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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 35

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 35

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 35

We have no less than 14 games to contend with this week which means that 8 teams have a double. If this is news to you at this stage then you’re waaaaaaay behind the curve. Man City go first again as they host Spurs in what is one of their two perceived ‘tough’ games and it’s fair to say it could be a title decider, in theory. We then have 4 games at 3pm; Jekyll and Hyde Bournemouth host a similarly unpredictable Fulham, Huddersfield bend over for Watford, West Ham and Leicester argue over which one could now care less and Wolves will be fearful of the Irish Ronaldo aka Duffy as Brighton visit the Midlands. Newcastle celebrate being ‘safe’ in the late game against Southampton who are hoping to have a similar party of their own anytime soon.

There are 3 games on Sunday but oddly 2 of them clash at 4pm. Everton and Man United is the early outlier before Arsenal enjoy home comforts against Palace and then finally Liverpool get their chance to respond to whatever City did by hammering Cardiff.

Monday completes the set of 10 ‘normal’ games with Chelsea hosting Burnley and many a fantasy manager will be hiding behind the settee having sold Hazard for someone far less expensive just because they have two games in a week.

Speaking of which… the ‘doubles’ begin on Tuesday with Spurs v Brighton and Watford v Southampton followed on Wednesday by Wolves hosting Arsenal, before Man City’s second ‘title decider’ in one week (unless they already stuffed the first one up!) as they visit Man United.

The games in full…

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 35 from all at FF247!

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  1. 121
    Kunal says:

    Mustafi is a shocking shocking player.
    Better news on FPL terms as Auba(c) does well and I’m leading my ML by 1 pt as it stands today covering a gap of 30pts after falling behind last couple of weeks

  2. 122
    constantine says:

    22 from 10 and 31 from 5. Good game day.

  3. 123
    AllanBrallan says:

    73 after bonus and 13 players left. This could be really good! laugh

  4. 124
    Offalymartin says:

    Hi guys. I know that it’s early days but have an eye on next week.
    2ft and 4.0m in the bank. The lack of a pool defender has killed me.
    A Eriksen and Son to Mane and Sterling
    B 1 of Eriksen and Son to Mane and Sterling and do Jiminez to Firminio
    C Duffy Eriksen and Son. To Sane , mane and TAA.
    D Something else
    E What am I even on about

  5. 125
    bees393 says:

    Evening All!
    Thinking of bringing in Mane for Eriksen and Hojiberg (need the cash) for JWP 4ph.
    Would you say this is my best move this week?
    I have an eye on my 3 Wolves players…is this a bit much? They do have FUL coming up, but then LIV right afterwards….
    Cheers and thanks

  6. 126
    Smash says:

    Early thoughts what to do here. Could do with a third Liverpool player but would involve a hit. One free transfer and nothing in the bank

    • 126.1
      TheDreamers says:

      Who would that third be Smash? Firmino, Mane or a defender?

    • 126.2
      Kralin says:

      I think getting Mane in knackers up your side too much. It’s a nice side, not haunted by Brighton players.

      Given that you have Sterling I’d either a) swap Kun for Firmino or b) calmly keep the side exactly as is.

    • 126.3
      Smash says:

      Was thinking Mane and 5.2 defender in for Laporte and Eriksen but not sure it’s a good idea

        • DMC says:

          Wait! Is that for Laporte? Ok, then no. Consider selling Jimenez and Eriksen from those.

        • Smash says:

          Selling Jimenez would give me Rondon basically. So who knows at this stage

        • Kralin says:

          Rondon’s not a bad player at all to have but he’s one if owned you’d keep rather than target at this late stage. Also Newcastle are safe now (I think).

      • Kralin says:

        The problem is trying to guess what Poch will do v WHU. I suppose if Eriksen is rested v Brighton you’ll have your answer. That’s an appealing tie and Spurs have to keep winning in the league. The results today were amazingly lucky for them.

        If Mane had scored two today the pressure to buy him would be enormous. But I’m thinking Klopp may well take players off once the game’s won, rather than trying to beat the league’s highest ever score. So while Mane and Salah are great TC candidates, you’ve got to hope the goals come quickly.

        You’ve almost got to half hope events and injuries to other players make it easier to decide what to do.

        • DMC says:

          I concur on the Pool players management as they have Barcelona AND the league title. Spurs? Not so much – they’ll surely focus on an historic CL final and put a possible top 4 as a second priority (they probably still have enough for that). Pool will be prioritizing the league.

        • Kralin says:

          The CL pressure in the league is interesting because I think if Spurs finish 4th and say Arsenal win the Europa then Spurs will not play in the CL next season. I could be wrong though.

          I have vague memories – again, could be false memories – about Levy going mental with Redknapp about narrowly failing to qualify for the CL.

          So I think Spurs will push for third place.*

          *this is in no way influenced by my owning three Spurs’ players.

        • Smash says:

          Yeah Spurs are running out of players. Don’t think they can rest any players. Yeah who knows with Liverpool but do they need to when they play Friday night.

        • inittowinit says:

          I assume you got the ‘do’ and ‘they’ the wrong way round there? They certainly do!

          Great point on them exiting early from Kralin though, that’s entirely plausible. And makes me doubt whether a hit for one is actually worth it.

        • Smash says:

          Yep typing quickly on a mobile phone does hinder the grammar. Plus Eriksen does not have the worst fixture. It might not be worth the hit

      • TheDreamers says:

        What if you went more left field. Eriksen to delefoue and llorente to Firmino? Mag need to buy the Watford lad now that I have tipped him twice n

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