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Harry & Lloyd’s Predictions Competition

Harry and Lloyd’s Predictions GW38


Harry and Lloyd’s Predictions GW38

Welcome to Harry and Lloyd’s Predictions GW38. The final game-week of the FPL season is finally here, bringing to a close another season of predictions here at Harry and Lloyd’s. What started as a way to pass the time in a long winter game-week last season, has turned into a fully functioning ongoing affair with over 100 participants and we salute each and every one of you!

We head into ‘Championship Sunday’ with the majority of the Premier league’s key battles already decided, but who would bet against one final twist in what’s been quite a week for football with season-defining moments from Manchester City, Liverpool and now Tottenham in the last 3 days! Over here, the chances of last-minute drama seem unlikely. Last seasons winner DenPerryDidIt has once again spent the majority of the season in the top spot, and with a 16pt lead it looks likely he’ll once again claim the title. How does he do it? Your guess is as good as mine. It’s not easy, if it was we’d all be laughing all the way to the bank, let’s just hope DenPerryDidIt puts his talents to use elsewhere and is mugging off the bookies left, right and centre.

Back to this week. Red Robbo is our winner with 12 pts, PM was close with 10pts to take the second spot and sharing third we have Eresh and GoalMachine. Nobody nailed the 1st GS which is no suprise given that it was an OG by Ben Mee.

And so; Many Congratulations to Red Robbo. Please email us here; to claim your prize.

THIS WEEK’S COMPETITION… Scoring couldn’t be simpler: Correct Score = 3 points Correct result = 1 point Correct First Goalscorer of the game-week = 5pts (Points are awarded on an ‘either/or’ basis, so you’ll either score 3 points for a Correct Score or 1 point for a Correct Result, these are never added together for a 4 point score.) Tie-Breaker In the event that two or more members are tied as winners for the week the overall winner of the t-shirt will be decided by a tie-breaker. In order to do this, we ask that you also post your prediction of the time that the first goal of the week will be scored at. Nearest the pin wins.

The Rules… They are few; 1 entry per person and all entries must be submitted prior to the first game of the game-week. Kick-off this week comes on Sunday at 3:00 pm. Once all the games have been played, we’ll count up the scores and the winner(s) will be announced in the following week’s competition article and each week our winner will walk away with an FF247 branded t-shirt! ). So just to recap all you need to do is; – Copy and paste the fixtures from below and pop your score prediction on each. – Tell us who you think will be the first goal scorer of the week (and that can be from any game regardless of your other predictions) – Add in your time of the first goal of the week for any potential tie-breaker situation.

Here are the fixtures, best of luck to you all! 

GW38 Deadline is: Sunday at 3pm

Brighton v Man City
Burnley v Arsenal
Palace v Bournemouth
Fulham v Newcastle
Leicester v Chelsea
Liverpool v Wolves
Man Utd v Cardiff
Southampton v Huddersfield
Spurs v Everton
Watford v West Ham

League Table – This is correct as of this week, thanks to DMC and his willingness and wizardry!

Thanks for reading Harry and Lloyd’s Predictions GW38

This article was written by Harry and Lloyd… aka Matt and Rosco. And DMC!

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  1. 7
    The Padster says:

    Thanks Rosco, Matt and DMC! I’m looking forward to playing again next season already! smile
    Brighton v Man City 0-2
    Burnley v Arsenal 1-2
    Palace v Bournemouth 2-2
    Fulham v Newcastle 1-1
    Leicester v Chelsea 2-1
    Liverpool v Wolves 2-0
    Man Utd v Cardiff 2-1
    Southampton v Huddersfield 2-0
    Spurs v Everton 2-1
    Watford v West Ham 1-0
    FGS B Silva 22nd min

  2. 8

    Many thanks for the kind words, I have truly enjoyed the challenge of this game ever since it’s conception.
    In fact, I don’t think I’ve missed a week in the 64 it’s been playing for.

    I appreciate all the work you fella’s put into it so thanks Matt, Rosco & DMC.
    I know it must be time consuming and no doubt can be laborious to tally those scores, plus keeping up with the schedule.

    I should post more in the general chat and will try to next season.

    • 8.1
      Rosco says:

      You’re outstanding at it mate and the kind words are deserved, to win it once is brilliant but to do it again!! Wow! I know how tough it is but you seem to have a skill for it! I may start basing my bets on your predictions next season!!

    • 8.2

      Brighton vs Man City 0-2
      Burnley vs Arsenal 1-2
      Crystal Palace vs Bournemouth 2-2
      Fulham vs Newcastle 1-1
      Leicester vs Chelsea 1-1
      Liverpool vs Wolves 2-0
      Man Utd vs Cardiff 2-0
      Southampton vs Huddersfield 2-0
      Spurs vs Everton 1-1
      Watford vs West Ham 1-2


  3. 9
    Offalymartin says:

    Well done lads for all the hard work that goes into this. I enjoyed winning 2 of the weeks and getting my t shirts. Looking forward to next season.

    Brighton v Man City 1-3
    Burnley v Arsenal 2-1
    Palace v Bournemouth 1-2
    Fulham v Newcastle 1-3
    Leicester v Chelsea 2-1
    Liverpool v Wolves 3-0
    Man Utd v Cardiff 2-0
    Southampton v Huddersfield 3-1
    Spurs v Everton 2-1
    Watford v West Ham 2-0

    Mane 17

  4. 10
    Silvers says:

    Is Robertson out this wknd ???

  5. 11
    Red Robbo says:

    First up, thank you to Matt, Rosco & DMC for the huge amount of effort that must go in to tallying things up every week – it’s very much appreciated.

    I seem to be on a late season surge with 2 wins and a runner up slot in the last three weeks. I almost wish I was a gambler!

    As I should already have a t-shirt on the way, can I request that whoever posts them out just goes to the nearest park and gives it to the first white cider drinking hobo they come across? Think of it as a human billboard advertising the site laugh

    Brighton v Man City 0-4
    Burnley v Arsenal 2-1
    Palace v Bournemouth 3-3
    Fulham v Newcastle 1-1
    Leicester v Chelsea 3-1
    Liverpool v Wolves 4-1
    Man Utd v Cardiff 3-1
    Southampton v Huddersfield 4-0
    Spurs v Everton 1-2
    Watford v West Ham 0-1

    FGS – Vardy, 3 mins

  6. 12
    Gavy says:

    Brighton v Man City 1-1 (fingers crossed)
    Burnley v Arsenal 2-1
    Palace v Bournemouth 1-2
    Fulham v Newcastle 1-3
    Leicester v Chelsea 2-2
    Liverpool v Wolves 2-0
    Man Utd v Cardiff 2-1
    Southampton v Huddersfield 3-0
    Spurs v Everton 2-1
    Watford v West Ham 3-2

    1st goal mane 11 minutes

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