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FF247 Member Profiles

Who are you? Who are you? Fantasy manager profiles Part 7

Who are you? Who are you? Fantasy manager profiles Part 7

Here at FF247 towers we’ve often wondered what driving forces hide behind a comment or a rate my team reply, do we really know the mindset and the persona of the people we are conversing with?! To find the answers to these questions we have lured some regulars from out of their caves and got them to endure a simple Q&A session.
Hopefully this will help us to uncover whether each member can be viewed as a ‘fellow sports enthusiast’, ‘colleague’, ‘fantasy friend’, ‘internet troll’ or indeed ‘sociopath’! Let’s take a look inside the minds of our latest two ‘victims’ then and see whether, hiding behind the cute monkey gravatars, lurks a sadistic, megalomaniacal, psychotic keyboard warrior. Or just a normal guy or gal who likes to play fantasy football…
We will add a disclaimer here – we have resolved to not edit what is sent in at all. What you see is what you (we) get.
Next up to the examination table we are delighted to welcome the FF247 twitter maestro and sometime article writer himself Mito21 and one of our ‘Captains Picks’ writers and site regular The Gallant Pioneer.

Members name: Mito21
Real name: Jaime Rodriguez (the J is pronounced like a H)
Occupation: I work at a hospital misplacing people’s medical records.
Age: 38
Country of residence: U.S.A.
Best finish in The Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football game: 12K, but everyone agrees I deserved better. 😉
Current position for the season: 36K and rising.
Planned finish (at the start of the season)for the BPL FF game in 2014/2015: 2nd, I think first is unrealistic.
Expected finish for the BPL FF game in 2014/2015: 3rd, I think 2nd is a bit unrealistic.
Tell us about yourself in less than 50 words: Very spontaneous. Don’t celebrate anything or do much when it is intended by society for me to do. I buy my wife birthday gifts 3 months ahead of time and ignore her on her actual birthday. Have been described as aloof, cold and a tad indifferent and that was by people who like me.

Food: Chicharron (basically fried pork) and all sorts of steaks.
Drink: In front of my kids a Coke. In front of my friends Aguardiente (white liquor)
Band/Type of music: I love all types of music. In particular Argentinian Tangos and all sorts of old Spanish tavern music, but I also listen to an array of American music. Mana (Spanish rock) is my favourite band.
TV Programme: Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Spartacus (before it concluded) and Cheers back in the day.
Films: The Usual Suspects (I believe the Kevin Spacey role would fit Potty perfectly) obviously I love “Ted” the movie, Love and Basketball and any Star Wars, Godfather or Lord of the Rings is cool with me.
Book/Author: Sam Harris and Mark Twain are my preferred authors.
Joke: Not necessarily jokes but I find certain Twain quotes amusing –
“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
“Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”
Country visited (and state why!): Have visited Colombia routinely. When I was young my parents use to force me to go as it was their place of birth and they wanted me to understand my heritage. As an adult I wish nothing more than to live there. Beautiful people, gorgeous women (Wife is from there). excellent food and drugs are very cheap.
Country would most like to visit (and state why!) Argentina or Greece. I have always had a soft side for them Argentinean b*stards. Music, food and their footy have always appealed to me. Greece in part because of their history so I can see myself gravitating to all their attractions during the day and hanging out on the active volcano in Santorini at night in a drunken state.

Sport: Basketball and not sure this is a sport and I know is inhumane, but I love bull fighting.
Sporting Team: New York Knicks, but also love the Dolphins in the NFL and Junior de Barranquilla in futbol.
Sporting Personality: Tiger Woods. Nothing about his golf or personality really draws my attention. I just want to know how he keeps his testosterone level so high.
Sporting moment on TV: Colombia goal in 1990 world cup vs Germany in additional time to qualify out of the group stage. The 5-0 Colombia victory over Argentina in qualifiers in Buenos Aires was a high that lasted for years.
Sporting moment witnessed live: Took my oldest son to watch a qualifier in Colombia. We won 2-0 vs Peru and Falcao scored one of the goals.
Sporting venue you’d most like to visit: Gigante de Arrollito in Rosario (Argentina) for the best rivalry in the world Rosario vs Newell’s; would also love to be at or around a Super Bowl venue, in particular in the two weeks leading up to the game.
Do you have any personal sporting achievements you’d like to boast about: I once hit a half court shot to win a game in basketball.

