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FPL launch 2016/17 – New Rules and Player Pricelist

FPL launch 2016/17 – New Rules and Player Pricelist

imageFinally it is live! FPL is back, life as we know it will not be the same for the next 10 months! At first glance there seems little change to last season – budget and squad size is naturally the same and the four chips remain in place, including the two wildcards – one to be used in the first half of the season, the other to be used in the second half of the season. The first may not be carried over – so use it or lose it. The only change seems to be in the calculation of bonus points – a breakdown of which can be found under the Rules tab.

With less than a month to go before the start of the season, managers will be busily playing with different formations and strategies, so to help you on your way, let’s take a very brief look at some of the highlights of the price list for the players.

Players Price List – initial reaction
The most expensive player (as per usual!) is Sergio Aguero who again costs 13mln, while the success last season of Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez sees their prices rocket to eliminate their bargain status! Nolito and Anthony Martial being listed as midfielders may attract decent support. Zlatan Ibrahimovic comes in at 11.5mln to make him the second most expensive player while Diego Costa costs just 9.5mln, making him cheaper than Harry Kane, Daniel Sturridge and Jamie Vardy. Daley Blind are Chris Brunt are now listed as defenders, while Eric Dier is now listed as a midfielder.


New player prices – some of the new players to the Premiership

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 11.5mln
Henrikh Mkhitaryan 9.5mln
Michy Batshuayi 9.0mln
Nolito 9.0mln
Eric Bailly 5.5mln

And some selected old favourites:

Sergio Aguero 13.0mln
Harry Kane 11.0mln
Daniel Sturridge 10.0mln
Jamie Vardy 10.0mln
Diego Costa 9.5mln
Olivier Giroud 9.0mln
Wayne Rooney 9.0mln

Alexis Sanchez 11.0mln
Kevin de Bruyne 10.5mln
Eden Hazard 10.0mln
Dimitri Payet 9.5mln
Riyad Mahrez 9.5mln
Anthony Martial 9.5mln
Mesut Ozil 9.5mln
Firmino 8.5mln

You will all have your own views and may spot the glaring bargain that I have missed. So please share your thoughts below on both the new changes to the game (the chips) and also your thoughts on the prices and maybe you’ve even begun to draft your initial squad.


FPL launch 2016/17 – New Rules and Player Pricelist. This article was written by Cookie




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  1. Right, now that i’ve had a little play around with things i’m quite dissapointed. First off the site is ugly, i keep resetting my team by accident and its a little messy. Secondly – prices suck. Vardy £10m! Really. Now i know he was going to rise but £10m is ridiculous. Mahrez, payet, and Mane all overpriced. I thought Hazard may have been around £9m, and i was looking forward to Andre Grey as my cheap 3rd striker, but £6.5m c’mon!. There is some cheap value with Coutinho, Cazorla and Stones << which at £5m could be a very cheap way into city.

    • Yeah, this is what the game’s supposed to be like!

      Difficult decisions & planning.

      Last year was an apparition, historically FPL not typically full of bargain buys turning into heavy hitters & heavy hitters pooping in their big boy pants.

      • Hahaha :D

      • Bloody hell kyle, this is a blast from the past! Hope you are well mate. Remember you from the FFC days. Pretty sure you’ve been on here but never caught you.

  2. Evening all

    Tinkering is bliss!

    Quick question, this regulars league, am i regular enough? …. I eat All-Bran …. does that help? :)

    • Looks a good start MH. Are Pieters and Naughton nailed? Beast of a mid 4! Much left in the kitty?

      • Hello mate, i think they’re pretty nailed but it’s only a first roll of the dice. Nothing left in the kitty

    • Well I’m never here and I still remember you hatter so I guess that’ll make you a regular, I do think you have to e-mail them though to get confirmation from what I’ve read, I don’t think that league code will be made visible on the forums.

    • Sure you’ll be fine Hatters! Yeah as Andy said it’s an e-mail entry only. We know the users well enough to know who’s genuine who isn’t and you certainly are!

      • Cheers innit, if there were an emoji for Doffing my cap i would be using it! …… Get on it! …… :manic:

        • On it! Just testing the e-mail and I’ll post it up soon.

        • Good man, you’re on top of things 24/7!

          I’m still having trouble with getting emails, all these replies from people and squat emails! …. To be fair it’s a guaranteed failure on my part!

          It states ‘You are subscribed to this post. Manage your subscriptions.’ – When i go to that link i click ‘replies to my comments’ but still get nothing???

          Is it because i’m nearly 40? ;)

  3. Gents,

    I knew some of the players prices would be high but Jesus this is going to be hard work this season!

