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While we enjoy a week off from FPL, we have been very lucky to catch up with two managers of FPL, who are both having a fantastic season. Barntons Bashers or B-Bash, as you will more readily recognise him, and James101, are sitting pretty at nos. 1 & 2 in the FF247 league, but even more impressively, B-Bash is in 53rd position in the world, while James, is sitting pretty in 628th position. If you’re impressed by that, consider that this is only B-Bash’s second season playing FPL, while it is James’ 3rd. Both B-Bash & James have very kindly agreed to share their thoughts on the season so far, how they are planning for the remainder of the season, their take on the game itself and how they plan for a game-week, amongst other things! 

Christmas Interview – FPL Fantasy Premier League

Many of you will remember I met up with five managers at the start of the season, to talk over their plans for the season ahead. Well, I was fortunate enough to be able to meet up again with Kop Warrior, Inittowinit, Mito, Mutley & Potty just before Christmas for a catch-up on how their campaign is progressing. Potty, you’ve had an amazing season so far, you got things right from an early stage. Please talk us through your good run….. Potty: I must say what I have done so far this season has surprised me, as from GW1 which now seems like a long time ago, when Potty gambled from the off. That week Villa & Chelsea played twice but I had a hunch that Lukaku would not be in The Special One’s plans so I captained Benteke and the rest is history! I played my wildcard in GW2 and I a...[Read More]

Ever wondered how last seasons top 2 are getting on so far this year?

We are very honoured to welcome two very special guests to FF247 to conduct out first ever interview on the site. Matt Martyniak & Kelvin Travers battled tooth and nail in last season’s FPL, with Matt claiming the ultimate victory on the last day of the season to claim victory by the narrowest of margins to become the 2012/13 global FPL Champion, with Kelvin runner-up. But with all other managers now looking to knock Matt & Kelvin “off their perch”, how are they dealing with this season’s FPL? Is it easier due to lessons learnt or harder as they are “up there to be shot down”? Well, let’s find out. Matt, Kelvin – we’re delighted to welcome you to FF247 and appreciate you taking the time to share some of your thoughts with us.

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