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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 38

Last Call for All

Welcome to FF247 Site Team Gameweek 38

A total of 137 points from our Gameweek 37 Bench Boost was most welcome and almost all of our selections of recent times have pulled their weight to create the score – a whole 54 points above the weekly average to take us to 6,018 overall ahead of the final weekend.

On the right-hand side of our team you will see we were ‘Son-Burned’ with those pair being our worst in the side – 3 and 4 – oh and Isak as well who had four. Why is it that 2 x 2-pointers is somehow worse than a 2-pointer? Guess it’s demonstrating that you are a two-time loser. Heads in shame boys … heads in shame.

We got the captain correct in going for Erling Haaland. His 30 was boosted, figuratively, by on-pitch double-figure hauls from Ederson (13), Van de Ven (12), Porro (10), Foden (11) and Palmer (14) and boosted literally from the bench – 23 points from double Chelsea, Branthwaite and Gabriel. Well played lads. Take a(nother) rest.

Quick Recap

It’s been a brilliant season for us and although we have regressed a little in recent weeks from a dizzying 1,276 just six weeks ago (and a season-best 528 in Gameweek 15), we haven’t taken any of it for granted and we’ve really enjoyed the season. It would be lovely to get inside the top 5,000 by Sunday evening. If not, then we’ve got 5,757 to better – that’s our best ever so far.

Come on lads!

Our Gameweek 37 Result

We have 0.7mln in the bank and 1 free transfer to use ahead of Gameweek 38. Let’s go see what was decided.

Our Gameweek 38 Transfer(s)

We have one FT and to be honest, we could have burned it in an act of utter bravado or sheer lunacy (you decide). However we checked the side and realised we may be a little Arsenal light so we have looked to who may be the man who could get that last-day hat-trick at the Emirates. Trossard was mentioned but Havertz won out the day.


In preparation the only issue we had was an unavoidable strong first sub – Nicolas Jackson OR Bruno Fernandes – put to the vote and it was bye-bye Bruno.


Just feels right doesn’t it?

Our Gameweek 38 team in full

You can follow the progress of the FF247 Site Team here

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Back by popular demand! Well, sort of… Drafthound have changed their line-up approach this season and what it means for us is that we are no longer able to display a live feed of it on here due to some technical difficulties. That said, what they have done looks great and is still only a click away so if you want to access those they are HERE



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  1. 7
    bees393 says:

    Edison out for Ortega 4ph or start Pickford?

  2. 8
    Mitro says:


    Good morning

    Current team – I have 1FT & 0.4 ITB

    Any suggestions?

  3. 9
    chelseachick_uk says:

    Just coming on to say a huge thank you to the FF247 management, writers and contributors. Sincerely, you all rock. I’ve been lurking around since the FFF days and it’s the only football-related forum I visit. It’s a wonderful place – no drama, no judgement … just great articles, friendly advice and light-hearted banter. I know it takes a massive amount of dedication and commitment to keep this place running, especially with all of life’s other priorities. I doff my hat to you.

    … & congratulations site team, what an epic season – we salute you! May the force be with you to get inside 5000!

    GL to all today aswell.


  4. 10
    jumpers4goalposts says:

    Morning everyone what a season!

    Any advice on this team. 1ft. Was thinking Swap debruyne for Havertz for more arsenal cover Or leave it as is. Any suggestions welcome

    • 10.1
      Terminators says:

      That would be a good move, maybe wait as close as you can and see if Saka is starting as another Arsenal player if you prefer over Havertz.

  5. 11

    Probably made my last mistake of the seson by replacing Bruno with Havertz but hey ho.
    The last question is, do I stay with Onana or play Dubravka??

  6. 12
    Cheach says:

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the writers/mods of this website. The vibe here is always encouraging and fun. I’ll be seeing you all next season (even if I’m more of a lurker than contributor, sometimes)

    BUT for the last day of the season, I’d love some advice.

    I’m thinking of keeping it simple and replacing KDB with either Foden OR Harvertz. I’m leaning toward the young German tbh.. just to have Arsenal coverage. But would love any opinions in case I’ve missed anything obvious I could do in my squad.

    I have 1FT 0.0m in the bank laugh


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