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Fantasy Football Suspension Report October 30, 2014 posted by

Suspension Report – Fantasy Football Tips 2014/15

Suspension Report – Fantasy Football Tips 2014/15

As the season progresses, it’s time to start keeping an eye on the red and yellow card count for our players and transfer targets, in order to make sure we can field 11 players each week. With cup matches also playing a part with regard to suspensions, holding that transfer until later in the week can sometimes pay dividends.
In brief, any player who gets a red card during a game will receive a suspension, normally between 1 and 3 games, depending on what has done, however players also receive suspensions for yellow cards. Any player who receives 5 yellow cards up to and including 31st Dec will receive a 1 match suspension. Any player who receives 10 yellow cards up to and including the second Sunday in April will receive a 2 match suspension. Any player who receives 15 yellow cards before the end of the season will receive an automatic 3 match suspension. Read More

Pottys Predictions October 30, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 10

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 10

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 8Hi my potty people, well what a week its been here in Pottys Bookies as not only did I do the Banterbury Cup Draw I also invested in a new blender as the female staff i employ are into them juice drinks which I loathe.
Also on the Fantasy Football front i invested in Silva and Yaya in recent weeks and look what happened to them so my resilience will now be put to the test ahead of Saturday mornings deadline!

Potty Winner’s this week were….. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips October 28, 2014 posted by

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 10

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 10

kops-tips-001GW9 was one which a significant proportion of fantasy managers will want to forget in a hurry. The average score was a paltry 38 and when the likes of Green, Skrtel, Eto’o and Austin are amongst the game-weeks highest scorers you know it’s been one of those weeks! The problem with such a game-week is if a player from one of the bigger team scores well while those around him flounder it makes his score appear even better and that was the case in GW9 with Alexis Sanchez, resulting in over 100k transferring the Chilean into their teams at the time of writing. Now we’re certainly not suggesting that Sanchez should be ignored, in fact he’s included in our tips again this week, rather we’re suggesting that some managers are possibly making knee-jerk decisions based on one game-week. Enough of that, you’re here to listen to us pontificate, you’re here for our world renowned tips and below we have outlined a number of players whom we feel can deliver over the coming weeks. Read More

Fantasy Football Captain Picks October 28, 2014 posted by

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 10

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 10 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Captain picksHallowe’en is a time when ostensibly sane people wear a Scream mask and carve a stupid face into a large orange cucurbita fruit. The really dedicated step beyond the fantasy and embrace paranormal phenomena, perhaps by ghost hunting or gathering the family around a Ouija board. That being said, I don’t think anyone expected Liverpool to get a clean sheet on Saturday.
Keeping in spirit (gone early there, sorry) with things, this week’s Captain Picks celebrates the spooky season through the medium of word alchemy. Have fun trying to spot all the gory puns, but don’t try it at home. It’s addictive and can be hard to Hallo-ween yourself off.
Speaking of scary looking individuals – a quick word on Diego Costa – clearly if he is fit and plays vs QPR he will be a very popular Captain’s choice this week, maybe even the main one, however, after his recent spell on the sidelines this article looks at the next best options in case Costa is not about this weekend. Read More

Fantasy Football Fixtures October 22, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 10

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 10 – Fantasy Premier League 2014

Well for most of us GW9 wasn’t much fun was it? The Costa will he, won’t he fun carried on right up until the last minute. The answer in the end was he wouldn’t but let’s face it even his likely replacements such as Aguero barely did much better than the man himself in his absence. Charlie Austin stuck his oar in for consideration this evening with a brace but we would stay away from him for now as we will explain later. The one real shining light, for the 13% odd that owned him anyway, and one to consider if you don’t, was Alexis Sanchez who was gifted a couple of goals by a beleaguered Sunderland defence. So let’s put GW9 behind us and see if we can identify the Sanchez of GW10 as we have a look at who has some great fixtures coming up and who has a nightmare run in front of them. Read More

FF247 Member Profiles October 26, 2014 posted by

Who are you? Who are you? Fantasy manager profiles Part 5

Who are you? Who are you? Fantasy manager profiles Part 5

Here at FF247 towers we’ve often wondered what driving forces hide behind a comment or a rate my team reply, do we really know the mindset and the persona of the people we are conversing with?! To find the answers to these questions we have lured some regulars from out of their caves and got them to endure a simple Q&A session.
Hopefully this will help us to uncover whether each member can be viewed as a ‘fellow sports enthusiast’, ‘colleague’, ‘fantasy friend’, ‘internet troll’ or indeed ‘sociopath’! Let’s take a look inside the minds of our latest two ‘victims’ then and see whether, hiding behind the cute monkey gravatars, lurks a sadistic, megalomaniacal, psychotic keyboard warrior. Or just a normal guy or gal who likes to play fantasy football…
We will add a disclaimer here – we have resolved to not edit what is sent in at all. What you see is what you (we) get. And no Bench, we aren’t just saying that because it’s your turn ;)
Next up to the examination table are Bench and Monty(Caz Daz). Read More

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat October 25, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 9

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 9 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Game-week 9The deadline bell has rung and your decisions are final – starting XI, order of your subs and most importantly your captain has been decided and there ain’t no turning back now…

GW9 begins at 12.45pm on Saturday as West Ham host Man City in the early game.

