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Fantasy Football Team

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 7

Fantasy Football FF247 Team Gameweek 7

GW6 turned out pretty well in the end as we recorded an above average score of 52pts. Like many teams, our star-studded midfield were useless – Sterling, Di Maria, Fabregas and Sigurdsson provided just 9pts between them – it was certainly one of those strange FPL weeks! Captain Costa did his thing, ably supported by Aguero – both notching a goal, while keeper Mannone and defenders Wilson and Taylor all recorded clean sheets. We weren’t alone in being let down by the Southampton defence – that was our home banker for a clean sheet!! So, all in all, very satisfying – we have moved up to position 15,793 which puts us in the top 0.5% in the world.

Transfer for GW7
We were lucky enough to avoid both the Rooney madness and the Ramsey injury and as such have a fairly healthy and available squad from which to choose this week. So fit and healthy in fact that we were almost wishing for an injury to force our hand as the best we could come up with was a minor switch to one of our bench players! Again. It wasn’t for the want of trying though and the change we did, as boring and irrelevant as it is, was well thought through and rationalised as we shall explain.

We have transferred in…. wait for it…. Boyd of Burnley for King of Leicester. Yeah we know, but hear us out… Our main aim in GW8 is to bring Baines in given his output on assists and set-pieces allied to some great fixtures from next week onward. In order to facilitate this we need funds. We are sat on 2 FT’s currently. The Baines move would possibly see Sterling leave our team for Tadic and either Taylor or Wilson in order to bring in Baines. This is our likely move next week and we very nearly bit the bullet and did it all this week. We decided to hold off given that Baines is away at Man Utd, Tadic is away at Spurs and Sterling is at home to WBA.

Holding off, whilst sensible, presents its own problems. And hence our transfer. We would have had £0.1m in the bank to play with if we did the Baines and Tadic moves next week. We were concerned that this would not be enough come deadline day. It is likely that both Baines and Tadic will rise in price over the international break especially as both have good fixtures ahead. We have therefore decided to transfer in Boyd as he gives us a £0.1m cushion. We should point out that we never intend to play him intentionally and in theory he will forever look on from the sidelines. As such, as opposed to losing the FT, he feels like a good investment as he gives us an extra £0.1m to play with on our Baines/Tadic move and possibly means that we can wait a bit longer next week to do so. The extra £0.1m was the sole reason for this transfer. We never intend to play Boyd unless we are forced to do so but we wanted someone that plays, which he does, but mainly he gives us a bit more money. Strategic we are!


Line-up for GW7/strong>
This is how FF247 will line-up for GW7 –


This was fairly unanimous. We have gone for Aguero, It was him or Costa but Aguero has the easier fixture on paper and we feel with Villa having conceded 3 to Chelsea last time out that Aguero is a prime candidate for points this week.

Gameweek 7 Team (in text form – as promised!)
Keeper: Mannone
Defenders: Alderweireld – Taylor – Moore
Midfielders: Di María – Fábregas – Sigurdsson – Sterling
Strikers: Welbeck – Costa (vc) – Agüero (c)
Bench: Krul – Boyd  – Wilson – Hutton

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  1. 1
    jasprit says:

    I have the exact same starting xi (except for de Gea and chambers instead of mannone and moore)
    Same captain too.

    makes me feel a lot better about the team 😛

  2. 2


    Your transfer in of Boyd means we now share 10 out of 15 players including the entire front eight.

    I too have captained Aguero and have eyes for Baines next.

    Sorry smile

  3. 3
    Fish says:

    How is my team looking? In other words, should I start anyone over anyone or any captain suggestions, etc. Thanks

  4. 4
    Horse says:

    Well I must admit I didn’t see the King->Boyd transfer coming 😉

    We share 9 of the same players and I have Clyne, Bego and O’Shea for your Alderweireld, Wilson and Mannone so similar defensive cover.

    By the way when do the FF247 team make its transfers?

    • 4.1

      Morning Horse,

      Boyd is a fair bet for your bench though. As cheap as you can get and will only be used in an emergency. I actually could see him playing up top at some point as well.

      Great news about Pompey last week mate. Onwards now mate.

      • Horse says:

        Morning GP.
        I agree with you about Boyd. I have him too. I read somewhere that he could playing off the striker this weekend. The team sheet will be interesting. Who knows we made need to bench ADM or Fab to play him in the future. laugh

        Great news about Pompey.
        We own our club AND we are debt free.
        Just one place out of the play offs. We could be heading back to Wembley this season. PUP!

        How are Rangers doing? How are their massive following getting into away matches?

        • Horse

          The away support as normally happens, give the team tremendous backing and follow in great numbers but the talk of boycotts of home games won’t go away. Attendances very poor at Ibrox this season. As low as 13,000 for the Challenge Cup games.

          Its aimed at the people in positions of power and the contradictory statements/reports and not helped by the ever-increasing stake taken on by Mike Ashley. Bad times. On the pitch, very poor and a growing number of the fans are turning on McCoist, a club legend as you’l know, but not cutting it as manager in the eyes of many. Sad stuff.

          Keep an eye on Pompey for you and I know where they sit. Love a promotion this season as the first step back.

        • Horse says:

          Promotion would be great as long as it isn’t achieved by compromising the off pitch stability Pompey have worked so hard to achieve.

          I see Rangers are second in the league.
          How does it work in the Championship
          Is it just one club going up? Are there play offs?

          It would be good to see Rangers back on an even keel again.
          I can’t believe that Mike Ashley is increasing his stake!
          He is hardly doing a good job with Newcastle.

        • Horse

          Winners are promoted (Hearts) currently. Second place plays off over two legs against the 11th place in the SPL.

        • Horse says:

          Cheers GP.

          I will keep an eye on Rangers.
          Better get on now.
          Catch you later.

  5. 5
    Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

    Still a chance to earn a invite to next seasons Banterbury Qualification Leagues code : 4938-415109 via @banterburyH2H #FPL

  6. 6
    AT says:

    Morning all, Got £3.0m in the bank, but 0FT as the McGregor injury saw to that one!
    Wanted to keep my free but how is this? Anything I need to take a hit for? Lots of money spare but thinking Baines in..

    • 6.1


      Looks good to go. No more moves this week mate. Nice rainy day fund you have there. Baines would be the next move if I were you.

      • AT says:


        Cheers..What do you think with regard to my captaincy choice and benching Clyne? Anyone else in my team who is shouting at you to captain him?

        • AT

          Wouldn’t talk you out of Costa to be honest – the only one I would propose more than him would be Aguero who you don’t have anyway.

          I just keep thinking back to the 6-0 Chelsea Arsenal game last season. And adding this to his form, I just couldn’t talk you out of it but you have a few alternatives in midfield there.

        • AT

          . . . and your defence is strong just now but benching Clyne doesn’t sit well with me. If anyone, Moreno out for him I think.

          I can see Southampton going there tomorrow and winning.

        • AT says:


          Sterling is unlikely to play 90 minutes in my opinion given Rodgers’ desire to rest him.
          Silva doesn’t always supply the points despite playing well each week so I think he would be overly risky.
          ADM is a potential one but Everton’s defence is solid when it is sorted!
          Siggy is one I’m stupidly talking myself into! haha

        • AT says:


          Cheers, trying to talk myself out of Siggy but Newcastle at home..haha

        • Horse says:


          I have the same front 3 and am captaining Costa too.
          I am also benching Clyne which feels weird with Taylor Lovren and O’ Shea playing.

          I will be able to give an especially loud cheer if Soton concede. laugh

        • AT says:


          Must say I will be joining you! Especially because my league opponents have jumped on the Bertrand bandwagon!

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