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Fantasy Football Fixtures

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 23

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 23

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 23

Well hello there! My first article proper of 2020. I find myself in an optimistic frame of mind despite my FPL woes of late. This week I’m tasked with surveying the fixtures and telling you who, in my humble opinion, you should be focusing your attention on. However, like the million or so VAR decisions that dominated (ruined) the fixtures in GW22, you should take such things as favourable fixtures with a pinch of salt. For every Man U v Norwich, there’s a Leicester v Southampton just waiting to upset the apple cart. I digress.

By proxy Liverpool and West Ham are the two teams with the best fixtures given that they both have an extra fixture over the next 3 game weeks. Liverpool has the best fixtures regardless of opposition, and outside DGW24 the Hammers have on paper good fixtures themselves. However, we’re all acutely aware of DGW24 and when I say acutely I mean it’s pretty much all anyone seems to be talking about. So, let’s assume we know both the above have good fixtures, and even if they didn’t, the allure of a double game-week means such discussions are somewhat moot. I could pen an entire article dedicated to the merits of double attack vs double defence (we’re taking Salah, TAA etc and not so much Haller and Zabaleta etc of course) but to do so would be pointless. Do I know who will score the most points in the double? No. Do you? No, again. Come the conclusion of DGW24 there’ll be plenty of ‘I knew that double defence/ attack* (*delete where appropriate) was the way to go.’ Aye canny mate, you got next weeks lottery numbers? So, let’s push The Reds and the Hammers to one side, for this week at least, and see who else is worthy of your precious thinking time. Or not, as the case may be.

But first up that all important Fixture Tracker itself…



Bournemouth – Norwich (A), Brighton (H), Villa (H)

Oh, dear. Where has it all gone wrong for Eddie Howe and his Bournemouth side? A 0-3 home loss to Watford at the weekend means it now three defeats on the trot, 9 goals conceded without reply. Fortunately, they have ‘on paper’ the best fixtures in the league over the next 3. If they are to pull themselves from the drop zone they’ll need to pick up points in these fixtures, and whilst it would be a brave FPL manager to actively court their players, you have to hope there will be some kind of response from the cherries in the coming weeks.

First up it’s a trip to Carrow Road to face bottom of the table Norwich. Surely if Bournemouth are to turn the tide then this is where they should focus their efforts. Whilst the Canaries have been marginally better at home this season, they still have the worst home record in the league. They don’t have a problem scoring (17), but it’s at the other end of the pitch where the problems lie, having let in 25 goals in their 11 fixtures on home soil thus far – the worst in the league.

In GW24 Brighton are the visitors and have just 8 points from a possible 33 away from the Amex this season. You have to go back to GW17 for the last time they picked up points on the road, with just 2 clean sheets, the last one way back in GW6.

Finally, it’s another match with (hopefully) home advantage, this time with Aston Villa the visitors. The Villians slipped into the drop zone at the weekend, in part thanks to a 1-6 drubbing at home to Manchester City, but mainly due to their inability to pick up points away from Villa Park (just 7 from a possible 33). To add insult to injury no team has conceded more than the 23 that Dean Smith’s side have shipped and they’re yet to keep a clean sheet on the road this season. Relegation beckons. (Sorry Swirly – love you hun).

Brighton – Villa (H), Bournemouth (A), West Ham (A)

Maybe I should have stuck with Liverpool and West Ham after all, as next up we have Brighton. Whilst I have already touched upon their struggles away from home they thankfully start with what is surely a winnable game as they welcome Aston Villa to the Amex. I really feel like I’m shortchanging you this week, but for a trio of fixtures to be classified as favourable, they need to avoid top-six opposition, it is what it is.

Hold up you’ve just told us that Bournemouth have favourable fixtures and now you’re telling us Brighton do… and they face Bournemouth. Well yeah, you have a point. The flip side of what I wrote with regards to this fixture above, is pointing out the obvious – Bournemouth have the worst form in the league, 4 defeats and a draw in their last 5, and whilst Brighton’s are only marginally better (replace one defeat with a win in the same period), better is urm, well better. I am not even convincing myself here.

