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Fantasy Football Team

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team DGW24

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team DGW24

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team DGW24

Keep the Faith

Welcome to FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team DGW24.

We knew there was a reason we kept ignoring the fact that we had (a) Pope in goal…

We won’t claim a masterstroke or indeed divine intervention here, after all he actually caused Vardy to lose 2 points in the process. His 12 and TAA’s 10 made up 22 of our ‘defences’ 25. Our mids got us 19, 10 of those being from Jack the Lad who thankfully we played ahead of Todd the Wrath. Our new signing Ings did what all of our new signings seem to do on their debut for us; he got 2 points. Vardy somehow managed a big fat zero but Jiménez rescued the front line with two goals and 13 points in total.

All in all then a good week which saw us post 59 points and a green arrow to leave us in 92,116th place. Praise the Lord! Or at least the Pope*.

*other religions are available.

Our GW23 Result…

Let’s go see what was decided…

Our G24 Transfer(s)
Our Ings transfer may not have worked out immediately but what it did do was leave us room / money to accomodate our 3rd Liverpool asset of choice; Robertson. As planned we have bought Robbo to sit alongside TAA and fingers crossed, Liverpool will keep another two clean sheets this week to make it nine in a row. Given our record of jinxing players, we don’t necessarily recommend you copy our move smile

To confirm then we have SOLD Tyrone Mings and BOUGHT Andrew Robertson


The TC chip has been played after Manè (TC) received three votes, enough to gain a majority and leave the remaining committee members ruefully waving goodbye to the chance to TC TAA. Manè’s record this season speaks for itself and a fixture vs West Ham proved too much of a temptation for us.

Vice-captain is TAA (just to placate the two idiots amongst our number).

Our GW24 team in full…

Should you wish to follow the FF247 Site Team’s progress you can do so here.

Thanks for reading FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team DGW24




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  1. 19
    hammerfan_lm says:

    Bringing in Salah for Grealish, and Montoya for Lundstram, would you play Montoya instead of anyone, or just play him 1st bencher?
    Is double Saints defence/goalie a good idea against Palace?

    • 19.1
      Zed Leppelin says:

      Double Saints defense is not a good idea imo! grin Think I’d have Montoya in there instead of Stephens smile

    • 19.2
      Tornado says:

      Long story short, I don’t like either of them (Montoya&Stephens) and most likely there won’t be a clean sheet for their teams, IMO.
      Re: doubling up – it doesn’t matter which team it is (well, it helps if it’s Liverpool but…), it might pay off greatly but it might backfire. For me personally, it’s a bit of an overkill, as Palace looked good against MC, especially with Tosun upfront. Also, Southampton kept 4 clean sheets all season. But then again your choice is between Stephens and Montoya, and Brighton defense is not the most solid one with only 2 CS on the road. Their last CS on the road came against Newcastle (GW6).
      Side note: If you haven’t done those transfers maybe think about Holgate or Williams, as their teams have slightly better chance of keeping CS.
      Best of luck anyway.

  2. 20
  3. 21
    RoLfc1 says:

    Any thoughts or suggestions folks?

    I’m a bit out of ideas. Should I save the FT?

  4. 22
    Shadow says:

    Managed to cut the gap to the top of my ML to 3 points from about 40, they have Mane but not Salah and assume will Captain him (already used their chips).

    Do I play it reasonably safe and Triple C Mane or go for the potentially more rewarding option and put it on Salah?

    Or not use it at all?… scratch_one-s_head

  5. 23
    kickers says:

    So this is my team and to follow is my rivals. He’s 20 points ahead. Do I go TAA or mane? My guess is he’ll go mane

  6. 24

    With all this build up to this DGW, you just know it’s going to be either anti-climactic or something weird will happen . Like a Henderson Hattie

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