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Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW19 – GW22

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW19 – GW22

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW19 – GW22

Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW19 – GW22 (more on that in a moment). Man City and Liverpool were perhaps the predictable stand-out scores this week with 4 goals in their respective fixtures. Joining them in the ‘4 goal gang’ this week, were Huddersfield who recorded a surprise 1-4 victory away to Watford, anyone have that? No me neither.

And finally we have a correct first goal scorer prediction! Where many have failed before, Coyotes correctly predicted Christian Benteke would be the first scorer in the GW. Those 5pts were enough to propel Coyotes to the top, finishing as this week’s winner on 12 pts. Mito came a close second with a solid 11 pts and this week’s top 3 was completed by Pancho and DMC who weighed in with a respectable 10 pts each.

Weekly Leaderboard (GW18)

Winner = Coyotes 12 pts
2nd place = Mito 11pts
3 rd place = Pancho & DMC 10pts

COYOTES please e-mail the guys at with your address and t-shirt size.

Cumulative Overall League Table
As you can see below we now have a shiny new league table. If you have a Grav and its not showing then just let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to update it next week.

Predictions GW19-22
Ok so we’re going to do things slightly differently this week. As most of you will be aware, fixtures are going to get hectic. Our original plan was to give Barry and Paul a winter break GW’s 20-22, but we had a rethink, here’s our new plan:

Below we’ll list the fixtures for not 1 but 4 GW’s. You have 2 options:

Option 1: Simply cut and paste all 4 GW’s into one comment box and add your scores.

Option 2: Put in your predictions for this game-week only; then simply add a comment to your own predictions for each subsequent game-week.

As you can imagine there will be a lot of admin on this so we’ll be suspending the ‘first scorer’ part of the competition until GW23 when everything returns to normality.

Rules & Scoring
The rules are few; 1 entry per person, and all entries must be submitted prior to the first game of the game-week. The following are the first matches of each of the 4 up-coming game-weeks:

GW 19 – Friday 22nd 19.45
GW 20 – Tuesday 26th 12.30
GW 21 – Saturday 30th 15.00
GW 22 – Monday 1st 12.30

Once all the games have been played, we’ll count up the scores and the winner(s) will be announced in the next Barry and Pauls in GW23.

Correct Score = 3 points
Correct result = 1 point
Points are awarded on an ‘either or’ basis, so you’ll either score 3 points or 1 point for a correct prediction, these are never added together for a 4 point score.
So just to recap all you need to do is copy and paste the fixtures from below, pop your score prediction on each and if you say 1-0, you mean 1-0 to the home team. Not either team. Capiche?

Here are the fixtures, best of luck to you all!

Friday 22nd December

Arsenal v Liverpool (19.45)

Everton v Chelsea
Brighton v Watford
Man City v Bournemouth
Southampton v Huddersfield
Stoke v West Brom
Swansea v Crystal Palace
West Ham v Newcastle
Burnley v Tottenham
Leicester v Man Utd

Tuesday 26th December

Tottenham v Southampton ( 12.30)
Bournemouth v West Ham
Chelsea v Brighton
Huddersfield v Stoke
Man Utd v Burnley
Watford v Leicester
West Brom v Everton
Liverpool v Swansea
Newcastle v Man City
Crystal Palace v Arsenal

Saturday 30th December

Bournemouth v Everton (15.00)
Chelsea v Stoke
Huddersfield v Burnly
Liverpool v Leicester
Newcastle v Brighton
Watford v Swansea
Man Utd v Southampton
Crystal Palace v Man City
West Brom v Arsenal

Monday 1st January

Brighton v Bournemouth (12.30)
Burnley v Liverpool
Leicester v Huddersfield
Stoke v Newcastle
Everton v Man Utd
Southhampton v Crystal Palace
Swansea v Tottenham
West Ham v West Brom
Man City v Watford
Arsenal v Chelsea
Tottenham v West Ham

Thanks for reading Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW19

This article was written by Barry and Paul aka Matt and Rosco.

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Gameweek Tracker GW19-22
This includes all of the festive fixtures. This will be your best friend at Christmas. Take a screenshot and save it somewhere on your phone…

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  1. 67
    perun86 says:

    Monday 1st January

    Brighton v Bournemouth (12.30) 1:0
    Burnley v Liverpool 0:2
    Leicester v Huddersfield 1:0
    Stoke v Newcastle 1:0
    Everton v Man Utd 0:1
    Southhampton v Crystal Palace 1:0
    Swansea v Tottenham 0:2
    West Ham v West Brom 1:0
    Man City v Watford 3:0
    Arsenal v Chelsea 1:2
    Tottenham v West Ham 2:0

  2. 68
    steee-veh says:

    Monday 1st January

    Brighton v Bournemouth (12.30) 2-0
    Burnley v Liverpool 1-2
    Leicester v Huddersfield 3-0
    Stoke v Newcastle 1-1
    Everton v Man Utd 0-2
    Southhampton v Crystal Palace 2-0
    Swansea v Tottenham 0-4
    West Ham v West Brom 1-1
    Man City v Watford 3-0
    Arsenal v Chelsea 0-2
    Tottenham v West Ham 3-0

  3. 69
    TheDreamers says:

    Brighton v Bournemouth 1-1
    Burnley v Liverpool 0-2
    Leicester v Huddersfield 2-0
    Stoke v Newcastle 2-0
    Everton v Man Utd 0-3
    Southhampton v 1-1Crystal Palace
    Swansea v Tottenham 0-2
    West Ham v West Brom 3-1
    Man City v Watford 4-0
    Arsenal v Chelsea 1-2
    Tottenham v West Ham 3-0 first goal Gross

  4. 70
    constantine says:

    9(-8) from 3 yet. I might drop below 100k tonight.

  5. 71

    Hope this helps: GW19 = 9 points / GW20 = 11 points / GW21 = 3 points / GW22 = 7 points / Total points (58+30) = 88

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