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Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 6

Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 6

Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 6 2017/18

Welcome to Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 6. Here in Japan, last night’s gales of typhoon Tamil have acceded to a sky of glorious azure, serving as an appropriate metaphor for surveying the carnage of an erratic GW5. Only 2 strikers broke double-digits, an achievement matched by as many goalkeepers. So while the faithful multitudes that stuck with Lukaku were richly rewarded; those that banked on Firmino were left bankrupt. The two biggest stories though, unfolded elsewhere. A shoe-in for the armband, a reinvigorated Kane freshly thawed from his yearly August deep freeze, got cold feet. However, over in the Hornets nest Watford got stung by Pep’s Rocket Man, Aguero. Don’t worry Elton, he caught a few of us off guard but we’re still standing. Though on a personal note, that’s only because I’m outside and the seats are still saturated from yesterday.

Here are some blokes that play football.

5. David Silva (Crystal Palace, H)
With a certain Brazilian being dragged off early every game; probably overdue some Pep-tation; and quite frankly this writer having exhausted all his Biblical puns last time out; it seems only fair to let David Silva fill Jesus’ sandals this week. Having shorn his locks, scaremongers suggested he risked suffering a strength-sapping Samson-esque fate. Right from GW1 such fears were swiftly allayed.

At home to an impotent Palace (more on them later) and off the back of 2 assists against Watford, silky Spanish slaphead Silva represents a cheap way to get a ride with the Manchester City cavalry. 11 goals without reply indicate Guardiola’s persistence with his own brand of football is being vindicated with spectacular aplomb. Dismantling two teams who had previously been on their A-game themselves, would be reason enough to throw in any number of City attackers into this article. But against the league’s beleagured basement boys? Don’t be surprised if the away end is hiding behind a sea of sofas this Saturday.

4. Alvaro Morata (Stoke, A)
Established, it would now seem, as Chelsea’s entrusted front man, and with the ghost of Costa banished to the periphery, Alvaro Morata has shown admirable character in turning around the uncertainty that overshadowed his initial foray into English football. That nervous Community Shield performance now a distant memory, the Spaniard has not looked back since coming off the bench in GW1 to notch 10 points. His 3 goals and 2 assists puts him deservedly in contention for the FPL captaincy at Stoke.

A gutsy win at home to Arsenal seemed to signal early hopes of a fruitful campaign for Mark Hughes’ Potters, yet results since have put expectations into keener perspective. That Gunners scalp marks Stoke’s only clean sheet so far and their fans will be wary of a Chelsea side who have looked solid, if not yet spectacular, in recovering from that shock opening Burnley defeat. Conte will hope the imminent reintroduction of Hazard to the Blues starting line up will add some attacking verve from which the predatory instincts of Morata can only reap dividends.

3. Harry Kane (West Ham, A)
Harry’s blank at home to Swansea saw last year’s Golden Boot winner endure the kind of popularity usually reserved for, say, James Blunt. Like so many of the times Kane doesn’t find the net, however, it just has to be put down to ‘one of those days’ and, to be fair, a resilient Swansea rearguard. Needless to say, were Harry to write a song as repugnant as “You’re Beautiful”, it would be time to cast him screaming into oblivion.

A protracted absence from the London Stadium saw the Hammers painted perhaps harshly in the opening weeks. 4 points against Huddersfield and West Brom have seen consecutive clean sheets and them finally gain a foothold in their season, so Spurs could be anticipating another tough afternoon breaking down yet another tough defence. Cast your mind back to this fixture in May which saw the teams separated by a single Lanzini goal.

Kane’s 6.4 shots per game so far this campaign towers above his peers, and suggests that all he has to do is keep on keeping on. To put this into context, Harry Kane will be having between 6 and 7 shots against Joe Hart. Let’s just let that sink in for a few moments.

2. Romelu Lukaku (Southampton, A)
The Belgian’s late show on Sunday rescued many an FPL gameweek, serving up a much needed 24 points for those that captained him. Reeling out the classic ‘Just a bit of banter’ after winding up the Toffees faithful is sure to smooth over relationships between him and fans at his old Goodison stomping ground. One Everton fan sneered, “We were going to make the return fixture on New Years Day absolute hell for him. I’d already made some voodoo dolls and packed five boxes of rotten tomatoes. However, as soon as I heard his celebration was just a bit of banter, I threw such ill feeling aside.”

His penalty blip against Leicester apart, captaining Lukaku every gameweek has been a sound strategy and is going to be a tough habit to break. With a resurgent Aguero, and the likes of Hazard and Sanchez poised to return to regular action, expect those decisions to get tougher.

It’s hard to know what to make of opponents Southampton. Alternating between defensive solidity and calamity thus far could see any number of scenarios for United’s visit. Being the Saints’ biggest test to date, it’s quite possible we’ll see Mauricio Pellegrino try to emulate, rather more successfully he’ll hope, the defensive mindset employed by Ronald Koeman and suckerpunch Mourinho. No backline has been able to hold off the Red Devils yet, and it’s hard to see that changing here.

1. Sergio Aguero (Crystal Palace, H)
Leading the charge to be this week’s Harry Kane, a Sergio Aguero blank would confound all expectations. Here are the only ways City’s living legend could ruin your week. 1) He gets dropped, because Pep; 2) He gets two-footed by Roy Hodgson in the warm-up; 3) He scores another hat-trick and you don’t have him.

Crystal Palace arrive at the Etihad with all the confidence of a spotty teenage virgin thrust into a changing room full of swimwear models on a photo shoot. “Hey kid, what are you doing here?” gasps an ample bosomed, bikini-clad Veronica. “N-n-nothing. Nothing… I…. Oh god.” comes the whimpering reply as the panicking adolescent scrambles his way through the fire exit for oxygen. Like Veronica, Man City have shown that having plenty up front can be overwhelming. Just ask Liverpool and Watford.

With Silva, De Bruyne and Jesus all concurrently coming to the boil, predicting who’ll be flavour of the day apes the dilemma we, until recently, found with Liverpool’s Mane, Salah and Firmino. But with 4 goals and 2 assists in those last two thrashings, Aguero stands out in this clash of top versus bottom as the FPL captain du jour.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 6

This article was written by Bry.

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    The B says:

    Not able to fit any City players in my team, so what to do about my FT? 1.1M itb.

    1. Rangel > Naughton (I have 3 strong defenders, so this transfer is just a back up transfer which will create bench safety)

    2. RLC > GroB/Chupo-Moting/Brady (Cause Palace is hopeless?)

    3. Save

    This is the most boring GW for me transfer-wise.

  2. 26
    banjomaker says:

    Interesting to see Luke Shaw getting the second half. And he just had a goal disallowed. Could be a bargain at 4.9 if he can secure that left back spot.

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    Glorious article. Wordsmith extraordinaire (correct me if that’s misspelled {and you will}).

    Fantastic run down mate thank you. :clap:

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    Thanks Rocket Man!! Great write-up, really enjoyed that.

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