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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 22

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 22

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 22

Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 22 article. After 2 weeks of relying on Phillips and Defoe boosting us up the rankings we are pleased to report that the other 9 finally woke up too this week! Well ok, 7 of them did, but we’ll take it. We ended up on a fairly respectable 80 points which meant another small climb in the rankings and we now sit at 24,291. Cech and Holebas brought us clean sheets whilst Walker brought us that and more. Erik came home with his usual array of assists and all 3 of our forwards scored. Captain Sanchez was looking decidedly dodgy until a late goal suddenly transformed his score from a lacklustre 6 to a splendid 22. Fine margins. We should point out that we said last week that we were saving our transfer but then Costa happened late on Friday evening and we reacted by buying Giroud. That leaves us back on just 1 free transfer this week, let’s take a look at how we decided to use it this week…

Transfer for GW22 – Sold  & Bought – Nobody!
“Now we know this doesn’t make for a very exciting article but sometimes that’s just the way it lands, deal with it! Actually a decision to do nothing is still a decision and has it’s merits just as much, and sometimes more, than a reckless but seemingly more exciting -8 or whatever…. Let’s roll with it and enjoy fighting over where our two free transfers are used next week”.

Yeah ok we wrote that last week too and then scrapped it when it emerged late on that Costa’s agent may or may not have taken a call from China which may or may not have resulted in a sudden back spasm. But it still stands and we sort of didn’t use it, so… Anyway it all resulted in Giroud coming in and we have resisted the temptation to simply reverse the decision. Had Giroud not been confirmed as entirely fit, or had a less favourable fixture, we probably would have done so but we have decided to roll with him for this round. It helps that he also has a better fixture next week with Watford at home as opposed to Costa going to Liverpool. The pair play each other the week after whereas Kane has ‘Boro at home and the 2 free transfers may help us when that comes around.


Our Captain is Alexis Sanchez
Given our disturbing lack of Chelsea coverage this week the next obvious stop was Arsenal. We can’t trust Giroud to finish a game whereas Sanchez is furious if he doesn’t so that hunger lead us to captain him this week. Zlatan is our vice if the worst was to happen.

If anyone is interested in following the site teams progress then you can do so here and we wish you all the best of luck this week with your own teams.

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    constantine says:

    Got Fraser in for Allen at the last moment. Hope he does some good. Better than Allen atleast.

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