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Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW’s 18 & 19


Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW’s 18 & 19

Welcome to Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW18 and GW19. The hectic Christmas period is behind us and we have 5 weeks’ worth of results to catch-up on. However, as Init showcased in this week’s Fixtures article, upcoming game-weeks are not exactly coming up at a leisurely pace. With that in mind, we will once more be posting a double fixtures list that covers both game-weeks 18 and 19. As always, either post your predictions for both game-weeks in a single post or if you chose to do them separately, please comment on your original post to ensure Matt retains his sanity!

Onto the winners!

GW13 results –
The Winner in GW13 was yours truly! (Rosco), my first time doing so, proving just how tricky this competition of ours is! Whilst every man and his dog correctly guessed Giroud as FGS, my prediction prowess was enough to ensure I finished on a tidy 16pts, pushing all aside in my pursuit of that coveted FF247 T-shirt. Sam 10 finished in second with a respectable 14pts, with 13pts enough to ensure Leprechaun the number three spot on the podium.

GW14 Results –
This one went down to the wire. Tornado and Bejo both finished on 13pts, but it was Tornado who took the prize as his 23rd minute FGS prediction was enough to see off Bejo (24 minutes) as the closest to Minamino’s third-minute opener. MBD and Shinespark both came close with 12pts each in a game-week where no one guessed the identity of the FGS correctly.

GW15 Results –
The boss man himself – Init took top-spot, his 16pts and correct prediction of Rashford FGS, enough to see off competition from WhoIsRonaldo (14pts and FGS), and RafflesHotspur (11pts) who take second and third place respectively.

GW16 Results –
My brother from another mother, our very own Matt makes it a trio of contributors to take the top spot on the podium over the festive fixtures. It was close. Matt and Mahelmy both finished on 15pts thanks in no small part to both correctly choosing Zaha as FGS. However, Matt’s 17th-minute prediction was closer than Mahelmy’s 15th minute, although it should be noted, both were miles off the 58th minute actual! 3rd place was taken by yet another one of ‘us lot’ as my main man Kop finished on 14pts having also correctly predicted the GW16 FGS. A lot of people got FGS correct this week, if you did, well done you.

GW17 Results –
Another close one to round out the festivities. Treacle and Chipster both scored 15pts, both correctly guessed Soucek would be the first goal scorer (the only two to guess correctly I might add), however it was Chipster’s 36th-minute prediction that (Treacle 17th minute) that was the closest to Soucek’s 86th-minute opener. For the second week on the bounce, 3rd place was taken by Kop, shared this week with fellow 13-pointers Redmen and Padster.

And so; Many Congratulations to Rosco, Tornado, Init, Matt, Chipster. Please email us here; to claim your prize.

The table has now been updated and as you can see a gap is starting to form at the top. Treacle may have had to make do with second place in GW17, but an 11-point lead ensures that top-spot in the overall standings is his – for now.

THIS WEEK’S COMPETITION… Scoring couldn’t be simpler:
Correct Score = 3 points
Correct result = 1 point
Correct First Goalscorer of the game-week = 5 points

(to clarify this is who you think will score the 1st goal of the entire GW, not just in any game you choose to pick yourself!)

(Points are awarded on an ‘either/or’ basis, so you’ll either score 3 points for a Correct Score or 1 point for a Correct Result, these are never added together for a 4 point score.)

Tie-Breaker In the event that two or more members are tied as winners for the week the overall winner of the t-shirt will be decided by a tie-breaker. In order to do this, we ask that you also post your prediction of the time that the first goal of the week will be scored at. Nearest the pin wins.

The Rules… They are few; 1 entry per person and all entries must be submitted prior to the first game of the game-week. Kick-off this week comes on Tuesday at 6:00 pm. Once all the games have been played, we’ll count up the scores and the winner(s) will be announced in the following week’s competition article and each week our winner will walk away with an FF247 branded t-shirt! ). So just to recap all you need to do is; – Copy and paste the fixtures from below and pop your score prediction on each. – Tell us who you think will be the first goal scorer of the week (and that can be from any game regardless of your other predictions) – Add in your time of the first goal of the week for any potential tie-breaker situation.

Here are the fixtures, best of luck to you all!

GW18 Deadline is: Tuesday at 6pm

Sheffield United v Newcastle
Burnley v Man Utd
Wolves v Everton
Man City v Brighton
Arsenal v Palace

We’ve excluded any game involving Spurs!

GW19 Deadline is: Saturday at 12.30pm

Wolves v West Brom (12.30, 1st game)
Fulham v Chelsea
Leeds v Brighton
West Ham v Burnley
Leicester v Southampton
Sheffield United v Spurs
Liverpool v Man Utd
Man City v Palace
Arsenal v Newcastle
West Ham v West Brom
Leicester v Chelsea
Fulham v Man Utd
Man City v Villa
Liverpool v Burnley

(Villa v Newcastle isn’t included)

Thanks for reading Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW’s 18 & 19

This article was written by Harry and Lloyd… aka Matt and Rosco.





