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Fantasy Premier League Intro 2018/19

Fantasy Premier League Intro 2018/19

Fantasy Premier League Intro 2018/19

Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Intro 2018/19. As most of you are aware, FPL has been live for a couple of weeks now, but due to England’s surprising progress to the semi-finals and many of you playing both the Fantasy World Cup game and our very own Predictions Competition we have delayed any FPL articles until today. It’s full speed ahead now though as we look forward to the start of the season which kicks off on Friday 10th August.

If you’ve not been with us over the summer then we hope you feel refreshed and renewed and enjoyed some fantasy-free time. We extend a particular welcome to our new friends who have migrated over from Fantasy Football First – we hope you feel welcome and at home with us.

The purpose of this article is kick off FPL but also to provide you with all the necessary links that you will need…

First things first and some housekeeping – please be sure to join the main FF247 league here (autojoin link) League Code: 1581-751

There is a ‘Regulars’ league too but for access to this you need to contact Elle via
This one is specifically for those who join in on the site conversation on a daily / weekly basis. Please respect that criteria before applying and wasting Elle’s time and ours.

The rules for the game are simply as per last season – you have two wildcards to use, one in the first half of the season only and one to use in the second half of the season only. The other chips also remain the same – namely Triple Captain, Bench Boost and Free Hit.

So really it’s just time to start building your team if you haven’t already. No doubt the tinkering will continue right up until the GW1 deadline as players impress or not as the case may be, in preseason friendlies.

Usually we run an article and ask people to get involved and cover the friendlies with any info they can gather. And it’s usually fun but in all honesty it’s usually also a bit messy and difficult to refer back to. This season we have one link that you will need need for all such info, courtesy of Mito –

FPL Pre-Season Info

Here you will find all the pre-season info you could ever wish for in one place – line-ups, scorers, assists, match info, sarcastic comments….


(It’s scrollable btw, just swipe left or right)



It’s been a busy summer already with Arsenal, Everton, West Ham and Chelsea appointing new managers, Manchester City adding to their already dominant squad, Man Utd continuing to splash the cash and Liverpool trying to protect Karius by beefing up their midfield. Spurs may even have a new home soon.

And FPL wise, this is the place to discuss strategy, learn about the promoted teams and their players while in the days and weeks to come we’ll have plenty of articles, interviews, player analysis, Bore Offs, Tips, etc, etc.

So be sure to get involved in the discussions, the RMTs and the banter as we look forward to another season of Fantasy fun!

The League Codes for FF247 for the 2018/19 season are as follows –

The main public FF247 League , which anyone is welcome to join, can be accessed using the following code 1581-751 (auto-link below).

The prize pool for this one will be confirmed in due course.

Join Our League – Quick Link
League Code: 1581-751
View league standings
Our Regulars League* for 2018/19 is now open and has a cash prize pool of £300 paid directly to the winners from the FF247 management team. The first 5 places are paid out in a tiered system.

To enter this one you need to be an active and recognised site member and you need to e-mail us for the league code –

*terms and conditions apply and are available upon request. Management reserve the right to review membership of this league on an ongoing basis. If you enter and win a prize you have to have commented on the site at least 5 times for 8 consecutive months between August 2018 and March 2019 or you will not be considered for a prize. That’s basically 1 comment a week all season, we think that’s a reasonable ask to be considered a ‘regular’.

In your e-mail could you please supply:-

Your name.
Your site user name.
Your team name from last season and your new team name if it has changed.

[/vc_row] [/vc_row] 

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League Intro 2018/19. This article was written by Cookie

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  1. 67
    abhirup780 says:

    Zaha or Tosun or any other 7.0 striker?
    Currently going for Zaha. Please change my mind.

    • 67.1
      Otieno says:

      Arnie at 7 or Austin at 6 ? Don’t know really. It’s a difficult area

    • 67.2
      Kralin says:

      The startling Richarlison news has perhaps queered the pitch a little for Tosun. In addition, Silva may have a soft spot for Niasse.

      However the Tosun/Zaha/Arnie/Austin narrative is a compelling one. Arnie has bad fixtures; Austin is injury-prone; Tosun may be looking over his shoulder. Zaha edges it slightly for me, tonight anyway.

      Behind this quartet you could think about the likes of Jimenez, King, Murray et al – but may be wiser to think of them as your third striker.

      Others I’m sure will be able to make a compelling case for Tosun.

    • 67.3
      mkencon says:

      Personally, I prefer Chris Wood for my money. Zaha is really highly owned so there’s risk that if he doesn’t return early, ppl will swap him out for Tosun, Arnie or a cheaper option (Wood, King, or Austin perhaps). Since Wood is £0.5M cheaper and most players start the season maxing out their £100M budget, there’s less risk that he’ll price drop and greater opportunity for his price to potentially skyrocket if he outperforms the £7M options

  2. 68
    hammerfan_lm says:

    Site admin team – help please. A good friend of mine is trying to sign up to the site. He was a follower of FFF last season, and I have steered him onto this site. Whenever he tries to sign up, he isnt getting an email from WordPress. What can he do? He has emailed the website email address, but hasnt had a reply.

    • 68.1

      Are we talking about Shrivathsa? I chatted with him today on Twitter and told him to email the admin on here.

    • 68.2
      Matt says:

      Give me a few minutes and I’ll try and have an answer for you mate.

    • 68.3
      inittowinit says:

      hammer there was an email on there this morning (sent last night) and I replied to it after finding 2 registered accounts to his email address. His initials were DR, that him? I changed the passwords on both and emailed them over. One was changed earlier today so whoever it was got the email and sorted it. I did say to email again if there was an issue.

      There was definitely no email sent saying wait 48 hours, there’s only me who has access to it right now. Well, Floydeth does too but put it this way we are going for a night out tomorrow night which has been planned for 4 months and he still hasn’t booked his hotel so the chances of replying to anything…..

      Ivan if anyone you know is having issues please give them my personal email. These things can be sorted in minutes. Mosc will vouch for that. Although that was him being stupid and nothing to do with us smile

  3. 69
    Matsapik says:

    This is my first time I comments here..nice to meet you all

  4. 70
    mkencon says:

    I must admit, I’m a bit torn up about Douglas being shipped off to Leeds. Was really looking forward to seeing what he could do in the Prem

  5. 71
    rein says:

    what do you guys think about that?

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