There are then four 3pm games which are –

Liverpool vs Hull
Southampton vs Stoke
Sunderland vs Arsenal
West Brom vs Crystal Palace

The Saturday evening kicks off at 5.30pm as Swansea host Leicester.

Sunday sees three games –

Burnley vs Everton 1.30pm
Spurs vs Newcastle 1.30pm
Man Utd vs Chelsea 4.00pm

The gameweek is then concluded on Monday evening as Aston Villa go to QPR at 8pm.

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place. Read More

Fantasy Football Team Talk October 24, 2014 posted by

Team Talk Fantasy Football GW9

Team Talk Fantasy Football GW9

IntroWell have you recovered from GW8? Whether it was a monster week for you, a bit of a shocker or somewhere in between, it’s now time to put it behind you, refocus and as Slippy Gerrard would say, “let’s go again”. It’s another 3-day gameweek and guess what? City again kick off proceedings, so if you missed out on the early captain treat last weekend, you get a second chance as Aguero & co travel down to east London to take on fourth placed West Ham. Following that we have just four 3pm kick offs as Liverpool entertain Hull, free scoring Southampton take on Stoke at fortress St Marys, Arsenal travel to the ever generous Sunderland and West Brom welcome Crystal Palace to the Hawthorns. The evening match takes place down in south Wales as Swansea welcome Leicester. Onto Sunday and due to their Europa League involvement Everton go to Burnley and Spurs host Newcastle, before the big one of the weekend as United followers cower behind the sofa as Chelsea come to town. And then the grand finale and those who love a Monday night captain will have their dedication tested to the limit as own-goal specialists QPR take on Aston Villa at Loftus Road.
It’s been a busy week of European action, which has saw Chelsea adopt the Sixth Sense, a Titanic moment for Liverpool, an Escape to Victory for Arsenal, but was certainly not From Russia With Love for City. In the Europa Cup on Thursday, Spurs were Kick Ass, while Everton lacked The French Connection in Lille.

So plenty to catch up on and with some high profile injuries to monitor, there is much to get through, so let’s go Around the Grounds to see what the managers have had to say. Read More

Fantasy Football 247 FPL Team October 21, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 9

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 9

Where do we begin ?!! GW8 was just one of those game-weeks that doesn’t come around very often, where nearly everything we touched turned into points. A final score of 105pts was way beyond our wildest dreams.
It all started at lunchtime on Saturday when Sergio Aguero led the Spurs defence a merry dance as he scored four goals earning us 19pts in the process – it could have been even more had he not missed a penalty. We put the penalty miss behind us and moved onto the 3pm kick-offs. As you will remember, last week we brought in Leighton Baines & Dusan Tadic. We’re still thankful that Sadio Mane did not arrive back on the south coast from international duty until Thursday as this led us to getting Tadic over the Sengalese man and we certainly did not regret our decision as the Serbian international rewarded us with 23pts as the Saints ran riot against Sunderland. Baines didn’t let us down either as the Everton man weighed in with 15pts. Danny Welbeck and Cesc Fabregas also made notable contributions with a goal each, with Welbeck picking up a solitary bonus point and Cesc picking up two. Thanks to another Southampton clean sheet Toby Alderweireld chipped in with 6pts and you know you’re in for a good game-week when Tim Krul weighs in with 6pts thanks to a rare Newcastle clean sheet. So as Saturday drew to a close we were sat on a rather impressive 84pts with another 8 to come off the bench in the form of George Boyd who was set to replace the injured Diego Costa. At one stage chants of “we’re gonna win the league, we’re gonna win the league” reverberated around the FF247 offices, but we soon calmed down as it’s only October and only Arsenal win the league in October!
And so we moved onto Sunday and while we were still on a high from Saturday we were not expecting a ‘Super Sunday’ and so it turned out to be the case as we accumulated a total of 3 points from our Swansea pair of Taylor and Sigurdsson. The gameweek came to a conclusion on Monday night and we had high hopes – we still had our captain, Angel di Maria to play. It could be huge, maybe 120/125pts? Well, sadly (it’s all relative) it wasn’t to be, a solitary assist brought the midfielder a 10pt haul, taking us through the century mark.
So a quite magnificent week saw the team rocket up the rankings into a global position of 679 with 508pts. Finally, we would just like to point out that we are now top of our national league – Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba – ‘we are top of the league, say we are top of the league’!! Read More

Fantasy Football Tips October 23, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Fix – Price Changes

Fantasy Football Fix – Price Changes

Photo 07-10-2014 15 36 23 (1)So, just how accurate are the fantasyfootballfix.com Player Price Changes?
Since we launched Fantasy Football Fix over six weeks ago, we have had a phenomenal response from the Fantasy Premier League community, both on the overall concept of our site and the range of features we provide powered by a mathematical algorithm, however we seem to be getting asked one question more and more…. ‘just how accurate are your player price changes?’. Read More

