanchez in this week. 1.7% of managers laughed at 88% of managers and toasted themselves with a celebratory glass or two on Saturday evening… A captain often makes or breaks a game-week. Nail it and you are usually looking at a 20+ point haul. Fail it and you spend the week staring blankly / maniacally at your team with a 2 point captain trying desperately not to meet your gaze for fear of being axed or worse. Once in a while you not only nail it, you bloody well drill it in, industrial wall plug’s ‘an all. To illustrate the impact it can make, one FF247 member (Pancho), reported no less than a rise of over 1 million places on Saturday night as a result of captaining a certain Chilean. 1 million! Ok, so that’s an extreme example, your captain won’t often be a midfielder who scores a hat-trick and nets you a cool 40 and you won’t always get such a rise in rankings but it serves to emphasise the point – this is probably the most important choice you make all week… Read More

Fantasy Football Fixtures September 27, 2015 posted by

Fantasy Football Fixtures Game-week 8

Fantasy Football Fixtures Game-week 8

fantasy football fixtures tips hints fpl eplGame-week 7 is over and we now move to week 8 and wouldn’t you know it, we now have a title race (for at least the time being). Not two weeks ago we were ready to hand Manchester City the Premier League crown to save the Premier League Officials the insurance money of looking after the trophy for another nine months but now City are second in the league and Manchester United, ridiculed and often-dismissed United, lead the league by one point.
Fun fact: Chelsea have now dropped more points this season than they have in their entire 9 year history! The untouchable Jose is now the playground pushover as Garry Monk, Manuel Pellegrini, Alan Pardew, Roberto Martinez and even Steve McClaren have taken some or all of his lunch money.
Arsenal will, as usual, score five goals when three would do and won’t manage one when they most need it. Although Alexis Sanchez is the type of player who could well carry this team further than the sum of its parts should mathematically take them, much as Luis Suarez almost did with Liverpool two years ago. Ah Liverpool, poor poor Liverpool. No, I’m not feeling sorry for them, I’m just saying they are a poor poor Liverpool. Read More

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