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Fantasy Football Tips

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!

Fantasy football tips FPLTo help you decide or just confuse you a bit more, we have asked 3 of our writers to pass judgment on what players you would do well to pick up and what players are better left out of the fray. We hope this is a simple straight forward formula that can assist you in your decision making as we ride out this International Break. I avoided including players like Siggy, Di Maria or Costa as there is really no point. There seems to be overwhelming consensus on these cats.
Grab – You need this player on your squad. On the Def/Keeper categories if they select Grab, they will give us a name or two from said team. Eg. Grab De-Gea
Avoid – It’s a trap don’t get suckered in.
Bore off – If you have him play him, if you don’t have him don’t bother getting him. Really not worth the extra effort.
Then again they may just go off piste and ramble regardless!

Fantasy football tips FPL
Fantasy football tips FPL
Fantasy football tips FPL
Fantasy football tips FPL

Fantasy football tips FPL

Thanks for reading Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15. This article was complied by Mito21

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  1. 49
    RoLfc1 says:

    1.8 million in the bank.. is it possible to bring in aguero over the next few weeks? :/ Or will I just bring in welbeck if ulloa does not perform?

    • 49.1
      The B says:

      Would Fabregas > Chadli/Downing/Hendo work?
      Suggesting this because Chelsea’s fixtures are going downhill and you already have Costa as Chelsea coverage.

      • RoLfc1 says:

        It could do but I have downing on the bench, doing it the way you suggested would mean Pelle > Aguero and Fab > Chadli with still .4 in the bank.
        Although I think fab may be as close to a must have as you can get?
        Sterling > Quinn
        Downing > any 5.2 mid (Mahrez?)
        and then Ulloa > Aguero
        Leaving me with a midfield of Di Maria, Quinn, Siggy, Mahrez and Fab
        And then a front line Aguero, Pelle and Costa?

    • 49.2
      B-Bash says:

      RoLfc, something has to give mate, with Baines in defence and Downing as your cheapest mid, its going to be difficult without a wc, unless you ditch Fab, Baines or ADM. None of which seem appealing. Sterling is possibly the most disposable, but wouod he raise enough cash?

      • inittowinit says:

        RoL I have a similar but also very different situation. Sterling or Fab need to go for me to get Aguero. Sterling has much better fixtures ahead with Fab travelling to both Utd and Liverpool soon. It’s a really tough one. Gut says stick with Fab. He can create and dictate on his own whereas Sterling seems to need the team to be firing to produce. And they aren’t. Yet.

        • AT says:

          But Sturridge…;)

        • RoLfc1 says:

          b-bash – True mate, sterling would leave me just a little under. thanks for the advice smile
          It is a tough one mate, and we can’t be sure if or when they start firing. I think the steps I said in the comment above may be a decent shout, but I suppose we will wait it out and see, aguero is pretty prone to injury after all haha.

        • B-Bash says:

          RoLfc, I am in a similar situation as I have no Aguero. Part of me is (selfishly) hoping that his ever so tender hammys have a tweak! That is as good as my Aguero plan is at this moment! smile

  2. 50
    abhirup780 says:

    Got Aguero for a hit. Suggest how to upgrade the def.. I know it looks like shit.

    • 50.1
      AT says:

      ab – guessing you have nothing in the bank so it will have to come from midfield (or Welbeck although I wouldn’t promote such a move..
      Watch Sterling and see how he performs against QPR as I think he is the first one I would get out in that midfield.
      With a hit already taken, I would sit tight for this gameweek.

      • abhirup780 says:

        I am sitting tight for this GW. I have 0.9m itb. But feeling uncomfortable without Baines or Ivan. If Baines gets going, I must find a way to grab him… will it be by downgrading Mid or the Front?

        • AT says:

          ab – now that you have Aguero I wouldn’t then downgrade him to bring in Baines (unless he gets injured of course). Could downgrade Welbeck although the cheap strikers usually don’t rake in the points but Sakho is definitely one to consider if you were to do it that way.
          Sterling or Fab for me..fixtures or form is the choice you’ll have to make on that one.

          Whilst Baines is a good buy, he is not a necessity and if you ruin the team at his expense he isn’t worth it in my opinion (although I am planning on bringing him in this week with £3.0m itb).

        • abhirup780 says:

          After GW8, Injury to any of the 4 premium Mids this year will make my life easier 😛 Really difficult to drop any of them for Baines.

  3. 51
    AT says:

    Baines and Pieters’ prices look safe for another night…looking like I’ll see off at least one of the Internationals before losing team value! smile

  4. 52
    Bongo says:

    Hi all, does anyone think it is worth swapping Ivanovic and Moreno for Baines and Azpilicueta, it would be for a -4 hit and I will have no cash left so will have to move before any price rises/falls.
    I know taking a hit for a defender is normally a no no but I still want Chelsea defensive coverage and Baines’s fixtures look so appealing. What to do…

  5. 53
    inittowinit says:

    Wouldn’t normally be so shameless but the Football Blog Award voting closes in 2 days I think. So if you haven’t yet, could you please! Final push! See top right on how to do so…

  6. 54

    HI guys, what would you guys do to this team, I have got 2ft?
    Right now I am split between 2 choices:
    1) naughton->baines and moore->alderwireld
    2)sigurdsson->hazard and naughton->van anholt

    Or should I use my free transfers somewhere else??

    • 54.1
      B-Bash says:

      Good looking team there mate! Looking at your front 7, I would leave them be for the time being, so the Baines option plus Southampton defender will only strengthen the team! Option 1!

    • 54.2
      Ruben says:

      Option 1 without a single moment of doubt. Sigurdsson is fantastic and I don’t see why you’d want to transfer him out in order to triple up on Chelsea offence. If you want Hazard, transfer him in for Fabregas instead.
      Baines is way more important in this case as your midfield is about as good as it can get.
      I envy you, to have that front 7 and Baines would be amazing.

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