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FPL launch 2016/17 – New Rules and Player Pricelist

FPL launch 2016/17 – New Rules and Player Pricelist

imageFinally it is live! FPL is back, life as we know it will not be the same for the next 10 months! At first glance there seems little change to last season – budget and squad size is naturally the same and the four chips remain in place, including the two wildcards – one to be used in the first half of the season, the other to be used in the second half of the season. The first may not be carried over – so use it or lose it. The only change seems to be in the calculation of bonus points – a breakdown of which can be found under the Rules tab.

With less than a month to go before the start of the season, managers will be busily playing with different formations and strategies, so to help you on your way, let’s take a very brief look at some of the highlights of the price list for the players.

Players Price List – initial reaction
The most expensive player (as per usual!) is Sergio Aguero who again costs 13mln, while the success last season of Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez sees their prices rocket to eliminate their bargain status! Nolito and Anthony Martial being listed as midfielders may attract decent support. Zlatan Ibrahimovic comes in at 11.5mln to make him the second most expensive player while Diego Costa costs just 9.5mln, making him cheaper than Harry Kane, Daniel Sturridge and Jamie Vardy. Daley Blind are Chris Brunt are now listed as defenders, while Eric Dier is now listed as a midfielder.


New player prices – some of the new players to the Premiership

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 11.5mln
Henrikh Mkhitaryan 9.5mln
Michy Batshuayi 9.0mln
Nolito 9.0mln
Eric Bailly 5.5mln

And some selected old favourites:

Sergio Aguero 13.0mln
Harry Kane 11.0mln
Daniel Sturridge 10.0mln
Jamie Vardy 10.0mln
Diego Costa 9.5mln
Olivier Giroud 9.0mln
Wayne Rooney 9.0mln

Alexis Sanchez 11.0mln
Kevin de Bruyne 10.5mln
Eden Hazard 10.0mln
Dimitri Payet 9.5mln
Riyad Mahrez 9.5mln
Anthony Martial 9.5mln
Mesut Ozil 9.5mln
Firmino 8.5mln

You will all have your own views and may spot the glaring bargain that I have missed. So please share your thoughts below on both the new changes to the game (the chips) and also your thoughts on the prices and maybe you’ve even begun to draft your initial squad.


FPL launch 2016/17 – New Rules and Player Pricelist. This article was written by Cookie




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  1. Welcome to it everyone . . .

    Thanks for the new article Init and Cookie :ok:

  2. New players seem expensive.

  3. Does anyone know what the (Influence/Creativity/Threat/ICT Index) stats are? In player info

    • They look like OPTA linked stats but it doesn’t actually say. The BPS ranking is a nice addition.

  4. Picked my first squad… Only 50 mil or so over budget!

  5. I just peed a little!

  6. Yippie it’s back

    Had a quick glance, everything looks smart and sexy with the new update.
    Price wise no big surprises,
    Kante and Xhaka Look good value 5th mids at 5 & 5.5m
    Looking forward to seeing IBRA the Beast in fpl,
    Might be my first signing ?

    • I had him in there for about 30 seconds til I realized I was about 7mil over budget….

  7. hello everyone. don’t know if you guys still remember me, used to be a regular before. will definitely be this season though.

    how’s everyone doing? are the old faces still here?

  8. Any news on Hull getting a new GK? Atm they only have Jakupovic until January at 4mil

    • Stmct

      Yeah McGregor is out with a bad one. I have Jakupovic as back up just now at 4.0M. I expect they’ll sign another experienced keeper soon though. Any players would do Hull. They only have 14 just now!

  9. I’ma get the ball rolling …

  10. Has the world gone mad this is how many players , signed up already Total Players: 22,031

    • This is some people’s life Silvers.

      • Made two already GP I thk teams are going to be very different this season , maybe some lower priced players could be the same but hey what do I know
        Ok here goes Kun is a must for me to start good fixtures to start , wouldn’t start with Deeney , Gray or Firmino although I can see Fir having an excellent season but the Pool have a tough start. The other 3 mids all have reasonable starts all good players.
        Wouldn’t have a Sou def until we see how they go after losing Koeman not quite sure why you have Cath or Mal in there GOOD START

  11. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee…It feels so good to be back..cheers everybody..Wish you all a fantastic season..let’s get to the job now..

    • BTW, How y’all like the new interface?i mean the new site structure.i’m pretty used to with the older one.will take some time to acclimatize.

      • Yeah I agree with you Constant I prefer the older one but I’ll have to get used to this one.

      • Hey Constantine, how are you?

        I don’t mind it. It’s not like it is difficult to use which would have been the main problem. Like everything else that gets a facelift, we’ll get used to it.

  12. Is anybody else having trouble signing in using their phones?

    • Nope signed in myself no problem.

      • Brookyboy are you using an app or though Google ?

        • Through google Silvers.Gonna download the app later.

    • Just logged in on my phone and had no issues Matt

    • My phone keeps saying my connection isn’t private and that hackers may try steal my info and I can’t go any go any further but I can sign in using my laptop no problem.

      • That sounds odd Matt. Are you using an app or your browser?

        • Yeah I know. I’m using Google Chrome and I didn’t have a problem with it last season.

    • Yup use….. Internet Explorer *shivers

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