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Welcome to, we are a new site created for players of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), to offer mathematical solutions to everyday problems you face as a Fantasy Manager!

[clear] was created after two creative FPL Managers, one a Nuclear Physicist (nerd), and one a Business Consultant (not so clever), decided to answer the age old question: Can a mathematical algorithm beat a human at Fantasy Premier League?.

We started the project when Man City were stumbling along in League One, and sometime later after writing over ten thousand lines of code, we had finished creating a mathematical equation which consistently delivered us a top 1% finish in the FPL Game out of the 3.2M players. Result.

With all the useful fantasy scout information available through blogging websites, which give you advice and help on the best Premier League players, we felt like we could offer all the aspiring FPL Mangers something a bit different with our newly created formula.

So, we started to develop to allow people to maximise point returns through mathematical recommendations.

We wanted to be different to all the other FPL fan sites out there, not only by providing our recommendations through our unique mathematical formula, but also to give a simple and functional user experience bespoke to each individual users squad.

It all starts with just ‘one click’ to upload your FPL squad straight from the official Barclays Fantasy Premier League site.

Then all of our features are tailored to your squad, giving you personal recommendations through mathematical analysis to improve your point’s returns and help you maximise your squad value.
None of the features have any type of human interaction or recommendation, they are all powered by the mathematical algorithm which is proven to deliver.

Clever sums can accurately forecast every possible statistical outcome for each Premier League player.
For example, by predicting how many assist points Fabregas will score over the next few gameweeks, or the number of saves David De Gea will make, we realised we can give each user specific transfer recommendations to help them maximise points returns through transfers they make.

Through the power of mathematics, we can help you with our unique set of Optimisation Tools, whilst also providing the most accurate player price changes out of any site, helping to maximise your points returns and squad value every single game week.

We even provide interactive live features to give you real-time Bonus Points and FPL Rankings during live Premier League fixtures.

We are proud to be partnering with Fantasy Football 247, and they will form part of the expert team delivering creative content to, whilst we focus on the maths to deliver you the results.
We look forward to providing a monthly blog for FF247 to keep you posted on our new features and our success, as we continue to develop and provide FPL expertise through mathematical analysis.

We are creative and aspiring Team looking to develop the leading FPL Site with a difference, so if you have an idea for a new feature we would welcome the challenge, so please let us know what you would like to see at

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Fix – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15. This article was written by The Team

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  1. 31


    Any other breaking fitness news from today’s pressers?

  2. 32
    Shadow says:

    What’s the situation with Nolan? Won’t he take the position that Downing currently possesses?

  3. 33
    The B says:

    How do i use my FT this GW? 1.2M itb.

    Chadli is a doubt, but dont feel like replacing him cause he has great fixtures after City. So if he doesnt play, Ill have Dummett as a back up who has apparently recovered from his international injury.


    Cahill > Baines. Seems like the most popular transfer.


    Hazard>ADM. Seems like the most essential transfer.


    Save FT, and bring in Baines and ADM both next GW.

    • 33.1
    • 33.2
      photek says:

      B, I’m not sure Haz to ADM is essential, ADM has 2 tough fixtures after the West Brom game and Haz is starting to look more like his old self. i’d wait n see on this move.
      I think Baines needs to start showing more before i consider him a must have. I’ve not been tempted to get in at all on current form but as the fixtures ease he should start picking up better points.

  4. 34
    Ant0800 says:

    Costa, Costa , Costa. He’s more hassle than he’s worth smile. Seriously tho, i actually think he will be rested this weekend. He’s still not 100% fit and ime thinking thinking this is the week he won’t start.

    • 34.1
      The B says:

      Dont think Mourinho will go in the game without Costa, considering last season’s result against Palace. Mourinho just said that last season Palace did perform better than Chelsea in the game, and he will be looking for some revenge this time by unleashing the goal scoring freak.

  5. 35
    Ant0800 says:

    Walcott playing for the U21’s tonight. Anyone getting him in there team in the coming weeks?.

  6. 36
    Gooner says:

    So im going to try again since i didn’t get any answers earlier
    My team looks like this
    Mannone krul
    Baines clyne duff wisdom moore
    ADM fabregas sterling siggy downing
    Ulloa costa pelle
    2 FT 2.9 itb

    So i want to get rid of ulloa and the choice is between welbz or aguero, but to get aguero i have to make a pretty big downgrade in the midfield. Currently i stand between these options
    1. Ulloa > welbz
    2. Sterling > 5.3 midfielder ulloa > aguero

    • 36.1
      Ruben says:

      Gooner – My problem with option 1 is that you’ll have to bench one of your mids, even Downing doesn’t deserve to get benched. Especially with his great fixture this weekend. Man that is a hard decision to make, because I wouldn’t risk losing Sterling now that he has such great fixtures ahead.
      My pick out of those 2 options is option 1.

      • Gooner says:

        Thanks for replying Ruben

        Yeah it’s a tough decision.. Have a feeling aguero will explode against spurs but at the same time i don’t wanna get rid of Sterling. Hmmm welbz is also a pretty good i guess.

    • 36.2
      inittowinit says:

      Gooner, apologies you didn’t get an answer earlier. Heads will roll. You can pick whose. laugh Anyway that’s a toughie you have there. Dare you proceed without Aguero? I think you probably should in this instance. I feel Welbeck and Sterling will at least be equal to if not better than the alternative.

      • Gooner says:

        Haha init laugh
        Yeah i will probably go with welbz then, but proceeding without aguero is a pretty big risk i think. On the other hand i also think Arsenal will have a big win against hull and welbz should be involved in some of the goals.

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