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  1. 7
    Izzat Aziz says:


    Sheffield United v Newcastle 0 – 2
    Burnley v Man Utd 0 – 2
    Wolves v Everton 1 – 1
    Man City v Brighton 3 – 0
    Villa v Spurs 1 – 3
    Arsenal v Palace 2 – 0

    FGS: Wilson 10mins

    • 7.1
      Izzat Aziz says:

      Spurs v Fulham 2 – 0

      • Izzat Aziz says:


        Fulham v Chelsea 0 – 2
        Wolves v West Brom 0 – 0
        Leeds v Brighton 2 – 0
        West Ham v Burnley 1 – 0
        Leicester v Southampton 2 – 1
        Sheffield United v Spurs 0 – 2
        Liverpool v Man Utd 1 – 1
        Man City v Palace 2 – 0
        Arsenal v Newcastle 2 – 0
        West Ham v West Brom 1 – 0
        Leicester v Chelsea 2 – 2
        Fulham v Man Utd 0 – 2
        Man City v Villa 2 – 0
        Liverpool v Burnley 2 – 0

  2. 8
    Albox says:

    GW18 Deadline is: Tuesday at 6pm

    Sheffield United v Newcastle-1–1
    Burnley v Man Utd—————–1–1
    Wolves v Everton——————-2–0
    Man City v Brighton—————3–0
    Villa v Spurs————————–1–2
    Arsenal v Palace——————–2–0
    First McGoldrick, 19th Min

    GW19 Deadline is: Friday at 8pm

    Fulham v Chelsea—————1–2
    Wolves v West Brom———–2–0
    Leeds v Brighton—————–3–0
    West Ham v Burnley———–1–1
    Villa v Everton———————2–1
    Leicester v Southampton—-2–0
    Sheffield United v Spurs——0–3
    Liverpool v Man Utd————2–2
    Man City v Palace—————3–0
    Arsenal v Newcastle———–2–0
    West Ham v West Brom——2–1
    Leicester v Chelsea————-2–1
    Leeds v Southampton———2–1
    Fulham v Man Utd————–1–3
    Man City v Villa——————-2–0
    Liverpool v Burnley————-2–0
    First Goal Zouma 38th Min

  3. 9
    Stone Frog says:

    Sheffield Utd v Newcastle 0-1
    Burnley v Manchester United 1-2
    Wolves v Everton 1-1
    Man City v Brighton 4-0
    Aston Villa v Spurs 1-2
    Arsenal v Crystal Palace 1-0
    FGS Wilson 70mins

  4. 10
    Tornado says:

    Yaaaaaay! hunter


    Sheffield United 1-1 Newcastle
    Burnley 0-3 Man Utd
    Wolves 1-1 Everton
    Man City 4-0 Brighton
    Villa 2-2 Spurs
    Arsenal 2-0 Palace

    FGS: Wilson 23

    • 10.1
      Tornado says:

      Do I get 1 point for predicting correctly Spurs’ draw?! haha

      Next stop DGW19 (D does no longer stand for Double, D as in Detrimental!)

      Fulham 1-2 Chelsea
      Wolves 2-0 West Brom
      Leeds 2-1 Brighton
      West Ham 1-0 Burnley
      Villa 1-2 Everton (in case it takes place)
      Leicester 2-2 Southampton
      Sheffield United 1-2 Spurs
      Liverpool 2-3 Man Utd
      Man City 3-0 Palace
      Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle
      West Ham 2-0 West Brom
      Leicester 2-1 Chelsea
      Southampton 3-0 Shrewsbury (sneaking this one in and hope no one notices unknw laugh2 )
      Fulham 1-3 Man Utd
      Man City 3-0 Villa (in case it takes place)
      Liverpool 3-0 Burnley

      FGS: Neto 23

  5. 11
    M.Salah says:


    Sheffield United v Newcastle: 0-2
    Burnley v Man Utd: 1-0
    Wolves v Everton: 1-2
    Man City v Brighton: 3-0
    Villa v Spurs: 0-2
    Arsenal v Palace: 4-0

    FGS: Wilson– 50 min.


    Fulham v Chelsea: 0-3
    Wolves v West Brom: 1-1
    Leeds v Brighton: 1-1
    West Ham v Burnley: 1-1
    Villa v Everton: 1-1
    Leicester v Southampton: 1-1
    Sheffield United v Spurs: 0-3
    Liverpool v Man Utd: 2-0
    Man City v Palace: 4-0
    Arsenal v Newcastle 2-0
    West Ham v West Brom: 2-0
    Leicester v Chelsea: 2-1
    Leeds v Southampton: 2-3
    Fulham v Man Utd: 0-3
    Man City v Villa: 3-1
    Liverpool v Burnley: 2-1

    FGS: girourd– 22 min.

  6. 12
    MBD says:


    Sheffield United v Newcastle: 0-2
    Burnley v Man Utd: 0-3
    Wolves v Everton: 1-1
    Man City v Brighton: 3-0
    Villa v Spurs: 2-2
    Arsenal v Palace: 2-1

    FGS: Wilson– 5 min.


    Fulham v Chelsea: 1-2
    Wolves v West Brom: 1-0
    Leeds v Brighton: 3-1
    West Ham v Burnley: 1-0
    Villa v Everton: 1-1
    Leicester v Southampton: 1-1
    Sheffield United v Spurs: 0-2
    Liverpool v Man Utd: 1-2
    Man City v Palace: 2-0
    Arsenal v Newcastle 2-1
    West Ham v West Brom: 2-1
    Leicester v Chelsea: 2-2
    Leeds v Southampton: 2-2
    Fulham v Man Utd: 0-2
    Man City v Villa: 3-2
    Liverpool v Burnley: 2-0

    FGS: – Werner 27th min

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