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FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW16

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW16

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW16

Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW16. Following consecutive red arrows in GWs 13 & 14 we managed to claw our way back up the ranks with a final score of 68 in GW15. This comfortably beat the average of 45 and saw us climb back up to 36,483, our best rank of the season so far.

With our defence and keeper returning just 3pts between them we were largely indebted to Captain Kane and Private Fraser who contributed 12pts each (doubled for Kane) with Richarlison not far behind with 10pts. Further solid performances from Jimenez, Sane and a late Salah assist managed to largely negate Arnie’s 0pts!

Last weeks result in full…

Happy with our progress we march on confidently into GW16, but now in search of an Arnie replacement, and with our wildcard still to be used. Could this finally be the week….

This weeks transfer decision(s)

The wildcard lives on, burning a hole in our pockets while at the same time we have taken a hit to remove Salah! There’s logic there somewhere.

Arnie’s (latest) injury and free scoring Arsenal’s fixtures were the caveat for such an extraordinary course of action. Sterling coming in is hardly a bad option, especially as he had a good rest in midweek. Arsenal’s current run of form along with their imminent fixture schedule focuses the mind on them really and hence we made one of their forwards a priority to replace Arnie. We could have simply taken Wilson in but his fixtures turn south whilst Salah’s form is not explosive enough to justify either his price tag or his place instead of Sterling in our team any longer. And so it’s another week and another City mid added, feels like we shall keep on doing this until we have them all!

In truth we would probably have preferred Aubayemang to Lacazette but funds dictated otherwise and with Lacazette likely to return the starting line-up we’re comfortable with the Frenchman. (That could come back to bite us, as could Salah of course c’est la vie).


Our Captain is Lacazette
Straight in the team and awarded the armband. Giving a Frenchman this sort of responsibility may be considered reckless, nay insane. But with the Gooners at home to Huddersfield, what could possibly go wrong? Just in case Monsieur Lacazette runs away never to be seen again, Kane is our vice.

Our team in full…

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  1. 127
    turkeydinner says:

    thanks init didnt smash it just did arnie to wilson

  2. 128
    eresh12 says:

    oh well TAA is benched. napoli takes priority which makes sense.

  3. 129
    Wafflez says:

    TAA Benched, Martial injured and now Wilson injured. Billing suspended won’t field 11 this gw sad

  4. 130
    elcfc says:

    Hi guys,

    Surely I’m not the only one who captained Kane instead of Salah :((

    Anyhow, is there any update on Wilson, as if he is out, would like to bring in Chicharito before his price rises again?


  5. 131
    secretzorro says:

    Being as Xmas is upon us soon, here’s a book you could request to be under the tree for you, the comment is a Guardian writer stating the bleedin’ obvious.
    David Wardale’s Wasting Your Wildcard: The Method and Madness of Fantasy Football (Vintage, £14.99) is a beautifully observed and very funny look at a game that turns intelligent people into morons.

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