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Pottys Predictions

Potty’s Predictions Gameweek 9

Potty's Predictions Gameweek 9

Potty’s Predictions Gameweek 9

Potty's Predictions Gameweek 9Welcome to Potty’s Predictions Gameweek 9: It’s been a long time since we did this but with all that has been going on for both us and Potty himself recently it hasn’t always been possible, but in celebration of the new look website launch we thought it would be an apt time to dust off an old favourite. For those new to us Potty is a long time and much cherished site member and part of our team. He started off in the old days by posting a regular competition on the boards and would send his winners prizes, basically out of his own pocket. Anyone who ever received one would be equally in agreement that it was an honour and also that ‘his pocket’ obviously contained a lot of strange items! In order to bring Potty into at least the 19th century we decided that he should have his own competition article and that we would provide official FF247 prizes (t-shirts mainly!). His competitions were always well attended and keenly fought. Unfortunately the man himself has had some health issues as of late and so we rested him according to his wishes (not literally) but this week he was feeling back to himself and wanted to post a fresh competition for you all. Over to Potty himself…

Hi my Potty Punters,

Straight back to basics this week then with the original and best Potty competition –

The Rules are..
– Pick a 5 man strong Fantasy Football team from the following fixtures.
– You must pick at least 1 goalie and 1 defender.
– The other 3 can be from any position, including goalie and defenders. For example you can have 4 goalies and 1 defender, if you so wish!
– Pick a Captain.
– Normal FPL points apply across the board, your captain will count as double etc, etc.

The Fixtures –
Bournemouth vs Spurs
Leicester vs Crystal Palace
Liverpool vs West Brom
Man City vs Southampton
Chelsea vs Man United

The overall winners will be calculated next week and the top 3 will all receive an exclusive FF247 branded t-shirt.

Thanks for reading Potty’s Predictions Gameweek 9. This article was written by FF247 and Potty


FT Diff

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  1. 73
    Potty Procky says:

    Pottys “Champion’s League” Wednesday night Competition!
    So you know your stuff do you?
    Okay let’s have a Potty test?
    Welcome to my World and time to play…..

    “Rock Bottom”

    1 – Select 1 man from each of these Team’s.
    2 – Arsenal / PSG / Celtic / Barcelona.
    3 – Highlight one as your Captain.
    4 – Your aim by the end of Wednesday night is to end up with the least points meaning you are Rock Bottom so select players who do play but score low.
    5 – To prevent anyone picking player’s who don’t play this will happen?
    6 – Any player’s by you picked which do not get any minutes on the pitch via kick – off or off the bunch you’ll be awarded the Potty wrath.
    7 – This is 25pts a man.
    8 – Genius aint it.

    Now pick your 4 men amigo’s


  2. 74
    Potty Procky says:

    Pottys Gameweek 12 Competition is now over
    For the attention of the first “Double Trouble” Champion’s of this Season (this will roll again over the New Year).
    The pair of you see below then contact FF247 to redeem your winning t-shirts.
    Sizes are in scaling order.
    Bruce Forsyth = small
    Peter Beardsley = medium
    Gazza = large
    Big Daddy = x-large
    Please highlight which fits you.
    Congratulations guys

  3. 75
    Potty Procky says:

    See post 73 which is just above for tonight’s Potty Champions League Competition
    Get involved and play “Rock Bottom”

  4. 76
    Potty Procky says:

    Let’s Play
    Rock Bottom
    3 minutes left to enter because …..
    Its Showtime

  5. 77
    Potty Procky says:

    Another Potty Winner
    Last week’s Champion’s League Fun
    In reverse order as the aim was to get the least points.

    4th – Gallant Pioneer = 82 points ( totally horrendous)
    3rd – Kruzacampo = 56 points ( incredible effort)
    2nd – Inittowinit = 33 points (great attempt)
    But now here is our No1

  6. 78
    Kruzcampo says:

    Well done Kop,I thought my Celtic guy was nailed,captained him and the sod didn’t play so 50 points added to the score!! I always knew Rodgers was a shifty one and not to be trusted!!

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