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Bundesliga Fantasy Football Tips

Bundesliga Fantasy Football 2019/20

Bundesliga Fantasy Football 2019/20

Bundesliga Fantasy Football 2019/20


With the Bundesliga seemingly taking over the bulk of the chat on site (understandably, given as it’s the only game in town right now) we have decided to (tried to!) move the chat onto its own specific article to allow others space to chat about FPL, dandelions or whatever they wish elsewhere, so that they aren’t simply left muttering ‘Das ist mir Wurst’ to themselves all summer.

We will not do a fresh Live Match Chat for each week, we shall simply update this one as we go along with the latest deadlines and fixtures. We shall endeavour to post the line-ups prior to each phase of the relevant GW and our usual FPL Countdown Timer (to be found above the latest comments section) has been temporarily handed over to Bundesliga.

Tips will be dispensed in the chat below (mainly by Mito we would imagine) but feel free to get involved in said chat, whether that’s asking for advice or answering others.

The games in full… GW34

Bundesliga Fixture Tracker
The main inspiration for us creating a fresh FBL article was Ivan and his willingness to volunteer to create a fixture tracker to deal with the remaining games. Mito got his crayons out and helped fill it in. Many thanks to both.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 29 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Bundesliga Fantasy Football 2019/20

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  1. 193
    bees393 says:

    Need a cheap defender. Toure (Frankfurt) or Jednaj (Augsburg)…both teams have good upcoming matches.
    Neither of them played the last match, but possibly rested due to many games. Generally they both see to start.
    Cheers All!

    • 193.1
      Bigpopz says:


      how about Sabastian Schonlau 3.3m
      Captain of Paderborn so should start.
      Probly won’t get you big points but that’s why he’s cheap.
      Peter Pekarik 2.2m Hertha def,
      Seriously thinking of getting him myself
      Downside he’s getting on a bit not sure how guaranteed he is.

      Lenz 2.4m very popular and looks like he’s fit again.

      5m bracket I’m thinking Collins (Paderborn)
      Or Zimmerman (Düsseldorf)

      • bees393 says:

        Thanks for the info Bigpoz!
        I have Schonlau and Lenz. So won’t go for a 2nd Paderborn player.
        Hertha have 3 out of 5 bad match ups and I don’t want to use my transfers on the cheapos. Otherwise I would get Pekarik.
        Dusseldorf’s next 3 fixtures are bummers. So could get Zimmer after that.
        I see that one could get some seriously negative points with defenders, so don’t want lower teams with bad match ups.
        Will wait to see Ein.Frankfurts line up and will probably get Toure if he plays. He only sat out one match.
        How is everything with you otherwise? Had a good week? Mine was ok 133, but trying to catch up from a previously bad one. FBL is great fun but quite time consuming. Cheers mate!

        • Bigpopz says:

          Hey Bees

          I’m quite new to this and learning along the way,
          Something to pass the time I suppose,
          Had a good week around 140.
          I’ve got Toure who missed last weeks game and as a knee jerk thought about losing him, but you got me thinking I may keep him now.
          With him and Gulde not playing and 6m Koch off injured my defence was ravaged but luckily Hakimi & Sancho bailed me out.
          To get consistently good def points I suppose you’ll need to spend big, I’m trying to do it on the cheap as I want the big cash attacking the goal.
          All good fun tho :good:

  2. 194

    Whatever way I look at it, to bring back Sancho will need to part with Havertz. The only way to have both, I will have to get rid of Hazard for a striker at up to 7.8. The likes of Bulter from Union or Adamyan from Hoffenheim :no: It looks like it will be Sancho → Havertz and a 7.0 or less replacement for Steffen :scratch_one-s_head:

  3. 195
    bees393 says:

    Werner or Lewa for the star? Yikes…both starting at the same time.

  4. 196
    bees393 says:

    Are points only shown after half time? Can’t see points for Toure who is playing. :scratch_one-s_head:

    • 196.1
      GoalMachine says:

      This match is outside FBL (original was in Gw24 and avg. 6 points awarded then).

      • bees393 says:

        Don’t understand what you are saying. Please explain. So are no points to be awarded for players playing? Why bother to play then?

        • GoalMachine says:

          The original match was in Gw24 and got postponed due to corona.
          (1) No bundesliga point was awarded to any team that time and match was rescheduled to today. So today, bundesliga points will be awarded based on outcome and table position for the teams will change accordingly. Its a very important game for both especially Bremen to avoid relegation.
          (2) Fantasy bundesliga points were awarded on an average basis to all Frankfurt and Bremen players in Gw24 itself as Fantasy bundesliga does not handle a DGW. So today’s match is not considered for fantasy points to individual players.

        • Bigpopz says:

          Due to Covid I think this is a rearranged game from gwk24
          The FBL rather than blanking the game for that week must have given average points back then.
          So this game which still needed to be played doesn’t now count in FBL points terms.

        • GoalMachine says:

          Its totally different than Fantasy PL where we do not have any average point concept and that supports BGW+DGW.

        • Bigpopz says:


          These are Toure points for this game back in gwk 24

        • bees393 says:

          Thanks for explanation. Wish I knew this before I bought Toure today lol.
          Are there other games coming up where the same situation occurs?
          Boy, it would be good to know this stuff before hand.
          Cheers mate.

    • 196.2
      GoalMachine says:

      @bees393 we already discussed this, but I guess you might have missed. Anyway, we are all learning now. I think you also did not notice at the colorful fixture tracker in this article (just top of this page) created by Ivan and Init just for us. This match is not there at all.

      I guess there is no BGW planned as of now, but if by any chance the match is cancelled, players will get average points. Funny part is that I don’t mind getting a 6 pt. for a cheapo like that as all my cheapos are getting -2 to +2 nowadays.

  5. 197
    GoalMachine says:

    @Bigpopz, might sound stupid, but when you paste an image in the comment, do you save it first? is there any way you can copy and directly paste?

  6. 198
    Bigpopz says:

    Just a quick thing On the tracker
    Because I don’t really know any of the teams other than top 3/4
    I’m a little confused on the colour system,
    Don’t get me wrong I really appreciate it (Mitro)
    Red means tough fixture
    Pink hardish
    Green easy
    But where do the other colours fit in.

    Sorry if this sounds stupid :wacko:

    • 198.1
      Otieno says:

      Hi Bigpopz. With 3FT I’m not looking more than two games ahead. So, I find the bookmaker odds a good guide to the fixture difficulty for the lesser teams.

    • 198.2

      Yellow is basically a toss up, the fixture could go either way. I did not take home field advantage into much if any consideration since there are no crowds.

      Also, just know I don’t watch a bunch of Bundesliga so it is based a bit on where they are in the standings with a hint of some personal opinion.

      For instance I consider RBL, Bayern and Dortmund to be the best 3 teams even if the standings ( I haven’t looked ) don’t reflect it at this moment.

      Then I consider M’glad and Leverkusen in the next set of teams, but below those top 3. Wolf and Frei I give a little more respect to then the next six, but basically in line with Schalke ( before I shaded the tracker I thought they be decent ) Hoff, Koln, Hertha, Union and Frankfurt.

      Then I had Augsburg and Mainz just below that group of 8. Slightly below them I had Dusseldorf and then I had Bremen and Paddy as the two worst teams. Although Bremen are an odd team to me as I do remember them being decent last season and find it hard to lump them in with Paddy.

      Having said all that, don’t be shocked if some colours don’t seem right. I was put on the spot and had to do it quickly. :wacko:

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