Pottys Predictions October 24, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 9

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 9

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 8
Hi my unhappy Potty Punters? I say this as no doubt the enigma that is Costa seem’s to be costing you all many sleepless nights so lighten the mood and enter the World of Potty and have a breather from your transfer problems.
Yesterday I went to Next for a suit fitting for the looming Fantasy Football Blog Awards and those of you who frequent twitter will see it went slightly wrong, but the flip side of my clothing bargain mean’s I won’t go unnoticed in Manchester.
Last weekend and including midweek here at Potties Bookies I held 3 Competitions and here are the Winner’s and also this weeks main comp!. Read More

Fantasy Football Tips October 21, 2014 posted by

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 9

Kops Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 9

kops-tips-001GW8 was a somewhat strange game-week, as despite a significant number of players scoring double figures the average score was just 49 points which would suggest that the majority of the players who scored well do not feature in a significant proportion of fantasy teams. There has been quite a lot of talk surrounding template teams of late and the need to break away from such teams. If you are doing well in your mini leagues and you are happy with your overall ranking you may not need to worry about moving away from the template, after all the template teams are typically comprised of players that are scoring well. However, if you are trailing in your mini leagues or are simply not happy with your overall ranking the chances are that you will need to try something different if you are to make up ground. As always we here at FF247 have our finger on the pulse and this week we have decided to focus on a number of differentials whom we feel can deliver over the coming game-weeks. Read More

Fantasy Football Captain Picks October 21, 2014 posted by

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 9

Captains Picks Fantasy Football Gameweek 9 – Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

Captain picksSo there I was. A sunny Friday in the spring of 1996. Saffron Walden County High School playing fields. Lunchtime. A slight figure of a 16 year old, desperately needing to finish the week with a win. It was my turn to be captain, and I’d won the toss to pick first.
I surveyed the crop of young men standing in front of me. Who would be first into my team? Who could ensure my bragging rights through free period after lunch, through double Geography and – if my fake ID held up to scrutiny – through a Friday night’s drinking in the White Horse? Decisions just didn’t get bigger than this.
Stuart was the obvious choice, but as I looked at him, something just didn’t look right. I knew the problem couldn’t be me. I was a fine captain. My lack of stature meant all of my players could always play wherever the hell they wanted. In fact some of my finest moments had come from playing the lone GK/defender role, gladly supporting my team as the 10 bigger players shared the 10 striker positions. No, it was something else. “What’s the matter Stu-pot (cos I was captain I could use nicknames that I had not earned the right to use)?”, I asked. “Litter duty” was the reply. “I can only play 15 mins, then I’ve got to pick up litter with the deputy head for getting caught smoking”. Wow, I thought. That’s a blow. Now don’t get me wrong, even 15 mins of an on-form Stu could have the game won. But it was a risk.
“What about you Dave?”, I asked. Flexing my managerial muscles as I dismissed Stu without a second thought. “Yeah, I’m good for the full 40 mins” replied Dave. There was a ‘but’ coming. I knew it. “But…” I was right. “But, I’ve forgotten my trainers so will have to play in my slip ons”. Panic started to set in. “But they’ll give you no purchase on the slippery turf Dave!”. This wasn’t going well.
I could see that my natural 3rd and 4th choices Nick and Rob were distracted by the group of year 10 girls sitting on the side lines. They’d be no use. People were looking at me. I had to make a decision. Lunchtime was 5 minutes old and we hadn’t even picked teams!
And then, just as I could feel that first bead of anxious sweat trickle down the side of my ribcage, from the back of the crowd stepped forward a face that was new to me. “Who are you?!” I demanded. “I’m the new exchange student” was the nervous reply. “But you’re wearing proper football boots!” I exclaimed. “And, wait… Yes! They’re Puma Kings!”. The excitement started to build. “What’s your name?” I enquired. My tone starting to soften. “Diego Pele” was the reply.
“I PICK HIM!” Read More

Fantasy Football Fixtures October 19, 2014 posted by

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 9

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 9 – Fantasy Premier League 2014

Fantasy football fixtures TipsWe’ve had a few drab game-weeks recently but GW8 bucked the trend for sure! Whilst Aguero and his four goal haul made an early dash for ‘story of the week’ he was soon eclipsed by Southampton and their amazing 8-0 drubbing of a Sunderland sides sorry excuse for a PL team. Names like Pelle and Tadic will be on the lips of every fantasy manager this week to accompany those uttering Aguero. Or more likely ‘Aguerooooooo’, for those that had him. Or ‘oh craaaaaapppp’, for those that didn’t! It’s all very well and good to go chasing ‘lost’ points but before you jump in on the latest good news stories it may be wise to check whether the aforementioned players have good fixtures ahead (they do). Or whether you are jumping into a trap (you’re not). We also take a look at those teams that have less favourable fixtures ahead…
Read More

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