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Fantasy Football Team

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW3

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW3

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW3

The ‘W’ word…
Welcombe to FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW3. After a rather impressive 95pts in GW1 we were brought back down to earth in GW2 with a somewhat mediocre 52pts. We won’t complain though as it was 11pts above the average and resulted in a green arrow, lifting us to circa 83k.

Two of our defenders accounted for close to 50% of our points. Lucas Digne returned an assist, a clean sheet and two bonus points. Digne’s points were of no surprise to us. However, John Lundstram picking up a goal, a clean sheet and three bonus points led to one of the management committee hollering for doughnuts! Aside from a goal from Raheem Sterling the rest of our team did SFA.

We move onto GW3 with 2FT’s burning a hole in our pocket. Obviously we’re happy with the start we have made but we do have a number of concerns. With Liverpool yet to pick up a clean sheet do we need to double up on their defence? The form of Ayoze Perez is also a concern. While the form a certain ginger midfielder has caught our eye.

Our GW3 Result…

Let’s go see what was decided…

Our GW3 Transfer(s)
Wildcard. Must resisit the urge to Wildcard…. But everybody else is Wildcarding, KDB looks nice and shiny, Pukki is made of goals, Salah is dead, long live the Mane. Etc, etc…

To be fair we did resist, but it was hard and it was a fight. Especially given that at least half of the committee are on a Wildcard of their own. Why didn’t we? Well, we just couldn’t actually come up with that many (worthy) changes which would justify it. KDB seemed to be the main lure but ripping up a decent squad just to accommodate a player who will probably get injured again in the next few weeks just wasn’t cutting it.

Beyond that though we were a bit stumped, truth be told. We had 2 FT’s and £0.0m ITB, a few players we were unhappy with (looking at you Perez) and a few we coveted (KDB of course) but no real way of getting there without losing some other big hitters. So instead we lowered our expectations (and budget) and turned to the other apple in our eye; Martial. Priced at £7.7m and playing OOP (up top) for a Manchester United team who look like they may actually want to attack for the first time since Fergie left seems pretty alluring.

But we still needed to raise some dough to get him and as a result we turned our attentions to the other end of Old Trafford and new recruit Obi Wan Bissaka. Since him and Maguire have come in they do look a whole lot more solid and dependable and it took a wonder strike from wolves to breach them on Monday. But who to lose to accommodate them? Well, Perez, obviously. As for the defender involved we didn’t, ideally, want to lose Robertson but sitting with double Liverpool coverage at the back with them looking less than assured and with him being the premium priced one we had to wave goodbye to Robbo for a bit. We are sure we shall meet again one day…

To confirm then we have SOLD Robertson & Perez and BOUGHT Wan-Bissaka & Martial

Captain – Raheem Sterling. Vice Captain – Harry Kane
Oooof, this was a close call. Raheem edged Harry out by three votes to two. This may actually go against the grain when the final captain stats emerge on Friday night but we do feel that Sterling is almost approaching ‘perma capo’ status, such is his form. And we all know what ‘Arry did last season in some of these so-called ‘easier’ fixtures, Cardiff comes to mind. As does a phrase used earlier: SFA.

Our GW3 team in full…

Should you wish to follow the FF247 Site Team’s progress you can do so here.

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  1. 1


    The ‘W’ word. Must avoid the W word…

  2. 2
    Kralin says:

    Jumping onto a new site article is a bit like escaping the past. I feel I can comment afresh, untarnished by what I’ve said before.

    Having got that neurosis off my chest I’ll take (my usual curious) gander at the site team, sigh softly and a little sadly and whisper, ‘if only…’.

  3. 3
    Horse says:

    Site team looks good with those new additions.

  4. 4
    HarryP says:

    Hi all,

    Earlier in the week I had the KDB dilemma, but resisted and did similar changes:
    Perez to Martial
    Liv def (Gomez instead of Robbo) to Soyuncu to raise funds, as I also wanted
    Ceballos from Capoue, who’d been a GW1 placeholder.
    Could have wildcarded, but just felt too early, especially with Int Break just two weeks away.

    Seems like a lot are wildcarding – earlier than usual? Pre-season there seemed to be a template of 4 or even 5 playing defenders – looks like that is changing back to the old tried and tested…..?

    Good luck to all this week


  5. 5
    Shrizzine says:

    Great moves, guys! The team is looking good.

    As for myself, I, too, brought in Martial this week.

    My dilemma is what to do with the two attackers? Not the greatest, but the strength of this squad lies in the defense and midfield.

    I’m fine with going forward as is, but open to suggestions for next week, with 0.9 ITB.

    Pukki for Jota? Or King?

  6. 6
    GentleBenAKA says:

    Cheers guys. Good transfers. Question – if Sterling becomes perma captain then does it make sense to have three premiums? At their price they are no better than 0.55 points per million so really you need to be captaining them once every two to three weeks for them to be value. I ask because I have three premiums. Obviously Sterling has to stay, and it’s dangerous saying goodbye to Salah, and Kane’s fixture means he has to stay. But in a few weeks?…..

    • 6.1

      The premium premiums usually end up near the top of the points though so it depends what else you can do with their money. All a bit of a lottery figuring that out though.

    • 6.2
      Kralin says:

      It’s a good question.

      I’m avoiding it (three premiums) unless some really good and very cheap enabling options turn up (like Kane when he first materialised).

      I’ve felt that the value this season could lie in the Man U and Chelsea players and possibly the likes of this Ceballos guy. Still too early I know.

      • HarryP says:

        It’s something I’m looking at in readiness for a possible wc at the int break.

        I have 3 premiums (SSK) but have King and Ayew up front with Kane. My thought process will be “am I better having someone like rashford and vardy or Kane and King”. I just think Kane is due a “big” season.
        Sterling is a must have.
        So maybe my attention will switch to Salah and Hayden v someone like KDB and Maddison.
        I’m still not comfortable with the big 3, as squad is unbalanced, but it’s worked okay so far good

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