Your celebrity look-alike is/are: No earthly idea. I have never been compared to anyone. Must mean I am unique. (ed. Right Said Fred, without the cap?!)
Which 6 celebrities dead or alive would u have at a dinner party: Mark Twain, Ursula Andress, Jim Morrison, Mila Kunis, Eva Braun and Eric Cartman.
Which 3 items would u take to a desert island (no humans allowed!): Boat and 2 tanks of gas.
If you won £100 000 what would u do with it: Bet it all on 21 at the roulette table. But if for some reason my lovely wife is reading this. I would give it to her and let her decide what is best. 😉
I assume she pay off debt and invest in the kid’s future.
The perfect afternoon would be spent: Hanging out with family and friends, playing a bit of pool and kicking some beers back.
My Epitaph would read: He is not here, he was cremated you dumbass!


The Gallant Pioneer
Members name: The Gallant Pioneer
Real name: Craig Mitchell
Occupation: Civil Engineer (same as Pellegrini!)
Age: 32 (not the same as Pellegrini)
Country of residence: Scotland
Best finish in The Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football game: 138,915 (2013/14)
Current position for the season: 1,072
Planned finish (at the start of the season)for the BPL FF game in 2014/2015: Anywhere inside the top 100K
Expected finish for the BPL FF game in 2014/2015: I would hope I won’t go nuts from here so being a realist, somewhere around the 15/20K mark.
Tell us about yourself in less than 50 words: Six foot seven, jet black, slick shiny hair, tanned bronze skin, chiselled jaw. We have no mirrors… I love my family, my life and my football. Try to see the good in everyone and everything and likes a laugh in anything. Will treat you with respect and expect it back. Decent guy.

Food: Any Italian, but pizza always first choice.
Drink: Caledonia Best (Scottish Beer), Orange & Mango (if you can’t get me Best)
Band/Type of music: Super Furry Animals but generally any 90s Indie stuff.
TV Programme: Any football highlights show
Films: Anchorman, Dumb & Dumber – anything where I don’t have to think.
Book/Author: The Incredible Adventures of the Unstoppable Keeper by Lutz Pfannenstiel (Autobiography of the German goalkeeper who played for 24 clubs across all six FIFA confederations)
Joke: Lee Mack – ‘ I’ll never forget my Nan’s last words . . “What are you doing in here with that hammer?”
Country visited (and state why!): Gibraltar – The outstanding natural beauty of the rock and its curiosities: its ‘end of Europe’ location, British way of life but with a noticeable twist and its tiny size.
Country would most like to visit (and state why!): New Zealand. To see Alex of course !

Sport: Football
Sporting Team: Rangers
Sporting Personality: Sir Chris Hoy
Sporting moment on TV: Watching Zambia winning the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations. It was won in Gabon where 19 years earlier the entire Zambian squad and management died in a plane crash. The most poetic and just thing I’ve ever seen in sport.
Sporting moment witnessed live: Probably ‘Helicopter Sunday’. Being at Hibs and genuinely thinking that Celtic were going to take the title until two very late Motherwell goals meant Rangers won the title by a point.
Sporting venue you’d most like to visit: The Bernabeu is still on the wish list.
Do you have any personal sporting achievements you’d like to boast about: Once had a trial at Motherwell (sheriff court!) Run-of-the-mill school footballer with a few medals for mini-tournaments but nothing major.

Your celebrity look-alike is/are: A girl once told me Mark Wahlberg. We were both drunk.(me and her I mean, although she might have meant me and Mark both drunk).
Which 6 celebrities dead or alive would u have at a dinner party: Bill Hicks, Barack Obama, Sir Donald Dewar, Jose Mourinho, Roger Federer, Sir Bobby Robson.
Which 3 items would u take to a desert island (no humans allowed!): Sky Box, TV, Fridge.
If you won £100,000 what would u do with it: Probably be sensible and pay the remaining mortgage first and see what’s left.
The perfect afternoon would be spent: Having lunch then a show with the kids during the festival in Edinburgh.
My Epitaph would read: Look at all he left behind – well someone will have to pay it.