In GW25 Brighton travel to the London Stadium for a fixture that is actually not all that favourable. This may seem somewhat contradictory to the entire premise of this article, but I say to you, find me another team (who is not Aston Villa) who does not face at least one of the ‘Top six’ in the next three – you couldn’t? Well, no, me either. So let’s just say this one will be tricky and leave it at that yeah?

Fantasy Football TipsEverton – West Ham (A), Newcastle (H), Watford (A)

Everton rounds off our favourable fixtures with new manager Carlo Ancelotti picking up 3 wins in his 4 games in charge, the defeat away defeat to City an understandable blot on an otherwise impressive copybook. A quick look at their defence stats show that they are still conceding a fair amount of shots (51 in their last 4 which is 5th worst in the league), however, outside of the City game, they have conceded just 3 goals stretching back pre-Ancelotti to their 5-2 defeat in the GW15 Derby away to the reds.

First up it’s a trip to the London Stadium to face a Hammers side who will be hoping to bounce back from defeat at Bramall Lane in GW22. Former Toffees gaffa David Moyes led his side to a 4-0 victory over Bournemouth in GW21 after which he proclaimed that he could not take credit for the win, does that mean he does take credit for the defeat the following week? Who knows. In fairness, the defeat was a harsh one, with VAR once again the focal point; a spurious handball decision denying what probably should have been a late equaliser.

In GW24 we see the reverse of the GW20 fixture with my lot heading down to Goodison. Everton were good value for their win at St James (1-2) and I expect a similar result in 2 weeks. Our draw at Molineux at the weekend ended a run of three successive defeats, and whilst that’s encouraging, we picked up a further two injuries to add to the ever-growing list which has shown the fragility of our wafer-thin squad.

Finally, it’s a trip to Vicarage Road to play a resurgent Watford, who under the stewardship of Nigel Pearson, have now climbed out of the bottom three following their 0-3 win away to Bournemouth (who themselves slip into the relegation mire). It’s now three league wins on the bounce for the Hornets, which should make for an interesting encounter come GW25.

Honourable (Manchester) mentions

Manchester United – Liverpool (A), Burnley (H), Wolves (H)

Manchester United failed to make it into the top three as they face league leaders Liverpool this coming game week. Beyond that, they have two favourable home ties that make the decision to let go of their assets in favour of Pool players all the more difficult.

Fantasy Football TipsManchester City – Palace (H), Sheffield Utd (A), Spurs (A)

Just when they were starting to look ordinary they turn up and stick 6 past the Villa. Ignore them at your peril, if only we knew who would start week to week. Annoying? Very.


Fantasy Football TipsBurnley – Leicester (H), Man Utd (A), Arsenal (H)

I’ll keep this brief, nobody is buying Burnley players any time soon.


Wolves – Southampton (A), Liverpool (H), Man Utd (A)

If Wolves pick up any points in their next 3 it will be considered a result. As it is I don’t think they will. Avoid.


That’s your lot, a new year, new hopes, the same disappointment, but they, it could be worse, you could be a Mackem*.
(*all views and opinions are those of the writer and not of FF247!).

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 23. This article was written by Rosco.

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  1. 25

    It took me a couple of days to recover from that shocking slump of 155 K ↓ but the show must go on smile
    1 FT and 5.1 ITB
    The TAA move has been planned, but do I do it now or next week with the 2 FT?
    I am not bothered about Ramsdale. If he recovers, good, if not can go with a GK free team, not a major loss.

    • 25.1
      inittowinit says:

      I reckon I’d do it this week and he can play in front of Rico. Shame you can’t play Cantwell this time, I think I’m in a similar boat on that one.

      • Thanks init. I think I am gonna go with it. I will be left with 1.1 before GW 24 and planning to do Salah → KDB for one week only. What do you think about the GK situation?

