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Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20

Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20

Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20
Welcome to our FPL Fixture Tracker for the 2019/20 FPL season. And so it begins…
It’s baby steps at this stage as we don’t know any player prices or indeed have a game to play yet but the Premier League released their fixture schedule earlier today and so we have started the ball rolling by creating our first Fixture Tracker of the season.

What is it?!
Regular users will be familiar with the simple and easy to use layout of our FPL Fixture Tracker. For anyone new to it, it simply does what it says on the tin; it’s a straight forward and easy to follow guide as to what fixtures lay ahead for each and every team. There are vastly more complicated versions of this available in other spheres (mainly on twitter!), some of which seemingly promise to tell you who will be subbed on 59 minutes with a clean sheet in the bag in GW4. Ours is not so prophetic.

When we do our weekly Fixtures Analysis article we typically present the next 6 fixtures and that is exactly what this version shows. There will be a fuller one available showing all games from GW1-19 in the next few days for those who like extreme planning.

We colour code each game in line with the key below it to reflect our opinion on the difficulty or otherwise of each fixture. At such an early stage, with no form or indeed transfer news to go from, this is of course pure guesswork, based mainly on last season and simply classifying the promoted teams as being just that. We shall of course update this as we move closer to the season beginning in August.

Where to find the tracker…
It’s more difficult not to locate our tracker than it is to do so but just to be clear the latest version of it can be found at the end of almost every article each day of the season.

Failing that, it is featured on the FF247 homepage with a link to it’s own main home page.

Said ‘main home page’ can be found via our Hot Comments link.

Failing that there’s a link in the header to it.

Failing that here’s the bloody link itself! Fixture Tracker 2019/20

Can I have a copy?
—24+00:00″>As ever any registered site member is welcome to an excel version of our tracker to do with as they please as long as it is for personal use only, free of charge. We are happy for it to be used on other websites but only if permission is respectfully asked for and granted.

—18+00:00″>Simply email us as per below and we shall send you a copy;


Scrap that, you can make your own copy now;

For those who want their own tracker to play with, just make a copy using the link below (GW’s 1-19)


What next?
We have deliberately swerved any actual fixture analysis here as that will come in due course, as will our usual analysis of all three promoted teams and also our take on the summer signings (whenever anyone wakes up and begins to actually make any!) in a series of articles as we slowly build up to GW1.

In the meantime feel free to start planning and throwing thoughts and questions around in the comments section below.


Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20

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  1. 13
    inittowinit says:

    Ok cricketers, weather report is in and thankfully it looks a whole lot more positive, except for Wednesday perhaps (NZ v SA).

    Done a 2 rounder as we have R5 and 6 this week in quick succession.

    Obvious thing to point out for R5 is that SL and Aust both blank.

    And on a point of admin I sincerely apologise for any offence caused by using the shorthand of Pakistan in the previous report, only just realised what I did!

    Both of tomorrows games look good to go. Bit of rain in the morning in Cardiff but should clear up fine prior to the afternoon KO.

  2. 14
    constantine says:

    10 players to play today. Super fours chip activated. Hope for 200 more points.

  3. 15
    Frenchie says:

    Hello guys, I hope you all have a nice Fpl break! Thanks for the tracker, I’ll look at that soon.
    I see a lot of you are following cricket (may you be forgiven), copa America or even U21s (seriously? smile ), but am I the only interested in the main football event taking place right now, i.e. the women world Cup?
    It’s not just because it’s happening in France, I swear smile Actually if I had to place a bet, I would probably put some money on England right now. They’re usually not mentioned in the top favourites, but they’re playing well and I see them going far in the tournament. France has a good team, but they’ll probably meet USA in quarter finals and I can’t see them going through, but with home support, who knows?
    Anyway, have a good time off Fpl and enjoy whatever sport you are watching! Just don’t get bored to death watching cricket 😉

    • 15.1
      Kop Warrior says:

      Fantasy cricket is a game for cultured folk! 😉

    • 15.2
      constantine says:

      Cricket is one of the most exciting games to have been played. I don’t know the reason why majority of the European countries don’t follow the game. Just follow Sachin Tendulkar and Don Bradman. You’ll understand 50% of it

      • Kralin says:

        Don Bradman has returned? Remarkable. I’m sure he’ll teach these nippers a thing or two. Covered pitches? Bah.

