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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 8

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 8

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 8

Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 8. It’s an early start this GW with a Friday kick-off and as ever with these things we hope you don’t join us for Live Match Chat with that sinking feeling of ‘why on earth have they posted Live Match Chat on a Friday night…’. And if you do (looking at you Raz!), don’t say we didn’t try to remind you as it was posted on each and every article this week at some point. Whether you made it in tact or not let’s crack on with the games.

Brighton have the early pleasure of a very much in-form West Ham coming to town on Friday evening. Saturday then sees us with five 3pm games beginning with a resurgent Burnley hoping to build on momentum at home to a struggling Huddersfield. Palace host Wolves in what should be an entertaining and close encounter, as should Leicester vs Everton. Spurs host Cardiff in what should by rights be a shellacking, or at least any Kane captainers will hope to be the case. Watford vs Bournemouth looks another one that is hard to call. Saturday evening may be the straw that finally breaks Jose’s back, and oh the irony if it is indeed Rafa who gets to waft it. Some stories you just can’t write… #here’s hoping

Sunday sees three games beginning with Mitro testing out Arsenal’s defensive resolve, followed by Saints trying and (probably) failing to blunt Hazard and co. Then it’s the game of the week at 4:30pm as Pep tries to exorcise his one real demon in English football thus far: Klopp.


Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 8 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 8.




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  1. 163
    roccerfeller says:

    So I got a haul of 68 but the lad I was a comfortable 30 points ahead of several weeks ago has caught up and surpassed me now with a haul of 77

    He’s now 2 points more than me overall and has what I feel to be the stronger team.

    Many similar players but his early bid on Hazard paid off. I luckily brought hazard into my side last week and it limited his gain but my Kane gamble didn’t pay off

    • 163.1
      roccerfeller says:

      My team:

      Bench: hamer/costa/kamara/peltier

      Rival team:

      Ryan/Fraser/wan bis/Tarkowski

      • Red Robbo says:

        Not much between the teams IMO.

        Don’t know if you are posting for advice, but you’re getting some for free anyway :D

        All of WanBis’ hauls have come against poor teams who don’t score many – given upcoming fixtures I would try and upgrade Costa and play 3-5-2. Kenedy has very good fixtures coming up if you want to punt on him.

        • Rosco says:

          This is good advice, I’d also not focus on your rivals team so much. Play your own game and you’ll inevitably pick up a player before them. There’ll be plenty time to study them later in the season but it’s far too early to do that!
          Best thing to do is keep coming here, you’ll get a ton of great advice and you’ll in all likelyhood wipe the floor with your rival come the end of the season!

        • roccerfeller says:

          Yeah just seeing what I could do in terms of long play to come back ahead

          Kennedy is someone I have been thinking of for Costa

        • roccerfeller says:

          Thanks Rosco! Yeah I used FFF a ton last year and it really helped me. Kralin, OldGoat, NomdeGuerre all helped me go from 7th to 1st throughout the season post Xmas

          My rival is really good at fantasy football, but I’m just kicking myself for giving up such a big lead

        • secretzorro says:

          Swings & roundabouts rocker, you’ll be fine mate.

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          Hey Roccerfeller, I remember you from FFF days. Welcome mate.

        • roccerfeller says:

          Hey hammer fan! Yeah our FFF family was incredible.

          Am happy this site exists, and many members from before and many new members are here. Best community IMO

    • 163.2
      chins says:

      Ignore all the advice below about not worrying about what your ML rival is doing
      For the sake of your mental health and mini league success you need to immerse yourself into the life and thoughts of your opponent. You need to be everywhere he is, was and is thinking about going.
      You need to at the urinal already when he really needs a wee. You need to be at the grocery store just as he arrives, already picking that last multi pack of nutrigrain bars off the shelf. You need to be driving through the crossroads on yellow as he gets stuck on red.
      Then, and only then will you be ready to make transfers so bold that he won’t consider them until 15 minutes after the deadline. You will open a 100 point lead and steal his girlfriend. It will be epic.

  2. 164
    Kralin says:

    I wouldn’t worry about being slightly behind in week 8. The team looks fine. Salah should, I hope, find his scoring form for us (fantasy managers). He has very good fixtures. You can slot Kun back in for Kane.

    The Kane this this week was an aberration.. Other weeks he would have got at least two. It was a surprise he didn’t get at least a penalty.

    Kenedy’s not a bad shout, especially in a 3/5/2, or maybe even in a 3/4/3. May nick that idea myself.

  3. 165

    Morning everyone!

    No FPL for a bit and Scotland are trying to record consecutive competitive wins!

    This is going to be a disaster this week isn’t it?

  4. 166
    Smash says:

    So me this week. Small red arrow. No FPL! CT scan today and blood test today. Another blood test weds, work around this, eye surgery thurs! Plus hoping to exchange contracts this week as moving home! What could go wrong it’s going to be eventful

  5. 167
    GentleBenAKA says:

    Strange GW for me. Captain Kane massively disappointed however I have no regrets, given it was the obvious choice to make.

    Surprisingly even though half the world (plus all my ML competition) captained Hazard (either because they missed the early deadline or they couldn’t fit Kane in without taking a hit, or because they had psychic abilities) I actually held my position in my MLs and received a green arrow in my OR for the first time in a few weeks.

    I put this down to the fact that I have a strong squad which is a result of all the helpful discussion and guidance from the FF247 site. Thanks everyone!

    I’m probably going to do Ings —> Arnautovic (leaving me £0m ITB) but will wait until nearer the deadline to guard against injuries. Have a restful IB everyone.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  6. 168
    Pippin says:

    Morning all. I transferred out Salah + King for Lamela + Kane (4pt hit). Pray for my soul?

    Also, in my limited team for Zorro’s league, here is my bench… That team scored 28 (GW rank of 5,499,554). A wall-to-wall disaster! :hippo:

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 168.2
      chins says:

      That was bold Pippin. I took the Kane bait too. As did a lot of others.

      You going to stick with him or switch back? I sold Kun to get him. Not sure if to stick or twist back again.

      • Pippin says:

        I think I may WC and get rid of him…the fixtures are not the best (though I may have to accept he’ll score well once I *do* axe him). Yourself?

        Can anyone remind whether linking to your team takes a while to go through? Have updated the link in my profile but it’s not updated here on the site yet as far as I can tell…don’t want to email the admins if it’s just a case of waiting…?

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