      • Yep, that’s what I am going to do.

        • Neilos says:

          Hey Ivan I see you have Alli too. You planning on holding him for the next 2 games? I’ve had him a while and still not dropped him !

        • Neilos, he is not in any of my plans but it looks like I am stuck with him. It would be ideal if I could get rid of him instead of KDB but not enough cash for that. There is a long way which will involved Lundstram out + a hit and cuts elsewhere but not keen on that.
          Are you keeping him?

        • Neilos says:

          Hey Ivan, I want to get rid of him but haven’t decided on my moves.
          I have 2 FTS and 0 itb.
          The one I’m leaning towards is either
          A) Kelly and Alli to Grealish and VVD
          B) Alli and Rashford to Richarlison and Firmino.

        • I think B looks the better option. Rich should be fine for at least the next 4 games and then you can easily replace for whoever you want.
          Another thing is, we are looking at the DGW and talking about temporary arrangements.Don’t forget that pool have a very long streak of fantastic fixtures after that and won’t be easy to part of any you already have.

        • Neilos says:

          B gives me more flexibility I guess. And Richarlison is playing as a striker….hmmm ok I think that’s the one then!

        • Neilos, more I am looking at your option more new ideas are getting into my head. I, for once might leave aside the template and think outside the box and do something similar smile

        • Neilos says:

          What you thinking now lol. Any new ideas?

        • Well, nothing solid yet but Firmino looks a very good alternative to Salah who if is to scores will be unlikely more than a single goal, and that is IF. DCL was a good idea at the time but I can work around him. Replacing Alli with Noble and a slight trim somewhere else might give me that option. Will have a good thinking tomorrow :yes:

        • inittowinit says:

          Nothing wrong with DCL Ivan. I saw him in the flesh on Saturday. His overall game looks great and he’s playing with bags of confidence. Could and should have scored 2, on another day and all that…

        • Oh well, that leaves me at a checkmate position then. Ings is irreplaceable, so is Vardy. So, back to the drawing board :manic:

        • Neilos says:

          Ivan this might help

        • inittowinit says:

          Replace him if you need to, I’m just saying what I saw. I was never a big fan but he looks the real deal now. He was always too lightweight but he’s bulked up a bit now. Dunk & Duffy are both about 6ft 4″ and 15 stone and struggled with him at times. I guess working with Big Dunc every day probably helps in that respect. He was certainly putting himself in all the right areas too.

        • :laugh2: I know. Long three days of deliberating ahead :wacko:

    • 25.2
      Loud Atlas says:

      There’s no rush for TAA this week, I think. Rashford’s in great form and could score.

      Use the 2fts next week (just in case you have other problems to sort out).

      • Yes, that is an option, but Man U sadly are still very leaky and pool will score whatever happens. He could be involved as usual. Another reason is, this time next week the rush for pool players will be in full force and I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes up again.

    • 25.3
      Smash says:

      Might as well bring him in this week. I’d play Cantwell over DCL

  2. 26
    AllanBrallan says:

    Quick poll:

    A) Will you play your 3xC chip in gw24?

    B) If yes, who will be your 3xCaptain?

    C) Have your captain picks mostly good this season?

  3. 27
    man u man says:

    Guys sorry for repeating myself but I really have no idea what to do with my team. I want to bring salah in for Alli next week but not sure who makes way. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.

  4. 28
    specialK says:

    Need a little help with some moves I am going over.

    GW23: Jimenez > Ings which frees up more money. Keeping 1 FT.
    GW24: Is there anyway I can keep KdB and get Salah in too with 2 FT without completely gutting my team?

  5. 29
    Colriles says:

    Hey gang, more or less settled on bringing in Firmino as my 3rd Pool player. Don’t have the value to get Mane without hits and surgery. Who would you ditch – Rashford, Abraham or Ings?

  6. 30
    Ripcurl82 says:

    2FT 5.7m

    Thinking Rashord – Tammy

    I can then do Traoure – Salah next GW


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