        I read somewhere once that he got his eye in (as a child) by using one stump and a golf ball, bouncing it off the walls of his house.

        We should start a movement that demands a return of the timeless test.

      • Kralin says:

        In terms of the reason, look at the test playing nations. Then think British Empire.

        • Kop Warrior says:

          All members of the commonwealth, aside from the most recent nation to play test cricket.

        • Kralin says:

          The desire for the Empire to strike back – quite understandably – always seemed to manifest itself in the determination of sides to beat England at Lord’s.

        • inittowinit says:

          And this years Final is at….

          Look forward to us taking on India or Australia in that one, fittingly.

        • Kralin says:

          I have harrowing memories of England’s WC finals.

          I doubt a day passes without Mike Gatting thinking about the shot that lost us the final in ’87. I have dim memories of a youthful ‘Daffy’ DeFreitas swinging his bat at the end, trying to get the game back as it all slipped away, much to my disbelief.

          I remember dear old ‘Daffy’ as well in the ’96 WC, where we were annihilated (deservedly) by Sri Lanka in the quarter-finals. He played a raw, entertaining knock, batting in the middle order. His bowling was then deposited to all quarters.

        • inittowinit says:

          I only started enjoying / appreciating cricket after we started this (football) website, strangely enough. Kop and Cookie insisted that we played Ashes fantasy initially and then latterly T20 fantasy. And then I began watching it. And now I’m hooked!

          As for fantasy games World Cup Cricket is about as good as it gets, I think Mito said the same a few weeks back and he plays fantasy anything.

        • I have never watched a cricket game in my life, but the fantasy cricket format is spectacular, absolutely love it, beats anything else I play and I love NFL, but I have never caught myself consistently refreshing my screen checking on my scores and that of the others in any other fantasy format other than cricket.

        • Kralin says:

          Pleased to hear that, I.

          Cricket lends itself to stats extremely well.

    • 15.3
      inittowinit says:

      Different strokes for different folks I guess Frenchie.

      Loving both watching the cricket and playing the fantasy game myself.

      I did put the WWC on briefly and let’s just say it wasn’t for me!

      The U21’s is usually a good tournament and it’s a good fantasy game too. A few summers back, could be 5 or more now actually, there was literally nothing else on and so we ran articles for it and had a hugely competitive and well entered league. Not checked how many have joined this time but hopefully a few will.

      Shameless plug on the back of that then;

      Link is –

      Code for the FF247 league is – 891836467

    • 15.4

      I am right there with you Frenchie, could never sit there and watch cricket, mostly because I couldn’t find a stream, but that is besides the point. Cricket is so boring, in particular when I can’t watch it, think I already said that. I think I might be the only person playing all 3 fantasy games for the games you just mentioned. smile

      Fantasy Tour de France getting close!

    • 15.5
      Frenchie says:

      Haha, looks like I touched a nerve there smile
      Believe it or not, I’m actually one the few French people to know the rules of cricket (there are probably not more than 10). I’ve lived in India for 3 months and I basically had to learn it there, cricket being sport number one. There was a T20 world cup happening at the time, and I even admit enjoying watching some of the games. But thank god it was only T20 smile To be fair, I’ve attended baseball games in the US, and it’s infinitely more boring than cricket.
      But I’m always amused here when people think it’s an international game. Constantine, it’s not that the majority of European countries is not following it: none of them is following it! smile (UK is almost out of Europe, so I can say this)
      I’m just teasing you here, I can confess watching cricket sometimes. Sometimes…

      That being said, you should definitely try the Women world cup, I think it’s worth it!

      • Kop Warrior says:

        Don’t get me started on baseball. Talk about boring!!! smile

        I’ve watched a bit of the WWC and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the skill levels.

      • I am playing fantasy for that also. smile

        FFS, I need a life.

