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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat and FF247 Site Team Gameweek 31+

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat and FF247 Site Team Gameweek 31+

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat and FF247 Site Team Gameweek 31+

Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 31+.
GW31+ Deadline; Tuesday 23rd June 5pm GMT

Close but no cigar!

Well GW30 plus is in the books (cue the fake crowd noise) and onto GW31+ we go.

As always we shall endeavour to post the line-ups prior to each phase of the relevant GW and our usual FPL Countdown Timer (to be found above the latest comments section) is once again be active.

Tips will be dispensed in the chat below but feel free to get involved in said chat, whether that’s asking for advice or answering others.

This is where LMC takes a slight twist. Given the lack of opportunity to post any full or meaningful articles it is our intention to simply post our weekly transfer and Captain choice on here prior to each deadline. As a result this article will be posted way in advance of when it usually is, probably not long after any given GW ends.

Our GW30+ Result, in brief

Yep, we nearly got there but some combo of Pep, Aguero and Egan defeated our 100 point ambition. We landed on 96. Captain Kun managed just 55 minutes across his DGW, albeit with two assists. Sterling was the only one of our City boys to actually register 90, albeit all in one game. Doherty somewhat rescued us with his 12 in his SGW and clearly we should have captained KdB as he top scored with 15.

As for our rank we have risen about 25k this week, a green arrow is better than a red arrow so we will take it. That makes 4 out of the last 5 GWs that we have risen, so the trend is good, now we just need to get inside 100k and make a late push up the overall. The site team now sits in 141,956th place. Here is the side that almost made us triple digit proud.
We have SOLD and BOUGHT…… nobody
We may be doing this in a slightly unorthodox fashion but one of the reasons we played our Free Hit last week was that we liked our team, as it was, for GW31+. Turns out we liked it that much that we felt we may be somewhat justified to play our BB this week. That was until Leno (or more accurately Maupay?) put paid to that thought. We could have replaced him but in all honesty whoever came in would probably simply end up playing second fiddle to Pope for the remaining games. So we’ve left that thought for now and feel we have a strong XI for this week.

Our Captain for GW31+ will be Raúl Jimenez
Jimmy got the majority of the votes and it’s easy to see why for anybody who witnessed both his and Bournemouth’s performances in GW30+.

Our Vice-Captain will be Bruno Fernandes. Should Jimmy fail to start we’re confident that Bruno can step into the breach as he’s faces a Sheffield United defence shorn of Henderson, Egan & potentially O’Connell.

Our GW31+ team in full…

Should you wish to follow the FF247 Site Team’s progress you can do so here.

The games in full…


Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.


Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 31+ from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Live Match Chat and FF247 Site Team Gameweek 31+




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  1. 277

    Many congrats to Liverpool and all of their fans on here. Massively deserved, team has been sensational all this season, and for the last couple also to be fair.

    The best thing for me is that they’ve done it in a very likeable fashion, both in terms of style of play and also how they are perceived as a group. Won with grace, style and humility.

    Well done Liverpool :drinks:

  2. 278
    Tornado says:

    I have to admit that is very tough for me to say this, as a massive Manchester United fan, but congratulations to Liverpool and all of their fans on here. Truly spectacular season and well deserved title.

  3. 279
    TheDreamers says:


    battery on machine about to die – must get charger….

    1 FT – in a cup semi this gw. What would you change. Had originally planned FH. Would you?

    • 279.1
      Kralin says:

      No would definitely not FH. I would roll the transfer.

      Like you I’m sweating on Ritchie a bit but will leave him in my side and let the gods argue and sort that one out.

      I’ll be tidying Ings up next GW.

      • TheDreamers says:

        hi Kralin – roll it with semi on cup – surely something I could be looking at ?

        Mane to Martial worth moving?

        Then allows Ings to Kane next week ?

        • Kralin says:

          ‘roll it with a semi on cup’ – I genuinely haven’t the foggiest what you’re talking about.

          The City v Liverpool game could be a fairly open one now so I will be holding on to my Liverpool players for now. Will assess that after Villa.

