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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 35

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 35

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 35

We have no less than 14 games to contend with this week which means that 8 teams have a double. If this is news to you at this stage then you’re waaaaaaay behind the curve. Man City go first again as they host Spurs in what is one of their two perceived ‘tough’ games and it’s fair to say it could be a title decider, in theory. We then have 4 games at 3pm; Jekyll and Hyde Bournemouth host a similarly unpredictable Fulham, Huddersfield bend over for Watford, West Ham and Leicester argue over which one could now care less and Wolves will be fearful of the Irish Ronaldo aka Duffy as Brighton visit the Midlands. Newcastle celebrate being ‘safe’ in the late game against Southampton who are hoping to have a similar party of their own anytime soon.

There are 3 games on Sunday but oddly 2 of them clash at 4pm. Everton and Man United is the early outlier before Arsenal enjoy home comforts against Palace and then finally Liverpool get their chance to respond to whatever City did by hammering Cardiff.

Monday completes the set of 10 ‘normal’ games with Chelsea hosting Burnley and many a fantasy manager will be hiding behind the settee having sold Hazard for someone far less expensive just because they have two games in a week.

Speaking of which… the ‘doubles’ begin on Tuesday with Spurs v Brighton and Watford v Southampton followed on Wednesday by Wolves hosting Arsenal, before Man City’s second ‘title decider’ in one week (unless they already stuffed the first one up!) as they visit Man United.

The games in full…

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 35 from all at FF247!

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  1. 127
    Smash says:

    Was thinking Mane and 5.2 defender in for Laporte and Eriksen but not sure it’s a good idea

  2. 129
    @fpl_price says:

    Predicted Price Risers:

    Predicted Price Fallers:
    Pereira 101%
    Deeney 101%
    Albrighton 99%
    Lallana 99%
    Neves 99%

    Follow us on twitter:

  3. 130
    Bigperm1980 says:

    59 with 12 to go, assuming valery and lloris play second games. My original plan this week was to downgrade laporte to allow Eriksson to mane. But now thinking downgrade lloris instead?

  4. 131
    RedKev says:

    Morning everyone! Hope all had good Easter and gw so far!
    After falling from 1st place to 100 points behind in my ML’s, this week I’ve so far got 67 points with 13 to play, leaving me 25 and 43 points to catch up (both ML leaders have 7 left to play) and a tiny little bit of hope for the run in!
    What moves would you all suggest with my team for the last few weeks that could turn my season round and put me in with a small chance of an ML victory?
    Wanted to get a Liverpool defender in for Huddersfield and then swap to a Man U defender for the last 2 games. It would mean a -4 to get Matip (is he safe with Lovren and Gomez coming back) and then swap to Shaw. Is it worth it? …I’d lose Duffy (NEW 36) and Boly (FUL 37)
    Any better moves I should be looking at? £0 itb

  5. 132
    Colriles says:

    How’s everyone gettin on? Wondering if there were any plans for a ‘Triple captain’ article? Although it’s been a lost season for me, having TC go right could restore some dignity. Not really sure which way to go with it. Cheers.

    • 132.1
      inittowinit says:

      Not specifically. Just the usual Capo articles between now and the end. I did look at the options yesterday though, funnily enough. Mainly after Kralin pointed out that Salah and Mane will most probably exit stage left as soon as Liverpool are inevitably 2 or 3 up on Friday night. I think I’m still going to pop it on one of those though regardless. Any thoughts to your own?

    • 132.2
      Loud Atlas says:

      I think I’m going with Mané for the TC for LIV vs HUD. I’m still tempted to squeeze in Salah (I could do a straight swap with Sterling as I have £££ ITB), but is it worth it if Mané’s already in?

      Or use TC for BRI vs MCI (on Sterling) for GW38.

    • 132.3
      Colriles says:

      Cheers Innit & LA. Realized FF247 would have some comprehensive coverage in the Capo article after I posted ;). Mane vs HUD or Sterling/Kun vs BRI are clearly the ones that jump off the page but looking for something a little off template. One more roll of the dice no? Jimenez at home to my Fulham in 37?

      Also leaning towards going w/out Salah for the run-in as it would take a -4 and losing one of the City boys this week. Crazy or stupid?

    • 132.4
      Rosco says:

      I think I’ll go with Salah, don’t own Mane and won’t (3 pool already) tempted by Sterling but probably stick with Salah!

    • 132.5
      Smash says:

      Think I’m going Salah this week. Don’t see much better alternatives

    • 132.6
      Kralin says:

      I don’t think I’ll be pushing my luck again – I still have an uneasy feeling that not owning Sterling will come back to bite me this week – and will almost certainly go with Salah or Mane. I did think of taking a huge risk and hoping the league is still live in GW38 and so going for Salah / Mane then, but that is too much of a gamble.

      Another thought is Son v WHU, not the worst of punts, but not quite of the same calibre as the Liverpool attack v Huddersfield.

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