      • constantine says:

        Hahaha. Think I touched a nerve there 😛 Obviously I know how “”famous” Cricket is. Seriouly played in what, like 12 counties? I obviously know the history of the game and how it all started in India. Also, why only the British colonized countries play it(mostly). But, it’s also true that countries like US also are trying their hands in the game as it’s the second most popular game in the world after Football. I know many Japanese colleagues trying to learn Cricket out of interest. They have always been a fan of Baseball due to American influence. Trust me, I’ve stopped watching Cricket as it demands long hours and I don’t have it. Similar reasons to Initt(but the game here is Football), I started watching EPL seriously mostly because of the interest in Fantasy game. I had always known the game since childhood as I was a decent player of Football myself. But, Cricket always used to be the first priority for watching as it was(and is) everywhere in India. Football telecast has started very lately only. You are 100% correct about the fanaticism of Cricket here. Because, it’s the only game that sells. Players earn a lot and companies line-up for endorsements. But, still I think it’s an interesting game. Long/Short format, doesn’t matter. Also, I really enjoy Ashes and the rivalry. smile. Cheers guys. Was too drunk when I typed the previous comment. Sorry If I hurt someone’s feeling. And Kralin, I know Bradman is long gone. I meant follow his Cricketing life in books/Google. Haha.

  4. 16
    constantine says:

    Finally, a decent score. Still, chips were not played well. Next Round shall be good.

  5. 17
  6. 18
    DMC says:

    Lodeiro scores! From Suarez! Great!
    And what a goal that was.
    For those not aware of which fantasy comp this relates to I’ll just say it’s not cricket, it’s not bridge and it surely isn’t women’s WC. And no, it’s not MLS!

    • 18.1

      I forgot that Japan vs Paraguay wasn’t included in the first round, which means we have to pick today for the next round. Glad you came here boasting otherwise I would have forgot. smile

      • DMC says:

        eheh brilliant! I though it would too and so wasnt’s paying too much attention to that. Neither are you though – it’s Japan-Chile! Thx anyway.
        It’s open now it seems. Price changes are very odd. They are similar to the Cartola FC one – the oficial brazilian fantasy – which means we may find a few bargains in big teams that have let down in the first GW and now have a favorable fixture (Argentina comes to mind).

    • 18.2

      BTW DMC, I expect some changes from Argentina, I suspect Saravia and Di Maria are the two most in danger of losing their spots, possibly a midfielder also could be dropped.

      If I knew Duvan Zapata was starting I get him in a heart beat as the man is a beast, but they seem to be stuck on starting Falcao for some reason. They could go with 2 up top, but as good as Zapata was in his few minutes so was Roger Martinez who came off the bench before him.

      I really like how they are going up and down in price between rounds based on performance, nice touch.

      • DMC says:

        Yeah, Saravia “can’t” get back to the team after that. They should do the 3-5-2 that led them to the WC 2014 final. There’s something strange about argentinian’s national tem managers in the ast few years – they have loads of talent everywhere but always seem like a weak team in many sectors when you look at the line-up.

        • There is a well known Argentinian futbol analyst who was saying before the game even took place that if they excluded Messi and went through the rest of their starting XI that they would find an equal or a better player on the Colombian side. He caught a lot of shit for that, but basically it was James vs Di Maria, Kun vs Falcao in which this was the only place he gave Argentina an edge, but if Duvan started that he see this as an equal or a slight edge to Colombia because Zapata is used correctly unlike Kun. The rest of the positions he thought Colombia was better on most or at the very least equal. After the game he said Wilmar Barrios was better than their whole midfield combined. smile

          I think that if it were just the manager one of them would have had Argentina playing well, but they have been going through them for a while now and that team just can’t get going. Word is the manager has to win the Copa America to stay in his post. Can’t see them beating Uruguay or Brazil, even if they improve their play. Talent wise, they are just not there. Chile and them are a mystery, because they seem to have fallen off the deep end after the last Copa America final where they faced off. One didn’t qualify for the world cup and the other needed a Messi hat trick on the last game to sneak in.

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