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FF247 Member Profiles

Who are you? Who are you? Fantasy manager profiles Part 10

Who are you? Who are you? Fantasy manager profiles Part 10

Here at FF247 towers we’ve often wondered… how many manager profiles it takes to fill an international break. A lot apparently! We shall be back to normal on Monday with Fixtures, Tips, Capos and Team Talk etc and we may have an Interview with a top 100 ranked player over the weekend but until then… Back to the profiles!

Next up to the examination table are the young and the (semi) old. A contrast indeed as we warmly welcome billisBob and Potty.

Members name: billisBob (formally known as billisBob (The original long name guy©®tm) “That bloody catus….”(opera unities;Juan Way Ticket on the Oscar Train;murseyside Darby; :Read More… :showoffey;cockney brummie trotter american; Bizzles the fixtures smartass; still pondering over what to do with my tea)
Real name: Robbie Joe Reilly (or Robert Joesph Reilly If you really want to be precise)
Occupation: school person
Age: 14
Country of residence: The USA (but, and I cannot stress this enough, I’m 100% English and not at all American okay?)
Best finish in The Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football game:9363
Current position for the season 59,778
Planned finish (at the start of the season)for the BPL FF game in 2014/2015:9364
Expected finish for the BPL FF game in 2014/2015: Hopefully top ten thousand!! but id be happy with anywhere in the top 20k I think…
Tell us about yourself in less than 50 words: I’m a crazy BPL fan who spends way too much time wondering about fantasy football. I am also a video games nerd, have played the drums for 7 years and used to have cool hair before my parents made me cut it sad

Food: Pasta with ketchup
Drink: Water
Band/Type of music: Arctic Monkeys (Alternative) – AM has convinced me that Alex Turner is actually a genius
TV Programme: Gotta be Top Gear, but breaking bad and doctor who are both close seconds! I’m also a fan of Everybody loves Raymond.
Films:Captain America 2, Happy Gilmore & Shalolin soccer
Book/Author: ermmm… not sure lol!
Joke: Person: Why did you decide to turn veterinarian? Was it because you really love animals?
Veterinarian: No I just really hate vegetables.
let it sink in… smile
Country visited (and state why!):Canada – because I went to a really nice restaurant there and probably had the nicest Lasagna I’ve ever eaten there!
Country would most like to visit (and state why!) Japan, because their way of life really fascinates me, and I’d love to see the technology capital of the world!

Sport:Is that even a question?
Sporting Team: Liverpool has been my team since I was five – I was inspired by their heroic win in the CL final – but I also like Aston Villa (because of my dad) and Arsenal (because it has 2 of my favorite players on it)
Sporting Personality:David Beckham
Sporting moment on TV: Rooney’s equalizer against Uruguay. Those celebrations lasted long….
Sporting moment witnessed live: Hampton and Richmond borough FC Beating AFC Wimbledon to earn promotion to the blue square premiership!! laugh
Sporting venue you’d most like to visit: Wembley (And to hopefully watch England win a game!!)
Do you have any personal sporting achievements you’d like to boast about: Well last year I won my school’s spots award! I got a big trophy and everything! My PE teacher told me it was for my “irrational passion in our school matches”!

Your celebrity look-alike is/are: Emma Watson
Which 6 celebrities dead or alive would u have at a dinner party: David Beckham, Alex Turner, Satoru Iwata, Reverend W. Awdry & Calvin Harris(so I could tell him he’s an utter prat for making the single worst song known to mankind)
Which 3 items would u take to a desert island (no humans allowed!): water, a private jet so i could leave if i wanted, and a 3g phone.
If you won £100 000 what would u do with it: Buy an 80 inch TV, a really cool smart phone, a new drum kit a new pair of Adidas football boots the I’m really rich app and I’d invest the rest in the stock market.
The perfect afternoon would be spent: With no homework.
My Epitaph would read: What the Hell’s an epitaph (no pun intended)?


