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Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2021-22

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2021-22

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2021-22

International break time always means one thing, GABO time!

This mostly passive aggressive panel was filled with our fearless feared leader Init, Rosco, who after only one week of doing Init’s site duties needed a therapist and GP who tries to always be nice, but has been sneaking in snarky comments on the site. With a crazy first few gameweeks and a crazy transfer window to boot, there is certainly a lot of questions when it pertains to fpl that we all probably have. I have asked once again on the site for any in particular you might want answered and have included the ones I could that were not addressed in other questions.

Well, without further ado, let us see what the boys had to say.

Thanks for reading Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!. This article was written by Mito21.





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  1. 55
    Pippin says:

    Hi folks, bit late to this article but really enjoyed it. Good rambling from Mito too, as usual. Got 1 FT and 1.1m in the bank. Bothered by my weak bench but the main issues here are:

    – I would be happy to move Pogba on soon but seems a mistake to do so ahead of playing a terrible Newcastle defence with CR7 ahead of him
    – Wilson yellow flagged, Ings fixtures turning

    Not keen on WC or ripping up the team for CR7 just yet. Think a few teams will get burned by Champions League rotation soon and I think I’ll hold WC until GW7. Don’t mind a hit but might prefer it next week when we’ve seen players return and Ronaldo/Lukaku/Kane settle a little more. Options seem to be either:

    a) Hold transfer, don’t worry, Brownhill 2 pts can cover Wilson
    b) Ings to DCL/Bamford, hope Wilson plays
    c) Wilson (/Ings) to cheapo like Dennis, banking money ahead of more exciting stuff to come
    d) Pogba to Torres, Jota (noting risks of rotations) or cheapos like ESR/Benhrama/Raphinha, also freeing up funds

    c) Wilson moved out to

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