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Fantasy Football Tips

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!

Fantasy football tips FPLTo help you decide or just confuse you a bit more, we have asked 3 of our writers to pass judgment on what players you would do well to pick up and what players are better left out of the fray. We hope this is a simple straight forward formula that can assist you in your decision making as we ride out this International Break. I avoided including players like Siggy, Di Maria or Costa as there is really no point. There seems to be overwhelming consensus on these cats.
Grab – You need this player on your squad. On the Def/Keeper categories if they select Grab, they will give us a name or two from said team. Eg. Grab De-Gea
Avoid – It’s a trap don’t get suckered in.
Bore off – If you have him play him, if you don’t have him don’t bother getting him. Really not worth the extra effort.
Then again they may just go off piste and ramble regardless!

Fantasy football tips FPL
Fantasy football tips FPL
Fantasy football tips FPL
Fantasy football tips FPL

Fantasy football tips FPL

Thanks for reading Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15. This article was complied by Mito21

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  1. 55
    Ruben says:

    Come on lads, if you enjoy this blog and find it helpful then go vote for it for the Best New Football Blog award:
    I mean, us users can at least give them a little vote for running this awesome website! GO VOTE!!!

  2. 56
    Horse says:

    My vote is in.
    Hope we win!!

  3. 57
    fcsh says:

    Hi Guys…
    can i get suggestions here about my team…
    wanna change the players for incoming GameWeek in 3 – 6 continues…
    but abit confused and hard to make the decision with this change, because this team had been over limit..
    bank already over 9.5m….
    ya…i know its look like crazy and also know that impossible in a team will get all the brilliant player, just can choose from them..
    In here i would like to know all experience and opinion from you guy…which player should i rule out to be able to balance and change to which player?

  4. 58
    Hyper Fuse says:

    Here is my team thus far…I have 2 FT and looking to make a move…any suggestions?

    • 58.1
      NIN says:

      Hyper Fuse – Nice squad here but the lack of Costa is a worry. I would downgrade Sterling and upgrade one of Welbeck/Pelle to Costa. He’s a must have, for me.

      • Hyper Fuse says:

        Yes…I have been trying to figure out how to get costa…so lose sterling and either well beck or pellet?

        • NIN says:

          That’s what i would do mate, yes. It’s a tough choice between Welbeck and Pelle though, think i’d lose Welbeck, despite Arsenal’s good fixtures. Costa’s form is just too hot to not have him, for me.

    • 58.2
      baunsir says:

      or if you dont want costa just get a backup mid for king… or you can also get a good keeper or an attacking defender!
      or just get costa lol cuz as mou said he is just scoring for fun

  5. 59
    baunsir says:

    Hello people of the planet earth!
    hope everyone is having a good week!
    I come to you the great people to get some great advice on what to do lol
    any tips on transfer…. with .8 mil on da bank
    p.s i really hope ADM gets injured or just stops getting fpl points period…. he is too expensive now -_-

  6. 60
    FplDoc789 says:

    Hello all,
    This is my first season in FPL ( yes yes, massive noob I know :-D)
    But id really like your advice regarding my team…
    My idea was Shawcross> Baines and Dier> Gibbs with the 2.5 mill i have itb. Also would it be advisable to get Chadli in midfield for this GW ? (He faces ManC?) Better to transfer him next week? Sterling> Chadli based on this GW?
    Id really like your input on any changes that would be adviced
    Thanks in advance kind peeps

    • 60.1
      FplDoc789 says:

      A better pic in case the previous 1 wasnt

      • inittowinit says:

        Hi FplDoc, I’d probably just settle on Dier to Baines this week and leave it at that. Play a 3 5 2 and leave Ulloa out. The alternative is Ulloa to Welbeck I guess. No point getting Chadli with City away especially as Liverpool have QPR.

        Sorry you didn’t get an answer earlier although you have put this on an old article so it gets easily lost that way.

      • Gumby says:

        hey Fpldoc, (SORRY for the double post everyone, having problems with technology this morning) welcome to the site, I would probably suggest keeping Sterling for the next couple of weeks, he seems to be the main spark in Liverpool’s attack at the moment, and his opportunity to get points will only get greater I would of thought once Sturridge is back which should hopefully be this coming gameweek. If you were really wanting Chadli I would transfer Downing out, but like Innit said, I would wait til next week as Downing vs Burnley sounds better than Chadli vs City, but nothing is ever set in stone smile And interestingly over the next 6 gameweeks Both West Ham & Tottenham vs City, Stoke, Aston Villa, Everton & Newcastle……. so very similar fixtures, but hope that helps showing both sides of the story smile Good luck with your debut season

        • FplDoc789 says:

          Thanks Gumby smile
          I was thinking the same with Chadli.
          I try to spread my players as much as possible in order to get them max games. Hence Downing and the extra 2.5 mill itb

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