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Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 10

Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 10

Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 10 2017/18

Welcome to Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 10. I must admit I completely forgot I was writing this article this week due to mixing up Uni work and FPL work but after getting a swift kick from a certain big chicken I went into overdrive to deliver this masterpiece to you all! Now down to business, Liverpool let in goals (shocker!!), Kane scored a few and Kun was back on the score board. All pretty expected things to happen this past weekend but one thing that was (perhaps) not so expected was Pep Guardiola the Patron Saint of Rotation! With most people transferring Sterling in and even captaining him and others having Jesus up top after Aguero’s injury Pep decided to screw everyone over. I loved it because I have neither and seeing people meltdown on twitter is hilarious, but I felt the pain for all my comrades on these boards. Let’s hope Pep picks a normal team against West Brom at the weekend but if tonight’s line-up is anything to go by then I don’t think we will ever know what is going on in that bald head of his!! Well onto the reason you are all here and that is who I think is worthy enough for the coveted armband this week so here goes in reverse order…

5. Mooy (vs Liverpool)
This is probably a strange pick at first glance but when you really think about it, this pick makes sense! Argument one is that Mooy is on set pieces and has grabbed 2 goals and 1 assist in 9 appearances. Not exactly stats that set the world alight, but the Aussie is a key figure in the Terriers side and I think if Huddersfield score his name won’t be too far away. The second argument and really the most important one is they are playing Liverpool!!! You know that team with the defence that never was? Well with Spurs showing exactly how terrible the Pool defence is (like we didn’t already know!) I can see David Wagner trying to pressurise Liverpool from the onset and pull one over on his best mate, Klopp. Mooy could prove a brilliant differential for those brave enough to back him and Huddersfield.

4. Kane (vs Manchester United)
Harry Kane FC are travelling to Old Trafford for the early kick off on Saturday and usually that puts a lot of people off picking a captain in those early games, but would this really be a captain’s article without Kane? I don’t think so! Well Kane grabbed himself another 2 goals to take his tally for the season to 8 goals and on top of that he picked up an assist too! With United seemingly losing the momentum they had a few weeks ago and coming off the back off a loss to Huddersfield, one could think that Spurs go in strong against United and smash them. I would say this won’t happen, but I still think Spurs score a goal or two at Old Trafford. Harry Kane is at almost perma captain status, but does that early kick off put you off him?? Beware at your own risk!

3. KDB (vs West Brom)
When one Belgian in the form of Lukaku cools off another hits form and that is exactly what KDB has done. Over the last 6 games KDB has either scored or assisted in 5, with 1 goal and 6 assists!! In that same timeframe City have won 5-0, 0-6, 5-0, 0-1, 7-2 and 3-0, they are blowing teams away and KDB has been at the centre of it! With the attacking power that City have been displaying it is just common sense that you need City attack and by this stage everyone has at least 2 if not 3 of the Citizens. Pep is the bane of FPL managers lives with the rotation that he loves but KDB is one player you would think is the safest of them all, if he does get benched you have my permission to beat me up. With most of us, having one of either Jesus or Kun they would be the obvious choice, but I think KDB should definitely be given some consideration.

2. Salah (vs Huddersfield)

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I may have already pointed out how poor the Liverpool defence is but at the other end of the pitch they are one of the most entertaining in the country. It is widely accepted that Liverpool will concede goals, but they will also score them. With the attacking prowess that Liverpool have and the style of play that they use it is highly likely that they score a few against Huddersfield. Salah has been Liverpool’s best player this season in my opinion, the attacks are going through him a lot of the time and if his decision making and final finish were better his returns of 5 goals and 2 assists would be even higher. With Mane still out I can see Liverpool relying on the Egyptians speed once more as this is the key to those counter attacks. As I mentioned earlier, Huddersfield play a pressing style of football much like Liverpool’s so I expect goals in this game and will predict a 2-2 draw. I don’t think either team will want to sit back as the managers love attacking football too much. Salah has an ownership of 32.3% so a lot of people have the winger, if he scores this weekend and people have him capped you could see a big drop in rank. I would be considering him as Liverpool will want to get back to winning ways after last weekend.

1. Sergio Aguero (vs West Brom)
Well what can I say about this man that we don’t already know?! After getting himself into a car accident a few weeks ago we were all expecting Jesus to take over in our FPL teams which he did for a short time, but the Argentinian returned at almost a superhuman rate and got himself back on the score sheet whilst Jesus sat on the bench and watched on. Obviously, this has put the Fear of Kun into people as 170,574 managers sold Jesus and 238,851 managers brought in Aguero. Remarkably this still only amounts to an ownership of 14%, if you are one of the lucky to have Aguero then I would be taking advantage of his low ownership against a West Brom side who are not the defensively solid team we usually associate with a Tony Pulis team, having only kept 3 clean sheets all season. To add to the Baggies woes Evans took a hard fall at the weekend and looks likely to miss this game so with Dawson and Evans both gone, added to the fact both goalkeepers were injured last week (but made an amazingly quick recovery) one has to think they are maybe not at 100% and so will West Brom be even leakier than they have been this season? Kun has got to be the number one pick for your armband this weekend.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 10

This article was written by Matt.

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  1. 31
    Matt says:

    Evening lads. Had another mess around with my team. Which of these moves sounds the best? I have 1.1 itb and 2 fts

    A. Lukaku and Naughton to Kun and Duffy (play 3-5-2)
    B. Lukaku and Wood to Kun and Rooney (or a lower priced striker) 3-4-3 formation
    C. Lukaku, Naughton and Maguire to Kun, Duffy and Otamendi 4-4-2 formation
    D. Lukaku, Wood and Naughton to Kun, Otamendi and Abraham (or lower priced striker) play 3-4-3.

  2. 32
    Smash10 says:

    Any Everton fans think Kenny will keep his place? Or is it not worth the risk. Think it’s between him and Holgate now Koeman has gone

  3. 33
    Silvers says:

    Come on Init my phone is fu—ked it really is , it does things on its own but so do I :)

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