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Euro 2020/21 / Fantasy Football Tips / Latest Articles

Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football

Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football

Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football

Welcome to the FF247 hub for the Euro’s. As per our Champions League article this shall be the main place for the duration of the comp and will act more as a destination to gather and discuss it all, rather than being anything of particular fantasy use.

What you need to know

How to play?
You have a couple of options here;

Click here to join via a desktop or webpage.

Alternatively you can simply update your UEFA Games App (the one you may have used for the CL) and it will show up as a dual purpose one with the Euros game on there.

The Rules
This game is exactly as per the CL one with in-game matchday-by-matchday substitutions and Capo changes available between each day.

We expect most of our league members will be au-fait with these rules but if you are unsure then simply ask in the comments below and somebody will always be on hand to explain further.

Or simply click here for the full explanation.

Hints, tips, squads, line-ups etc…
For once UEFA have actually made a pretty good job of this and so we won’t be bothering to post any of the above as articles as it is pretty much all there for you. They have the entire raft of squads posted on both their website and on their official App along with a run-down on every single team.

The FF247 League
We are not running a ‘public’ league for this one, we are keeping it in-house for the summer fun and as such we have our usual ‘Regulars League’. We did post the league code in the comments section previously but this has now disappeared. The good news is that the majority of our usual CL crew saw it and have already joined,

For anyone who didn’t then simply drop us an email on;

All we ask if you enter the league is that you please keep the code to yourself and don’t divulge it to family or friends who do not frequent the site. This is for the FF247 Community who will be commenting and interacting on here and we would like to keep it that way. Ivan (The Terrible) will be keeping a watch and if you do then expect to be dealt with harshly!

Thanks for reading Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football

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  1. 535
    kumakier says:

    Yes glad captain Sterling scored.

    England finally turned up.

  2. 536
    Reg83 says:

    What an exciting game between Croatia and Scotland. If either wins, they will definitely go thru as they will leapfrog finland and Ukraine. If it remains a draw, both Scotland and Croatia confirmed to be eliminated. Only a win will do for both.

  3. 537
    bees393 says:

    Why take off Grealish…the best player on the pitch? England will have to step it up in order to win the tournament.

    • 537.1
      Reg83 says:

      Why not start Sancho? Southgate seems only to care about keeping a CS. Too bad my player Mings got only a cameo.

      • inittowinit says:

        It was either him or Saka and you can only assume Saka has shown more in training to warrant that chance.

      • That is what I can never understand.
        Sancho had a tremendous season with Borussia and big clubs across Europe are fighting to sign him.

        • inittowinit says:

          Ivan, I was with Joe Royle once when a fan asked him why John Ebbrell and Barry Horne start every week and his answer was quite brilliantly insightful, albeit simplistic; “because you don’t see what I see in training for the other 5 days a week”. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

        • That’s true Init.
          A lot is going behind the scene, we only get the 90+ minutes which is the culmination after hours and days of hard training.

        • Smash says:

          I don’t really get it. Saka is a good player and always looks lively but so far in his career he don’t have the end product. Sancho probably does not look as good in training but has proven at Dortmund he does have the goals and the assists in his locker. I prefer substance over liveliness personally

    • 537.2
      inittowinit says:

      Because he will be starting next week. Job done, preservation etc. Plus it was a good chance to give a few others a run out. Plus he did the right thing at the right time in going to a midfield three.

  4. 538

    That’s it, staying with captain Perisic.
    Whatever Kimmich and Gosens bring tomorrow will be a bonus.

  5. 539
    Reg83 says:

    at the 11th attempt, at last a captain success with 20 points. Thanks to Perisic.

    Previous 2 games got 12 & 4 points from captain.

  6. 540

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