Many thanks to both Mito and GP for being so candid! We hope you know your two fellow ‘fantasy friends’ a little better now.
If you feel that you would like to expose your inner self then please feel free to mail us at and we shall have peakydave interrogate you! If you have already submitted one, which many have, we are publishing them in the order received and hopefully yours will be along soon.

Thanks for reading Who are you? Who are you? Fantasy manager profiles Part 7- Fantasy Premier League 2014-15. This article was written by peakydave

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  1. 19
    TomW13 says:

    Hi guys. Is my team set for week 12. Any tips for next week?

    De Gea
    Baines – Clyne – Bertrand – Moore
    Di Maria – Chadli – Sigurdsson
    Costa – Aguero – Austin

    Myhill – Boyd – Wisdom – Fabregas

    • 19.1

      G’day Tom
      Nice score last GW!
      Our teams are not too dissimilar. Most will say you’ve got too much invested in defence, though I quite like the idea, especially as some of the bigger teams will look to collect CSs over the coming weeks. However, given Saints’ tough run coming up, I’d be prepared to lose one of Clyne and Bertrand after this week.
      To give you an insight into my thinking for GW 12 (I have 2 FTs), I’m looking to drop Fabregas for Hazard. This will require me to make up 0.6m, which will be done by dropping Forster for Krul. I still have Bertrand, Baines and Chambers in defence, plus Krul and Heaton rotate very well. Fab may be injured, plus I’m concerned about the 4 YCs, plus the trend seems to suggest that he will not score the massive points hauls that Hazard is capable of (potentially starting this week at home to WBA). So perhaps think about Fab->Hazard and Clyne->[4.5m+ defender] to really start climbing up the leaderboards.

      • TomW13 says:

        thanks for the tips blue_moon! I am also worried about Fab’s 4 yellow’s. Next week i might try and go Fabregas-Hazard and Clyne-Chambers like you suggested. But i am currently 0.1 off getting Chambers. Hoping a few prices change and make them possible though.

        Also should i play Wisdom (v Chelsea) or Moore (v Sunderland)?

        Cheers buddy

        • Tom – not sure the price changes will work in your favour. Fab more likely to drop than rise, and Haz more likely to rise than drop. I wouldn’t focus on Chambers. Perhaps a Newcastle defender or Villa defender (Vlaar?) given their upcoming decent run of fixtures. Chambers won’t be a permanent in the side once others return from injuries, and he was sh!tehouse last week. I’d play Moore, but let’s hope he gets 90 minutes.

        • TomW13 says:

          I am often reluctant to get rid of Clyne but given his fixtures i think the time has come. How does this sound?


  2. 20
    stewy 10 says:

    hi guys

    Could be playing wildcard this week but don’t know who to get rid of. PLEASE HELP

    • 20.1

      Hi stewy – you’ve got to make room for Aguero if possible. Good way to start is by downgrading your GKs. 11m invested there is a lot. You can save 2m there alone by playing two 4.5m GKs who rotate well (eg Krul and Heaton). You may need to sacrifice one of Sanchez, ADM and Fab.

      • stewy 10 says:

        so who else should i get rid of

        • stewy – my personal view would be to downgrade Sanchez to Hazard. I know there’s a lot of love for Sanchez at the moment but I’d still rather have Aguero + ADM, especially taking into account the likely rotation policy at Arsenal once Wenger has a fully fit squad (and I can see Ramsey and Walcott taking points off Sanchez). Also, downgrade Williams and Fabregas. The above will ensure you still get Chelsea MF coverage, but as we head into the next third of the season my personal view is Hazard will start to dominate. Combined with downgrading your GKs, will this leave you room to upgrade Naismith to Aguero?

  3. 21
    harry13 says:

    Hi guys.

    I’m hoping to get Aguero in coming weeks. I’ve got Clyne,Bertrand and Pelle. who’s good run is coming to a end.

    Here my team
    Suggestions appreciated

  4. 22
    migs says:

    Great read guys, good to know a little bit more about two regular writers of this site. Mito…..Aguardiente! Dangerous stuff don’t know how you can drink that.

  5. 23

    Awesome article as always fellas!

    Would be great to hear abit more about all the top guys fantasy philosophies/strategy & potentially some bold/terrible decisions they’ve made in the past. Just a thought.

  6. 24
    snakeheart42 says:

    Guys, any defender worth about 4.5-ish good for the next few GWs? Looking to ship out Van Aanholt as he’s injured.

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