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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 38

Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 38. So here we are, at the final fence and whether you’re leading out front, chasing in the pack or fell a while ago, its a day to enjoy. For it brings a Sunday afternoon deadline, all matches start at the same time and anything can and generally does happen in GW38.

There is still the matter of the top spot to sort out – a win for City at Brighton will confirm another title for Pep, while Liverpool will need to beat Wolves and hope for a miracle from Duffy, Dunk et al.

Spurs need a point at home to Everton to guarantee their CL spot – only a big loss and a commanding win for Arsenal would see a reversal of fortunes for the North London pair.

Chelsea may have one eye on the Europa Final as they travel to Leicester while Watford will surely be fully focused on next weekend’s FA Cup as they host the Hammers.

The relegated teams of Fulham, Cardiff and Huddersfield will hope for one last hurrah as they take on Newcastle, Man Utd and Southampton respectively, while many a FPL manager will be hoping for a goal fest as Palace host Bournemouth.

The games in full…

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 38 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 38.

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  1. 67
    Starfox says:

    Ranked 66,959, and I’m delighted considering at the end of January i was ranked nearly 2,000,000 so it’s been a great come back to one of my worst ever first half of a season ever. Thanks for all the great posts and tips.

  2. 68
    Zed Leppelin says:

    Managed to avoid my worst ever OR which was last season, ha in your face FPL!!! grin


    17/18 – 143,307
    18/19 – 141,884

    Here’s to hoping the horrendous seasons are now over and next season will see me back to the top 10K smile

    • 68.1
      Kralin says:

      I’m very pleased to hear that, ZL. I’m sure you’ll be back in the top 10 next year. The margins are incredibly tight at times.

      I had seasons in the millions in my early years of fantasy football – basically before I cottoned on the fact there may be web sites concerned with the game.

      • Zed Leppelin says:

        Enjoy your deep-freeze Kralin, hope it’s not too cold, I’m going to have a well deserved holiday as well, time to enjoy some literature and music, hell, why not painting and sculpture as well!

        • Kralin says:

          I’ve got the literature set up to be read to me in a soothing tone, with a few neglected ECM disks spinning away in the background; hopefully some of it will sink in subliminally.

          Maybe they’ll mess it up and I’ll wake up in 2278.

        • AJW says:

          From a personal point of view (not joking this time, curiously!), you should try some of TS Eliot’s poetry read by TS himself – his voice is lively and positive and he comes across as a spritely, genial type! Honestly, you’ll be blown over – makes you look at his great works from another light.
          And of course on a lighter note, enjoy your self-induced cryogenic hibernation (What’s the summer-time equivalent of that? Estivation?) – Westinghouse or Bosche? smile

        • Kralin says:

          My nerves are bad to-night

          Good idea. When I was a student I did own a battered LP of Eliot reading his poetry and I remember being startled by how English he sounded. But I’ve not returned since. Maybe there’s a recording of the Four Quartets.

          You do need to listen to poetry, really, and I seldom do. It can take me years to reason a poem out.

          I usually go for Bosche.

        • Kralin says:

          Actually AJW, a counter-recommendation – No Telling by Adam Thorpe.

          One of the best contemporary novels I’ve read about France.

  3. 69
    theswirly says:

    Just a quick note to say a big congratulations to Offaly Martin on here, who has won the Quack Creative League and £50 jackpot. 2,387 points and an overall rank of 9,553. Outstanding work.

    I know there are a good few people in that league on here, but I can safely say it’ll run again next year. There will also be one for those who are on Facebook but not Twitter, if you like your social networks with an F and not a bird!

    Full details will come about in good time smile

    • 69.1
      Offalymartin says:

      Thanks a million mate. Absolutely thrilled, it’s my best season ever.
      Thanks to everyone on here for all the help and advice throughout the season. I definitely couldn’t of done as good without it.

  4. 70
    MadHatter says:

    Morning all

    Well, my rank was 60k odd … which isn’t bad for me as I pebble dash hits!
    However the doubles team with Webstar and i – 114th which is a massive highlight of this season, just hope I can replicate it in my own team one day!

    Massive thanks to everyone on here, especially to all that take a huge amount of time to give these essential articles.

  5. 71
    Mitro says:

    Morning all

    So how did your season finish? I ended up on 2307 points which put me at 52,229 OR. It wasn’t my best rank but it was an improvement on last season, fingers crossed I can get back in the top 10/20k next season!

    I also managed to win a few of my ML but finished second in my main cash one! I must remember to have Laporte next season 😉

    Thank you to everyone on the site for your advice and suggestions over the season and a big thank you to FF247 and the writers of the brilliant and funny articles!

    Have a great summer and I will see you soon!

    • 71.1
      Seren says:

      Morning Mitro, Nothing shabby with your OR ranking – shame about the main cash league – hope it was not winner takes all! My best season for a number of years (last 4 ended with OR around 155,000) with points of 2404 with an OR of 6073. Best feeling is though I overtook my ML leader in this last game week after I had been chasing all season! Looking forward to next season already!

    • 71.2
      Kralin says:

      I’m pleased you ran them close Mitro. Given the volume of people now playing the game, 52K isn’t to be sniffed at.

      8K for me – though it was very nearly 9K – given that I was 4K two GWs ago I was mildly irritated by that but top 10 was what I was after. Mustn’t grumble. I also benchmark myself against a couple of very strong managers and managed to get a score higher than either of them. I’m still shocked with myself for bringing Walcott in earlier in the season; and for holding on to Alonso for so long.

    • 71.3
      Smash says:

      I’m pretty happy with my season. Spent a bit more in defence which helped

    • 71.4
      Gavy says:

      My best rank my a mile! Was hoping to be in the top 25k, but still happy

  6. 72
    Silvers says:

    Morning all just what to thank all the writers & organisers of the site some brilliant articles kept us all well informed, entertained & amused thanks again all
    Also thanks to all the members who keep the site going with all the banter brilliant lads & lasses

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