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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 17

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 17

    Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 17

    Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 17. Liverpool’s relentless march towards the title sees them kick us off Saturday lunchtime against bottom dwellers Watford, this one could get ugly. We then have four 3pm games with Burnley 0-0 Newcastle, Chelsea hoping to get back on track against Bournemouth, Leicester chasing Canaries and Wilder’s Blades hoping to blunt Smith’s Villains. No need for sleeping pills on Saturday evening as the Saints host West Ham, whoopee!

    Sunday promises to be much more interesting and we begin with Big Dunc taking his kilt and bayonet to see Little Ole. Wolves and Spurs is the other early game before Arsenal host Pep at 4.30pm.

    We close out on Monday evening with the oddest of odd derbies as Palace ‘welcome’ Brighton.

    The games in full…

    Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

    Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 17 from all at FF247!

    Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 17




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  1. 97
    Mr Bean says:

    Targett or Rico? Possible long term move, definitely playing this weekend

  2. 98
    VanDan says:

    So far this season I got the (right) captain 3 times, Vardy twice and Kevin once, that’s simply abysmal record haha

  3. 99
    FplDoc789 says:

    Best sub 4.6 defender for the next few GWs? Need to ship out Tomori
    Kelly, Target, Guilbert, Pieters?
    Already have Rico Lundstram and Willems.

  4. 100
    Mr Go says:

    Hi all
    Chelsea assets have to go, who should go first? Should I bench both my Liverpool players? 2FT 0.9ITB
    Pope Ryan
    TTA Lundstram Soyuncu Rico Kelly
    KDB Mane Pulisic Mount Son
    Vardy Jimenez Greenwood

  5. 101
    beno1234 says:

    Hey GP,

    Any thoughts on what you’d do here?

    I messed up this week with KDB and Jimenez to Son and Tammy…

    Tbh I want them back but also want Son. Can’t see a way of doing it without losing TAA.

    Any thoughts? Only 1FT and 0.2m

  6. 102
    AJW says:

    ***Warning warning, long ramble coming up – fasten your seatbelts!!!***

    Hear ye hear ye, young FPLers, for mine is a sorry tale of misery and misfortune and self-sabotage!!! Let it serve as a lesson for ye all and n’er to forget the great rule:

    For I once soared the lofty heights (12k in GW 13), but started to slip a little (17k in GW 14 – back to 14k in GW 15) so decided to take dire action and:
    – Exchanged Sterling and Jiminez for Jesus and Alli, (only to lose points on this and slip to 23k) in GW 16
    – Totally freaked out after GW 16, seeing the rise of United and Spurs, believing my team to be totally ‘passé’ with panic moves of Jesus/Pulisic/Janmaat to Rashers/Son/Hanley – only to fall short by about 16points (after deducting 8 point hit!!!)
    I’m now in 54,497th spot – which is not too bad you might say, and now I’ve got the following team, which seems brilliant to me, but could actually cause further falls:

    Pope – McGovern
    TAA – Soy sauce – Lundy – Rico – Hanley
    Mané – Son – Alli – Maddie – Kanté
    Vardy – Rashford – Abraham

    1 FT + 0 ITB

    Was thinking (rashly I might add!) that next GW, this lot ain’t gonna get me back up the ladder , so was envisaging a short term move of selling Mané and getting in Richarlison, then in a couple of weeks (pending Pool injuries), buying back Mané – which would not work out financially, so I’d probably have to sell TAA for VVD to get Mané.
    What do you all think? Imprudence? Stupidity? Canny short term shift of players to capitalise on Everton’s recent resurgence during Pool absence (and upcoming difficult match vs Leicester)????
    Many thanks for reading thus far! Many more if you have any advice!
    AJW (p.s. not looking forward to seeing my rankings after tonight’s match!) smile

    • 102.1
      beno1234 says:

      Hey AJW

      Your team is pretty similar to mine. I also made a mistake in losing KDB and Jimenez.
      I think you have a good team you can play this week and would keep going with it (4-4-2 for this week).

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