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Predicted Line-ups and FPL Team News Gameweek 14

Predicted Line-ups and FPL Team News Gameweek 14

Predicted Line-ups and FPL Team News Gameweek 14

We’ve done away with the wordy intro as you should all be au fait with the new layout of this by now.

As a quick reminder –

There are two versions of this article.

The one below has a drop-down version. It’s fairly idiot proof – you simply click on the small arrow to the right of the team name and you get a drop-down list of all the teams. Simply click on the one you want to see and hey presto, etc. This is the published article with the comments section to crack on with.

The other one is permanently live and has the ‘nicer’ grid layout. If you want to see that version you can click here. This can also be easily accessed at any time via a myriad of links on our homepage – Header link, Hot Topics link, Quick Access link on mobile and it is also linked towards the end of all of our regular articles.

What you see below is a live link to what Drafthound have on their website. Why is that significant? Well, firstly, it now means that the second they make any updates in reaction to live team news then they will also appear on here. Being uber helpful in that respect they also time-stamp all of their line-ups so you can tell to the minute when it was last updated.

As an additional extra if you click on any player icon on the team line-up that will take you to their own page on Drafthound, from where you can see up to date season stats, their upcoming fixture schedule and use a comparison tool to view similar players.

Given their time and effort in providing this content for us it would be rude not to occasionally click on the Drafthound link and check out their own fabulous content as there are FPL articles aplenty on there too.

Thanks for reading Predicted Line-ups and FPL Team News Gameweek 14. This article was written by Fantasy Football 247 and Drafthound






Predicted Line-Ups FPL 2021/22

You can access our Live feed to these here.

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  1. 7
    Reg83 says:

    really torn between Salah, TAA or even Jota as captain. Kane another option but dont trust him.
    EVE got 2 pts in their last 7 games, havent scored last 3.
    LIV will win but by what margin & will they keep CS my doubts.
    last game c taa, paid off by 3 pts.

  2. 8
    photek says:

    Hi all, any news on Foden?
    Used my ft on Regulion for Duffy this week with the next 2 in mind.
    Starting X11 look ok?

    Click on image to enlarge:

  3. 9
    photek says:

    Cheers Init good
    Starting x11 look gtg to you?

  4. 10
    McButcher says:


    1.0 ITB

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 11
    Mr Go says:

    Hi all,
    3.6 ITB 1FT. Jota or a City Mid, but who for? I really hope Foden starts any news on him?

    Click on image to enlarge:

  6. 12
    McButcher says:

    Trying this for the third time.

    1.0 ITB

    Click on image to enlarge:

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