Potty Procky
Members name:……Potty Procky.
Real name:…..David Proctor.
Occupation:…….Grave Digger,also ex-RAF.
Age:………..53 and dishy.
Country of residence:……Yorkshire
Best finish in The Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football game:……..105817 in 2013/14 my first season
Current position for the season……….128204 and climbing
Planned finish (at the start of the season)for the BPL FF game in 2014/2015:……60000 would really be a top outcome for me.
Expected finish for the BPL FF game in 2014/2015:……Realistically and on current form 78000.
Tell us about yourself in less than 50 words:……Devious,fashionable,if not crossed you’re safe,size 12 boots,funny,unique,reformed football hooligan,i love discipline,inventive,loyal to FF247 and Samantha and of course slightly mad.

Food:…..Indian cuisine and haggis.
Drink:…..Due to my present intake of slow release morphine tablets it has to be,Brothers ‘Toffee apple’ cider.
Band/Type of music:…..Placebo,Linkin Park and Jane MacDonald.
TV Programme:……strange this one as I dont own a television as I feel it restricts one from motivation.I did use to sit outside Radio Rentals in my kitbag in Cardiff and watch ‘Alf Garnett’ whilst going AWOL from RAF St Athan.
Films:……Shane,Wolf Creek and One flew over the cuckoos nest.
Joke………….While on holiday in Bermuda I got the chance to see the Bermuda Philamonic Orchestra but the bloke on the triangle just vanished.
Country visited (and state why!):…….Malaysia and the city of Kuala Lumpur, while there I ate a pigs penis and met begging on a bridge a Leper with horrible disfigurement, I chatted with him for ages and to prove to the passers by what he had was not contagious I snogged him much to his disbelief and others, and I was right coz I am still here.
Next planned holiday…….Currently saving up for my next trek which is a two week Spanish break in the South of France.

Sport:……Association Football.
Sporting Team:…….Leeds United as they changed my life, ask wife number one.
Sporting Personality:…….Robbie Savage.
Sporting moment on TV:……Tony Yeboah’s glorious hat-trick for Leeds United in Monaco, I was that drunk I slept on the beach and missed the train back to Paris, it was an amazing experience and if you Google it you will witness finishing at its highest level from a top striker.
Sporting moment witnessed live:…….Just for the complete day sat in warm sunshine it had to be when Sir Cliff Richard held a surprise sing along on Wimbledon Centre Court, I was working there while in the RAF.
Sporting venue you’d most like to visit:…….Augusta.
Do you have any personal sporting achievements you’d like to boast about…………Played football for Drayton Casuals and Fc Rearguard (Tranmere supporter’s Club) plus trial’s all over the country, yes my Leeds United association was well dodgy.

Your celebrity look-alike is/are…………….cue Steve Davis.
Which 6 celebrities dead or alive would u have at a dinner party:……Morrissey, Louis Therouix, Oliver Reed, Kevin Rowland, Helen Mirren and William Cook (a new friend of mine who lately makes me smile).
Which 3 items would u take to a desert island (no humans allowed!):…….Copy of Razzle, a box of tissue’s and a Zippo lighter….. read the mag, clean yourself up then burn the evidence, simples.
If you won £100 000 what would u do with it:………Buy myself a tree top lodge in the Amazon.
The perfect afternoon would be spent:……..Duvet day with Samantha and playing Scrabble.
My Epitaph would read:…….”What am I doing here, God its too sodding early”.


Many thanks to both billisBob and Potty for being so candid! We hope you know your two fellow ‘fantasy friends’ a little better now.
If you feel that you would like to expose your inner self then please feel free to mail us at and we shall have peakydave interrogate you! If you have already submitted one, which many have, we are publishing them in the order received and hopefully yours will be along soon.

Thanks for reading Who are you? Who are you? Fantasy manager profiles Part 10- Fantasy Premier League 2014-15. This article was written by peakydave

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