        • TheDreamers says:

          hi Kralin

          In one of my ML’s, there is also a cup element. I am in the semi final GW32 – hopefully that makes more sense

    • 279.2
      Bigpopz says:


      Defence looks a bit thin tbf
      Lose Ritchie
      Rest good to go

      • TheDreamers says:

        hey Bigs – how you doing?

        I’m on the beer smile

        Have u been enjoying the games? Last nights was the best for me by far. Cant seem to get into the others so far.

        Didnt see tonights. Supposed to be good.

        I’m ok with Ritchie. If he doesnt make it, Fermenia comes in. I’m ok with that

  4. 280

    This, however, I’m slightly less proud of… :dash:

    • 280.1
      RobiNHooD says:

      Dear all,
      Need some suggestions …
      My team
      Lloris / Gazza
      TAA / Doherty / Ritchie / Holgate / Kiko
      Salah / KdB / Son / Hendo / Hayden
      Jimenez / Ings / Connolly
      1 FT & 0.2m

    • 280.2
      Kralin says:

      I grimaced a bit at that as well – that and the nightmarish scenes on beaches yesterday.

      I just don’t understand the lack of understanding of the risks involved.

      But anyway, I’ll try not to let it detract.

      • It’s absolutely astonishing. It’s as if they have zero imagination. Either for the possible consequences or indeed for the alternatives, of which there are many. We’ve been out on the bikes today and stopped for a break in the sun about 4 times, not a sole in sight.

        It’s entirely possible for everybody else to do the same. Unfortunately these are also the same people who will have been queuing up outside Primark and Next and the like last week because they simply couldn’t go another day without a new pair of shoes or a new bikini. :rant:

        I’m rather hoping the ‘emergency response’ is a sniper.

        • Frenchie says:

          And I don’t even want to mention the amount of rubbish left, that’s probably the one most upsetting thing to me in this country. And I must say I like a lot of things about it, but this is reallyy annoying me so much. After a sunny day, my local parks are now left in a state I could not even start to describe…

        • My Dad said the same before about Southport beach. Apparently the promenade is like a tip.

          Thinking snipers again…

    • 280.3
      Zed Leppelin says:

      Yep, exactly what I was afraid of…

  5. 281
    AJW says:

    Wow, just woke up (had been driving home last night while games were on) to Liverpool’s great victory. Congratulations to them and all you supporters. Amazing stuff!
    Since my first foray into the PL (about 4 years ago), I’ve been totally swayed by the excitement and quality of the modern day game (brought up on rugby league in Oz, but used to watch MOTD repeats on Monday evenings on the ABC in the 70’s & 80’s), with Liverpool & City leading the dance. I love it! Coming to appreciate some of the finer aspects of the game via FPL thanks to you guys (and gals – as Caroline and Chelsea Chick are huge competitors and no-nonsense players!) and listen regularly to Guardian Football Weekly podcast (and have to admit FPL Family – they’re so nice!), as well as some of the BBC World Service broadcasts on my mobile (it is just so British, I can assure you!). Thanks Liverpool, thanks Jurgen, and thankyou all – this is indeed a very ‘beautiful game’!
    All the best dudes – as YOU are all part of this too! smile

  6. 282

    No Liverpool attack for me on my wildcard this past week but as Larry David would say “meh… I took a risk…..”

    Question is, do I go back in on them now or stick with VVD and attackers I’m confident should feature more?

    • 282.1
      Smash says:

      That’s the question we don’t really know how they will react after winning the league. I’ve always thought Salah and Mane would want to feaTure a lot..

    • 282.2
      KezzyK says:

      In exactly the same situation Gallant – took the same risk and now thinking should I ditch Richardson and Son/Vardy to get Salah and ASM/Nketiah/Ayew…

      At the minute, I’ve (90%) decided to just roll my transfer and see how my risk of no Liverpool midfielders pans out for one more week. They are playing City after all, and might be a little out of shape/hungover! I’d probably do the same if I was you, then have 2 FTs to make a decision next GW.

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