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Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2020/21 / Latest Articles

Fantasy Premier League £1k Regulars League 2020/21

Fantasy Premier League £1k Regulars League 2020/21

Fantasy Premier League £1k Regulars League 2020/21

Hello everyone and welcome back to the FF247 Regulars League(s).

We have exciting news about the FF247 Regulars League. Over the years we have gradually increased the prize pool, bit by bit. This year we are DOUBLING it! It’s mainly as a ‘thank you’ to our members but also partly thanks to FanTeam who are sponsoring it. So this season’s prize pool goes up from £500 to £1k. And we are not only increasing all of the prizes for each placing we are extending the winners to 10 spots. And introducing a prize for our Regulars Cup too.

This main purpose of this article is so that the Regulars League has a permanent home for reference points throughout the season, such as cup draws. It is also linked to our Hot Topics just above latest comments.

FF247 Public League

League Code: ixe3im

As per usual we will have the FF247 Public League, that anyone can join. This one has a prize pool of £300 and is also sponsored by Fanteam. The outright winner will take the lot. It is however widely available, hence the name, it will be Tweeted and posted on Facebook, and poplulated by thousands as a result. Many of whom are unrecognisable faces.

FF247 Regulars League
Hence why we created the Regulars League. This one is for people who are part of our community on a regular basis, hence the name… On top of this there are H2H Leagues and also a Regulars Cup.

The main ‘Regs League’ attracts a prize pool of £950, again sponsored by FanTeam. This prize is bigger than the Public one as we prefer to reward our loyal community with a larger share of the spoils. In fact the winner themselves will get £300, 2nd £175, 3rd £125 and even 4th is still a ton up.

*Regulars League Terms & Conditions

To be eligible for this one you need to be a registered member of the site (have a username), and post in the comments at least 4 times a month for over 6 months of the season (and no, saying ‘Hi’ 24 times doesn’t count!). Rest assured this is monitored and if anyone finishes in the prize spots and doesn’t fit the above criteria they will be getting nowt.

The leagues are free to join but you do need to e-mail Elle at the address below to receive the codes. Please leave these details for him when you do:

1- Your site name.
2- Your real name.
3- Your FPL team name from season 2019/20 and your new team name for 2020/21 if you intend to /have change(d) it.

Please email him as soon as you can because the H2H leagues deadline is midnight on 31/8/2020 as he needs to sort the leagues before the start of the season. The Classic Regulars League will stay open a tad longer.

E-mail address:-

All we ask if you enter the leagues is that you please keep the codes to yourself and don’t divulge them to family or friends who do not frequent the site. These are for the FF247 Community and we would like to keep it that way.

FF247 Regulars Cup

“We thought you said £1k, not £950, is Elle embezzling?!”

For once, no.

For the first time our popular cup competition will also attract a prize. The winner will get £50.

Elle will post details regularly in the comments about when this begins and about the subsequent draws, so stay tuned.

FF247 Regulars Prize Breakdown
This is how the prize breakdown looks this season:

1st. £300
2nd. £175
3rd. £125
4th. £100
5th. £75
6th. £45
7th. £40
8th. £35
9th. £30
10th. £25

Cup Winner. £50L

Claiming Prizes
This bit is simple:

Email us @

Send us your FPL name and your site name

Do so within 30 days of the end of the season

Fantasy Football 247 League Codes:

This is our main public FF247 League, which anyone is welcome to join and can be accessed using the code below or this auto-join link It is sponsored by Fanteam
League Code: ixe3im


The prize pool for this one is £300. And it is winner takes all.

View league standings

Our Regulars League* for 2020/21 is sponsored by Fanteam The cash prize pool is £1k. The first 10 places are paid out in a tiered system.

To enter this one you need to be an active and recognised site member and you need to e-mail us for the league code :

Our FF247 Cup is also included and attracts a prize of £50 for the winner.

*terms and conditions apply and they are available here Management reserve the right to review membership of this league on an ongoing basis which is dependent upon regular comment / community activity.

All prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the final GW.

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  1. 31
    Elleffcee says:

    Evening all, just a few points to mention, especially our new members or anyone thinking of joining this madhouse.
    Signing up for the leagues will cease at midnight on 30/9/2020.
    You are only allowed one team.
    If you change your team name, fine, can you mail me to let me know.
    Can you NOT give the codes to family, friends, the bloke next door or some drunk at the local.
    The cup is a one off competition, and will be entered by the top 64 in the Regulars classic league after the gw containing the Boxing day fixtures.
    We like all members to be active on site, so basically its NO commenting NO winning. We do check that people have been active on the site and we understand that we all have things going on in our lives and that you nay not be around the site at various times throughout the season.
    If you need to know anything about the leagues/cup feel free to mail me.
    Good luck to everyone entered.

  2. 32
    Elleffcee says:

    Morning all, the Regulars league is now closed. Good luck to all who are in.

  3. 33
    Elleffcee says:

    If you change your team name thats fine. Could you just drop me a mail to let me know.

  4. 34
    funnur says:

    hopefully can participate next season. just now found out about this site.

  5. 35
    Elleffcee says:

    Afternoon all, here we go for the Regulars cup. The draw is as follows :-

    The Outsiders v Globus Love.
    Nazeal v Mane For Nothing.
    Pain In The Niasse. V Mhapour.
    Thunderstorm v Pathetico Morbid.
    Hala Madrid v Swirly FC.
    JJ7*JR v Eeyores Positive Vibes.
    Nailed United v FC Lotus Ric.
    Third Eye v Owls Rule.
    Goten 21 v Kop Warriors.
    Bigpopz v Victus Vincimus.
    United Fever v Ole At The Wheel.
    Den Perry Did It v Fresh Onyl FC.
    Tinkerman United v Rugged Resurgence.
    Red Socks v Litty.
    FC Eddiction v Farcelona.
    Harchester United v Horse.
    Little Red Lacazette v Golden Lords.
    Go On Son v Mosc 1938.
    Change Name v Otiendos Legacy.
    Wolfpack v Wolfgang.
    Hoof Hearted United v All Gone Shane Long.
    Hi Quad v The Dioufs Of Hazard.
    Abiti v Universal Albion.
    Sousa FC v Legendary Beginner.
    K Eleven v Partey Poopers.
    Banjomaker v Going In Blind.
    Young Ones FC v Mo Mane Mo Problems.
    Common Sense FC v Panchos Army.
    Bend The Knee v Colonial.
    Top Eleven v Harrys Hot Dogs.
    DR Who v Legal Eliminator.
    Ibsfrimaeresamling v New Normal.

    Ties to be played in GW 20.
    If you are a new member these are how the ties are played.
    The tie is won by the team with the MOST points, including point hits.
    If its a draw, the team with the MOST goals scored.
    If most goals are equal its LEAST goals conceded.
    Good luck to all
    Some people have changed their team names, can you please let me know if you do change names.

  6. 36
    Elleffcee says:

    Some big hitters in the 64. Tinkerman, Dioufs, Kop, Horse and our female champ Carolyn to name a few. Mito v Swirly must be the tie of the round. Once again good luck to all.
    For a bit of info for our cup teams, the cup gameweeks are as follows:-
    Last 64- gw 20.
    Last 32- gw 24.
    Last 16- gw 27.
    Last 8- gw 31.
    Last 4- fw35.
    Final- gw 38.

    • 36.1
      Elleffcee says:

      A word of warning for people that finish in the prize winning positions in the Regulars league and cup. If you haven’t commented according to the rules you will be winning nowt, naff all, diddly-squat, nothing.

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