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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team News Gameweek 24

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team News Gameweek 24

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team News Gameweek 24

We’re the wallies who sold Ollie

Welcome to FF247 Site Team GW24

Could have been better could have been worse. That’s probably the best thing we can say about GW23, and that’s being kind! We went into Monday’s game on 24pts and things were looking grim. It’s good to be somewhat introspective mid-game week but the advice I need to follow myself is to not get too hung up on something that is not yet over. That was the case for us with the 32pts we picked up from our Man City assets (thanks Phil!) making what was still a bad game week (in terms of overall points and a dreaded arrow), that little less painful.

We only have ourselves to blame. I say that, but 3/6 members of the site team did vote against selling Watkins, however, it’s a democracy and we celebrate the wins collectively, so we also by proxy have to share responsibility when things don’t go our way. That said, Watkins’ 18-pointer stung, made worse by the fact we had two FTs and didn’t actually need to sell him to facilitate the returning robot. We move on.

3 points from our back 4 had us on the back foot, blanks for Solanke, Jota and Alvarez compounded our demise. Saka (9pts) and Palmer (8pts) afforded us some level of respectability but ending the Sunday evening with 24pts felt anything but!

Roll on Monday night football and all eyes turned to our captain, could Haaland outscore Watkins? Would KDB make us weep? Would Foden even start? We got lucky with all 3 of our Citezens making the cut. We were somewhat fortunate that KDB didn’t hurt us too much, and whist Haaland didn’t even come close to Watkins, we’ll take his 10pts gladly. We can, of course, be a little forgiving, because whilst Alvarez blanked, Phil Foden single-handedly saved our bacon with a hattrick and 20pts haul. What a guy. So, there you have it. In the end we finished on 56pts, one point behind the average (57pts) and a red arrow that dropped us from 1,686 to 6,588. As I said, it could have been worse. We’re very aware that moaning about rank drops when you’re still inside the top 10k is very uncool. We like to think we’re better than that.

So, all I will say, if like us you had a bad week, regardless of your overall rank or mini-league position, it’s worth remembering that if you can drop so far in a single game week, next week you might do the opposite. With that we’re ready to dust ourselves down, get back on the horse and look forward to the coming week and of course, the doubles and blanks that can make or break your season!

Our Gameweek 23 Result

We have £0.6m in the bank and 2 free transfers to use ahead of GW24. Let’s go see what was decided….

Our G24 Transfer(s)

We had a few options this week. Doughty (£4.6m) was considered for the injured Konsa, worryingly one unnamed member didn’t even know who he was. Said member is doing better than me though, so what do I know? Once acquainted with the flying Luton fullback the unnamed member did suggest Saliba to Doughty to facilitate a move for Toney next week but when it went to vote there was a clear winner. 4 members raised their thumbs in favour of Solanke to Darwin, the other 2 didn’t vote in what I can only assume is a silent protest against the Post-loving Red’s striker.

With that, all that was left was to choose our captain and which of our front 8 to bench. In a surprise to at least one of us, Jota won the captaincy poll against Haaland 4 votes to 2 with the robot getting the VC just in case. Bowen is the unlucky attacker to miss out and takes up the first spot on our bench should we need him!

To confirm then we have SOLD Solanke and BOUGHT Darwin

Captain – Jota

Our GW24 team in full…

You can follow the progress of the FF247 Site Team here

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 Site Team News Gameweek 24. This article was written by Fantasy Football 247


Back by popular demand! Well, sort of… Drafthound have changed their line-up approach this season and what it means for us is that we are no longer able to display a live feed of it on here due to some technical difficulties. That said, what they have done looks great and is still only a click away so if you want to access those they are HERE



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  1. 19
    kambengkarbonat says:

    jota or haaland for captain?

  2. 20
    MrMajeika says:

    Already done solanke to Darwin. Estupinian to doughty for -4? If I keep estu do I start him or burn?

    Click on image to enlarge:

  3. 21
    constantine says:

    Hey guys. How’s this team looking? Need to get back on track. Last few weeks(since AFCON) have been abysmal.
    Any suggestions? No FT left.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 22
    AllanBrallan says:

    Good to go? Got 2ft’s but no money to spend…

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 23
    AJW says:

    Hey guys – any late City news? Where do we find the most reliable sources usually?
    Looked on City’s Twitter feed and there’s a big foto of Fill Phoden on it. Good news? Red Herrings? Anyway, see you all around! smile

  6. 24
    MrMajeika says:

    Start burn nfo(a) or estupinian spurs (a). Starting dubravka

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