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Fantasy World Cup Russia Introduction

Fantasy World Cup Russia Introduction 2018 Welcome to Fantasy World Cup Russia Tips 2018. “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.” You know you want to! Stop fighting it. You know full well when you see that first World Cup RMT come in you’ll have that feeling, that sense, you just have to take part too. But you can’t, you swore you’d take a fantasy break, you needed a fantasy break. It’s been a long season and it takes its toll. But now you’re thinking you’ll maybe take a peek, just to see what it’s all about… We’ve had people swear blind upon completion of the FPL season that we will see them in August and not a moment before. And who can blame them? We’ve also had many people say this before and ...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group B Guide

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group B Guide Welcome to Fantasy World Cup Russia Group B Guide. Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Iran. Oh my, this could get explosive. Literally. Geopolitically speaking of course. The two Iberian and the Maghreb countries have history between them and most surely have some unfinished business. I’m not sure football will solve this but friends they are not. Well, their ancestors of several centuries ago weren’t. Morocco is one of the North African Muslim countries that once occupied Iberia long before Portugal or Spain existed as countries. Nonetheless, the existing Christians fought them throughout the centuries and ended up expelling them in the XV century. They had brought knowledge and technology, and in response they got swords and war. In the process Portugal w...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group A Guide

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group A Guide Welcome to Fantasy World Cup Russia Group A Guide. Group A is a juxtoposition of styles and personnel, boasting the breakout player of the season Mo Salah; an unusually well-rounded Uruguayan ensemble capable of going deep in this year’s tournament; the host nation Russia who will probably just be happy to get out of the group; and Saudi Arabia who… well, Saudi Arabia. Uruguay are the bookies’ odds-on favourites to top the quartet, with Russia in second. One imagines third-favourites Egypt’s odds will fluctuate between ‘some chance’ and ‘no chance’ depending on the fitness of their star player. None of the teams are really expected to make the last eight, owing perhaps to potential clashes with Spain or ...[Read More]

MLS GW14 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW14 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer It was another strange round with quite a few unexpected scores. Some of the most popular choices (and especially captain picks) failed to deliver, which disappointed many managers. Once again we witnessed more misery for the highly rated 2017 winners and runners-up, Toronto and Seattle. On the positive side, despite not playing this week due to an injury, Luis Robles was honoured with the longest Ironman streak in MLS history, for 183 consecutive appearances between the sticks for the New York Red Bulls. NEW FF247 MLS LEAGUE For anyone who missed it we have decided to start up a fresh FF247 MLS league beginning last week in GW13. Please feel free to join in. As a quirk of the new MLS rules they have split their season in two. The first part expire...[Read More]

MLS GW13 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW13 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer Once upon a time we all fell in love with MLS fantasy football. We’ve since been through a messy break-up period for various reasons. One being that they took the best fantasy game out there and decided to ruin it completely! We did manage to turn the other cheek on that one and kept playing but then our MLS guru Guy Sanchez, who skilfully guided us through each week, had to take a break from writing for a bit. And as a result we haven’t had an article on it since. Until now! For anyone who hasn’t kept up since the FPL season finished then in short one of our website friends Fantasy Football First has called it a day and that left their brilliantly talented MLS writer Ivan a bit homeless. It therefore felt like a no brainer to inv...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 38 Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Gameweek 38. That’s your lot folks! Well, it will be in about 3 hours anyway… GW38 always seems so brutal. We are used to game-weeks spanning 3-4 days, sometimes even 6 or 7. And then when it really comes down to the final reckoning we are all lined up in front of the FPL firing squad and shot at for 90 short minutes as if we’d just been caught in Malaysia with a gram or two in our back pockets. And it’s a bit of an odd one to call as nearly all matters are sorted, barring a couple of highly unlikely goal difference swings. And we are talking huge ones here – a Liverpool draw and a Chelsea 16-0 win. And a Saints loss, a Swansea win and a 10 goal swing. The Saints do however fac...[Read More]

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW38

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW38 Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW38. DGW37 was ok, certainly not spectacular. We played our TC on Kane and we all know how that went. OK. We scored 81 in total, net 72, the average was 67 and we saw a red arrow which was a shame. We now stand at 88,040 – our decent run looks over as we head into GW38. Frankly, the end of the season cannot come quick enough for our tired looking team. There were a few other ‘ok’s’ in our side – clean sheets from DDG, Dunk and Chambers, a rare goal from Mahrez and a solitary assist from Son. Definitely not ‘ok’ were Morgan, Sterling, Kenedy, Gündogan and Jesus. It wasn’t the week we hoped for, maybe we were spoiled by last season’s mammoth DGW scores. Let’s move on, this is depressing me just writing thi...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Team News and Predicted Line-ups GW38

FPL Team News and Predicted Line-ups Gameweek 38 Welcome to Gameweek 38. Instead of running through all the fixtures let us have Ol’ Blue Eyes bring us home. And now, the end is near and so I face the final curtain… As this FPL season comes to and end, I hope that we feel that through the good and even the bad that at least we did it our way. Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway and more, much more than this, I did it my way…. Sure there were moments where we wish we could take a move back, but in the end that is FPL and if mistakes were not part of the game, it wouldn’t make the moments we get it right so gratifying. I&...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips & Captain Picks Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football Tips & Captain Picks Gameweek 38 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips & Captain Picks Gameweek 38. Many people have said that fantasy football is a cruel mistress and the past gameweek was the absolute epitome of that, with triple captain and bench boost chips – along with hits aplenty – all seemingly going to waste as some of the favourites either didn’t show up or did absolutely nothing when they were on the pitch. Or, in the case of the most transferred-in midfielder, Raheem Sterling, both. So, here we go then – the final hurrah as we cling on to the hope of finishing the season roughly where we wanted or just thinking “screw it” and try to look as calm and collected as possible as that idiot from Accounts managed to win it in their very first season. This week is a...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 38 Welcome to Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 38. The usual purpose of this article is to try and give a heads up as to which teams may be worth jumping on and which ones may be worth avoiding in the weeks ahead. The obvious problem this week is that there are no longer any ‘weeks ahead’! We are at the final hurdle. As such we could have been forgiven for simply saying “what’s the point” and leaving it at that but that’s not our style. In for a penny, in for a pound and all that, we’ve decided to give you a quick rundown on all 10 remaining fixtures as we see them. But in all honesty that’s not the real point of the article. The real point is to say thanks to all those who have written a F...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW38

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW38 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW38. We’re in the middle of the DGW from hell, well I am, and after reading the boards in recent days it appears I am not alone. GW38 brings the season to a close; it feels like a merciful end at present! With a fixture still to play there will be no results posted in this article, instead we’ll post an end of season article next week when we’ll have the GW37 and 38 winners and of course announce the overall league winner! The Overall League Table As we stood after GW36… The rules are few; 1 entry per person, and all entries must be submitted prior to the first game of the game-week. Kick-off this week comes on Sunday at 15.00. Once all the games have been played, we’ll count up the scores and the winner...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 37

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 37 Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Gameweek 37. Another Double Game-week you say? We’ll have some of that! Let’s just hope it’s better than the last one… This one begins on Friday night and goes all the way through until next Thursday. And just for housekeeping purposes you need to be on the ball a bit after that as GW38 begins less than two and a half days later on Sunday afternoon. ‘Live Match Chat’ won’t go all the way through to Thursday though, we shall be interrupting it on about Monday with the first of our usual flow of articles to get you ready for that final day push. GW37 begins with the first of two games for both Brighton and Man United on Friday night. Saturday then takes it’s usu...[Read More]

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