    Second attempt at my team (I’m lying it’s about 50)

    • Do you think Gabriel is first choice this year? Merts is another year older and appeared to being edged out

      • Surely it has to be Gabriel and kos as the first choice partnership…………………. Unless the tight git buys a top class defender!! :)

    • Nice start! Isn’t xhaka an arteta type of deeplying cm? What’s he priced at?

  4. Loving the new FPL! Website is so easy to use on the mobile :D

    This will be my team untill Alexis and Ozil Return. Martial in the midfield is an unexpected bonus!

    • You’ve settled on a team already? My arse you have :D It’ll be different in an hour and unrecognisable by tomorrow!!

      • Haha I would agree usually but there isn’t any drastic changes needed except maybe one or two as I said this is just a stand in team until Alexis and Ozil come back

  5. Evening all,

    Welcome back to the chaos!

    How’s everybody doing?

    Hard to resist tinkering right now!

  6. Well this is draft number 1.

    • @Ant, what are you thinking about Baines this season? For .5 more than Stones he looks a bargain to me. Koeman should tighten them up or at the very least get them defending better than Martinez was. Plus I am thinking that Baines will regain some if not all of the set pieces he use to have back.

      LFC Start with Arsenal, Spurs and CFC away and Leicester at home in their first 5, so Coutinho might not be the best option.

  7. Evening all are we still tinkering see most members going with two cheap Fwds is this the way to go ????

    • Think it might be the future! Too many decent attacking Mids/strikers

    • It’s the only way to fit the mids we want in our squad i think. Not many decent mid range fwd options in my opinion so that’s why I’ve gone for 2 cheapo’s

      Benteke moving somewhere to get game time would be fantastic

    • That stood out to me too Silvers. Assuming it’s a necessity then to get the mids but I haven’t done a team yet. Shame that as I had Kun, Ibra, Hazard, Payet, Miky and and a saver for Sanchez all down as nailed in my mind!

    • I haven’t done a team yet but there’s no way i’ll start with two shite strikers. No chance.

      • LVG said that last season….

        • He said a lot of things.

      • Agreed NIN. It’s a suicidal tactic to follow at the start of the season as we don’t know which cheap forwards are going to perform. Once we’re a few weeks into the season it’s certainly an option as was proven last season with Vardy & Ighalo.

        • Yeah, there aren’t really any stand out possibilities at first glance. 3-5-2 with Aguero & Ibra is a possibility.

      • Depends how shite they are!

        • My starting strikers wont be from Burnley and Bournemouth, that’s all i can say for now mate!

  8. Game on!

    Here’s my 1st of many.

    Have to say that it’s tough this year with some strange prices. How did hazard not go down & why is coutinho the cheapest of Liverpools best mid options. Disappointing to see Antonio listed as mid too.

    • Hey Hammers, I like Townsend, he’s defo on my watchlist. Decent returns at the end of the season there in a poor team. Palace started off great last term too so you’d expect something similar again I suppose as at least they’ve got the prep thing down to a T. No idea what they did for Christmas mind you :D

      • Yeah think Townsend could Defo be one to have this year with his shoot on site policy.

        Hoping benteke joins him at palace too as it would give us a decent mid priced fwd option

  9. let the fun begin

    • Welcome back. Maybe this season you can dream of a better ranking. ;) :P

      • What a welcome back! Raz is applying for our concierge position :D

      • Has to get the P right first though :p

      • Have to try get logged on first Raz. Having some technical issues

        • What’s up Dreamers? Matt can’t log on via his phone still.

        • Aaah sorry to hear so mate, hope you will get in soon. ;)

          On the other hand, if you login later, maybe you can beat your login rank, at the end of the season. :P

        • It doesnt seem to acknowledge my email address – yet if I click register it prepopulates both my email address and password. Have tried the reset password a couple of hours ago – no mail yet. Seems to be a thing that only will email you if your email is on their system. Dont want to lose the history by registering another email address.

        • I couldn’t login on my phone, so had to find a laptop. ;)

        • Dreamers I had that on my PC earlier as I registered for someone else first and from then on it insisted on pre-populating both boxes. Even when I typed a new one it ignored what I’d typed. Basically I went to my saved passwords on my browser and just deleted that e-mail from it. Fixed it immediately.

  10. Many of the teams I have seen include a Liverpool mid of some kind. Just wondering with those fixtures if that is really all that wise. Although they have shown the capacity to score, so it might be more about avoiding their defenders than their attacking players.

    • I haven’t included any so far mate, Firminho or Coutinho are 2 i have in mind going forward but i like to start strong, find out it wasn’t strong at all, panic and then point hit until i welcome the cows back home!

  11. Benteke to Palace would be a transfer that would make me slightly edit my team. Feel he would be brilliant there with Bolasie and Townsend hitting in crosses! Only 7.5 aswell

    • Will his ego allow him to go there though, that’s the real question.

  12. Hi everyone, any suggestion?

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