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FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 22

FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 22

FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 22

Welcome to FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 22

A DGW, in theory… If all goes to plan then will have 14 13 games spanning from Friday evening through to the following Wednesday. Then again when have we seen anything go to plan much lately?

And yes, we know that the image below is now wrong but we are at the stage of refusing to change it every 5 bloody minutes rtfm

The games in full…

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 22 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 22.




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  1. 37
    Smash says:

    So I said I might regret not buying Bruno for Salah I certainly do now. Oh well

    • 37.1
      OddDane says:

      I’m mostly disappointed that a seasoned manager such as yourself blatantly overlooked the Butland captaincy option – I mean, it was right there ripe for the taking!

    • 37.2
      inittowinit says:

      Happens Smash, don’t dwell on it. It doesn’t really matter. I know it matters to you right now but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. Move on pal.

    • 37.3
      Reg83 says:

      Bruno is similar to Salah with no Ronaldo but similar to Fred with Ronaldo.

      All news indicated Ronaldo was fit to start. Dont know what Rangnick meant when he said Ronaldo is fit to play on Friday.

    • 37.4
      Kralin says:

      Just one to take on the chin and move on. This GW was practically impossible to plan for in a rational manner and it was bound to deliver a kick in the balls or two.

      I’m just looking at hanging on in there, rope-a-dope style until this Covid wave passes. Hopefully after that deploy the freebie FH to try and make up some ground.

    • 37.5
      Smash says:

      Oh I’m not that distraught. Thought I was too passive at the time not doing it. Made a few mistakes recently that’s just the game. Im still going alright on the whole. Loads of doubles to come and I have all my chips so I’m in a pretty good position

  2. 38
    Jamie Mc says:

    39 points so far on a free hit this game week.

    Been quite fortunate, had Ronaldo but read pre game week deadline that he was doubtful. Also had the armband on Kane but rumours suggested that Arsenal were looking for a postponement. Ended up re-jigging the squad and placed the armband on Bruno.

    Still got 11 players remaining so edging towards a decent score and a green arrow.

    Hope everyone is on an above the average score.


    • 38.1

      Hey Jamie,

      In these unprecedented times I would argue that’s not actually fortunate. That’s reading the signals as best you can and benefitting.

      Well done bro.

    • 38.2
      Smash says:

      Well played. Tbh the signs were there to do it. Bruno was a bit further forward in recent game showed a small sign of some form. Ronaldo left training early Thursday with a previous injury. I’m not sure he was ever likely to start after that. What managers say in pressers is becoming a lot relevant these days. I mean he’s not going to give away an advantage when he knew Ronaldo would not play. United play better without Ronaldo purely as when he plays everything has to go through him.

  3. 39
    inittowinit says:

    West Ham v Leeds

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 40
    inittowinit says:

    Liverpool v Brentford

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 41
    VanDan says:

    At least one good thing happened this weekend, Djokovic is on the plane back to the continent. All the drama, the political tug of war, the useless lawyer fees and tax money, what a schlemozl.

  6. 42
    Raziel says:

    Lol. I hate this season. Sold Antonio for Ronaldo whom I capped.

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