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Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20

Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20

Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20
Welcome to our FPL Fixture Tracker for the 2019/20 FPL season. And so it begins…
It’s baby steps at this stage as we don’t know any player prices or indeed have a game to play yet but the Premier League released their fixture schedule earlier today and so we have started the ball rolling by creating our first Fixture Tracker of the season.

What is it?!
Regular users will be familiar with the simple and easy to use layout of our FPL Fixture Tracker. For anyone new to it, it simply does what it says on the tin; it’s a straight forward and easy to follow guide as to what fixtures lay ahead for each and every team. There are vastly more complicated versions of this available in other spheres (mainly on twitter!), some of which seemingly promise to tell you who will be subbed on 59 minutes with a clean sheet in the bag in GW4. Ours is not so prophetic.

When we do our weekly Fixtures Analysis article we typically present the next 6 fixtures and that is exactly what this version shows. There will be a fuller one available showing all games from GW1-19 in the next few days for those who like extreme planning.

We colour code each game in line with the key below it to reflect our opinion on the difficulty or otherwise of each fixture. At such an early stage, with no form or indeed transfer news to go from, this is of course pure guesswork, based mainly on last season and simply classifying the promoted teams as being just that. We shall of course update this as we move closer to the season beginning in August.

Where to find the tracker…
It’s more difficult not to locate our tracker than it is to do so but just to be clear the latest version of it can be found at the end of almost every article each day of the season.

Failing that, it is featured on the FF247 homepage with a link to it’s own main home page.

Said ‘main home page’ can be found via our Hot Comments link.

Failing that there’s a link in the header to it.

Failing that here’s the bloody link itself! Fixture Tracker 2019/20

Can I have a copy?
—24+00:00″>As ever any registered site member is welcome to an excel version of our tracker to do with as they please as long as it is for personal use only, free of charge. We are happy for it to be used on other websites but only if permission is respectfully asked for and granted.

—18+00:00″>Simply email us as per below and we shall send you a copy;


Scrap that, you can make your own copy now;

For those who want their own tracker to play with, just make a copy using the link below (GW’s 1-19)


What next?
We have deliberately swerved any actual fixture analysis here as that will come in due course, as will our usual analysis of all three promoted teams and also our take on the summer signings (whenever anyone wakes up and begins to actually make any!) in a series of articles as we slowly build up to GW1.

In the meantime feel free to start planning and throwing thoughts and questions around in the comments section below.


Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20

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  1. 25
    inittowinit says:

    Romania 4-1, heck did that come from! Probably should have done some research for the 21’s game smile

  2. 26
    The Padster says:

    Quite generous on the transfers i think smile

  3. 27
    Otieno says:

    News from Edgbaston I’ve heard is overcast but dry. Probably some showers scheduled but nowhere near as bad as Mito’s forecast last week. People there think we may get interrupted but it won’t be washed out.

  4. 28
    DMC says:

    I can already see Qatar beating Argentina and qualifying for the next stage in the process with Paraguay also going through as third best or whatever. Very poor performance once again.

    • 28.1

      I agree it was another abysmal performance, yet Paraguay basically just kicked the ball away after the penalty miss. How bad are they if even after seeing a badly wounded terrible side in front of him all they can think of is to get away with a point as they basically renounced to any sort of attacking at the end.

  5. 29
    constantine says:

    TC Shakib Hasan coming out to be OK.

  6. 30
    Otieno says:

    Well that’s a good start. Fixtures less than a day old and we have the first change. LEI v WOL is now Sunday 11th instead of 10th

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