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FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW31

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW31

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW31

The bare necessities…
A relatively successful week, but one that somehow felt it should have been so much more… Our decision to captain Salah over Vardy cost us 11 valuable points, but we are at least grateful that we brought the latter in at all after his 16 point haul. Our score of 56 was alright – it was better than the average of 48 and saw us achieve the smallest of green arrows, for the second week in a row, to rest at 29, 423rd. However, its a win and we’ll always take a win. When it is stripped down, 48 of the 56 points came from just five of the players, with new recruit Vardy leading the party, while Hazard & Jimenez topped up our score late on with a goal apiece. Our 5-a-side team was made up of assisters Digne and Captain Salah. The rest of the mob can go do one – not even Fabianski could muster his usual 3pts. Which leads us on nicely to this week, and its reduced benefits….

Last week’s result…

Before we get going on this weeks decision we should remind you that;

This week’s transfer decision…
Going into BGW31 we have 1 free transfer, £3.3m in the bank and 8 players with an actual fixture this week.

We should begin by stating that we made our minds up last week that our chip strategy would (most likely) be; Build for BGW’s 31 & 33 together, FHDGW32, WCGW34, BBDGW35 and TC on a chosen single. Given as we have 8 already this week and 7 definites plus two ‘at risk’ for BGW33 we decided to bring in a couple of players who will feature in both weeks, and lose a couple who won’t, therefore plumping our numbers up for the blanks to 10 and possibly 11 respectively.

The decision itself was very straightforward and a bit route one. With no double Liverpool defence to block our path to the man of the moment we felt that bringing in Mane was a no-brainer. Alongside him we felt we needed some Bournemouth coverage and so Callum Wilson joins the party too.

We should also say that we did consider an extra hit for a defender so that we could field a full 11, whilst invoking the (admittedly flaky) -2 / 0 rule. We ended up deciding not to because the only teams we felt had any real potential in terms of returning a clean sheet were West Ham and Bournemouth. Trouble with both would have been fitting them into our BGW33 team, plus West Ham run into Chelsea in that one and we already own Fabianski. Bournemouth were seriously considered but we still concluded that Newcastle would most likely score and so decided to leave it be.

To confirm then we have SOLD Pogba and Jimenez & BOUGHT Mane and Wilson

Our Captain is Mane, our Vice is Salah
Salah did get one vote, but even that came with an “I think…” attached to it. Mane took the rest for another stress free decision. He’s pretty hard to ignore given the form he is in at the moment, no further explanation required on that one Your Honour.

Our team in full…

Planning Ahead…
The below is how we now look for the GW’s ahead. Built nicely for this and BGW33 we intend to use our Free Hit for the DGW next week.

You can follow the site teams progress all season by clicking here

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  1. 25
    webstar87 says:

    Afternoon all,
    We expecting pressers today?

    Team attached, thinking pog+rash to mane+wilson for a -4. Is it worth risking a -8 and bringing a playing defender too?

    Click on image to enlarge:

  2. 26
    AC Kop says:

    Hi guys, with some of your previous advice I’ve decided to go with the following like many; FH 32 and WC 34.
    I have 2FT with 0.3 ITB what transfers should I make? Got 10 but Not sure if Balbuena is going to play and Higuain is flagged atm too. Thanks

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 26.1
      Rosco says:

      If it looks like there’s a chance Higuain won’t play then Wilson or a punt on Arnie in for him and then Townsend out for whichever mid takes your fancy (presume you cant reach haz) so Siggy / Fraser / Maddy / Barnes / Brooks etc. If Higuain is ok then maybe just Townsend to one of the above you can afford and turn Shaw into a covering West Ham defender (Rice / Diop) or take a punt on whichever defence you think stands the best chance of a CS

  3. 27
    AllanBrallan says:

    FH is active. But with higuain and Fraser marked yellow I’m not so sure on what to do here.

    How would you handle this?

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 28
    Snookie Bear says:

    Suggestions please? Have all the chips in hand and wc too!

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 29
    chelseachick_uk says:

    Team not too bad – going to save my FH. Got 2 FT and 0.6 ITB.
    Was going to do Success to Wilson and Doherty to ?
    Not enough funds for CHE defender and already got 3 WHU players …
    Will FH next week and don’t want to lose the second transfer.
    Can’t thivk what else to do?

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 29.1
      Rosco says:

      Hey CC, My maths may be a bit out but will you not be short on those moves? Wilson is £1.9 (ish?) more than success so you’ll be looking to find £1.3m, if you are looking to take that out of Doherty how much does that actually leave you with?

  6. 30
    man u man says:

    Guys what’s the story with Higuain, and is it worth holding on to him?

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