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FF247 Site FPL Team GW22

FF247 Site FPL Team GW22

FF247 Site FPL Team GW22

Welcome to FF247 Site FPL Team GW22

Our G21 Result…

Can you score 77, be 31 points above the average, get a 20k green arrow and still have a grumble about it? Damn right we can….

You see, 50 of those points came from our West Ham duo with 42 alone from Jarrod Bowen. Talk about papering over the cracks! As for the rest, Trent, Jota and Son all got an assist. And that my friends was that, as they say. Oh and we had to use two subs who came in for a grand total of 4. Leaving Ben Davies and his 6 on the bench. He could conceivably have played and scored more than 8 of our other players. Well ok 7 as he probably couldn’t have played in goal (more’s the pity!).

All that left us in 120,542nd place. We have £0.3 in the bank and 1 free transfer to use ahead of GW22. Let’s go see what was decided….

Our GW22 Transfer(s)

We found ourselves with 6 DGW players, which is very much in theory, in more sense than one*

(*Will all depend if Brendan Rodgers fancies playing this week or not).

We then also found ourselves with a very injured Son and so the transfer was pretty much as easy and obvious as it could be. With a DGW in the offing we have opted for the very much in-form James Maddison.

That was at 7am this morning and a little over 4 hours later it looked altogether less appetising, for obvious reasons. We have sat on our hands ever since just waiting to see if any other games also went by the wayside.

In the meantime we discussed alternative replacements and only really Mason Mount stood out as being viable. Ultimately it came down to him or simply saving our transfer. With a couple of decent subs already at hand we decided to stick and have a handy spare transfer for future weeks as these cancellations show no signs of abating.

To confirm then we have HELD OUR TRANSFER

*all of this could of course change in the next few hours, and we are half expecting to just in the time it takes to write this sentence so other disaster will befall FPL. If it does we shal shout in the comments below.


More due to a lack of any other real great options, Ronnie will wear our armband with trepidation, both on his part and ours.

Our GW22 team in full…

Should you wish to follow the FF247 Site Team’s progress you can do so here.

Thanks for reading FF247 Site FPL Team GW22

Predicted Line-ups and FPL Team News Gameweek 22

Rather than clutter the site up on a Friday with too many articles we have tagged our predicted line-ups on here.

As a quick reminder –

There are two versions of this article.

The one below has a drop-down version. It’s fairly idiot proof – you simply click on the small arrow to the right of the team name and you get a drop-down list of all the teams. Simply click on the one you want to see and hey presto, etc. This is the published article with the comments section to crack on with.

The other one is permanently live and has the ‘nicer’ grid layout. If you want to see that version you can click here. This can also be easily accessed at any time via a myriad of links on our homepage – Header link, Hot Topics link, Quick Access link on mobile and it is also linked towards the end of all of our regular articles.

What you see below is a live link to what Drafthound have on their website. Why is that significant? Well, firstly, it now means that the second they make any updates in reaction to live team news then they will also appear on here. Being uber helpful in that respect they also time-stamp all of their line-ups so you can tell to the minute when it was last updated.

As an additional extra if you click on any player icon on the team line-up that will take you to their own page on Drafthound, from where you can see up to date season stats, their upcoming fixture schedule and use a comparison tool to view similar players.

Given their time and effort in providing this content for us it would be rude not to occasionally click on the Drafthound link and check out their own fabulous content as there are FPL articles aplenty on there too.






Predicted Line-Ups FPL 2021/22

You can access our Live feed to these here.

FF247 LEAGUES FOR 2021/22

Fantasy Football 247 League Codes:

This is our main public FF247 League, which anyone is welcome to join and can be accessed using the code below or this auto-join link
League Code: kgvnpe


View league standings

Our Regulars League* for 2021/22 is sponsored by Fanteam The total cash prize pool is £1k. The first 5 places are paid out in a tiered system.

To enter this one you need to be an active and recognised site member and you need to e-mail us for the league code:

Our FF247 Cup is also included and attracts a prize of £50 for the winner.

You MUST also have a FanTeam account to claim any prize.

*terms and conditions apply and they are available here Management reserve the right to review membership of this league on an ongoing basis which is dependent upon regular comment / community activity.

Both leagues will be shut to new entrants as of 01/01/22.

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  1. 13
  2. 14
    ODT says:

    Man, this week is turning out to be quite the thorn to the FPL/life balance discussed in the other article. Will Ronaldo play? Will Ars/Spurs happen? Who’s the best replacement for Son given the uncertainty? What else can the FPL gods throw at us this week? Tune in tonight at 11 for another episode of “FPL wrecking crew”. This is insane. I have no idea what I am going to do but I’ll figure it out in the next 50 minutes. Good luck to everyone this week. We’re all going to need it.

    • 14.1
      Kralin says:

      It’s got almost completely freeform for me. I based my selections this week on the letter ‘k’, bringing in KdB and Kilman of Wolves.

      Both have been on my ‘k’ radar for a while. My other radars just went into fast-forward and started malfunctioning.

      Best of luck this GW.

      • AJW says:

        Hello Kralin – that’s so ironic. I have been to-ing and fro-ing between FH and trading Salah for Bruno or Ronnie or Harry, plus all manner of strange combinations, but have been scared by the talk of games being called off and certain players having slight injuries etc etc, AND was in the car this arvo and had a moment of extreme lucidity, thinking that I may as well take an in-form player who is on the ‘up’, and running into nice looking fixtures, and young Kevin sprang to mind! Easily transferable back to Mo, and ‘Bob’s your uncle! Decided to throw in a DGWer for good measure, but saw no point in tossing out Antonio, DCL & King when they had such prime match-ups, so traded out the ailing Reece James for the rather ‘punty’ Alex Telles. Tant pis if he doesn’t turn out to do anything, as I can easily get rid of him for a Vila defender next week or after. KDB though….hmmm! I think we have forgotten how shaky the Chelsea defence has been looking lately! Looking more like a Swiss cheese than a defensive backline! Anyway – we’ll see! Cheerio and have a nice weekend!

        • AJW says:

          Hahaha I have just snuck a peek and we’ve both captained Bowen! Cheers and good luck! And to all of you indeed this GW.

    • 14.2
      Loud Atlas says:

      I’ve found a certain inner peace with it all. Take it for what it is – a game that may or not go our way. Hope for the best, expect the worst. Don’t congratulate yourself too much, don’t berate yourself either. -chimes gong-

      To answer your questions:
      – Probably, Ron’s normally the fittest specimen out there and he needs to prove his critics wrong.
      – ARS/TOT better happen. ARS need to get a couple of the youth players (presuming they have some, could be wrong!) called up and throw ’em in the deep end.
      – Best Son replacement: Moura for upcoming fixtures; Mount for one DGW punt.
      – The FPL gods will undoubtedly throw another set of chips into the mix to placate the revolters among us.

      Good luck smile !

  3. 15
    Goldilocks says:

    Hey all, looking at my team for the first time in a week and it’s not pretty.
    Which of these is best?
    Son and Salah to
    A) Mount/KDB
    B) Moura/Bruno
    C) a different combo of the above
    D) something else.

  4. 16
    Reg83 says:

    Interesting fact: 13 of the 15 Afcon games till now have finished 1-0 (10 times) or 0-0.
    Only the 2 games involving hosts Cameroon have had a different scoreline.

  5. 17
    Macca_ says:

    Hi all, tough week…thinking of the following:

    James –> TAA
    Son -> Moura

    Thoughts please, i dont think FH is a good option with so many covid doubts.

  6. 18
    Rogueblood says:

    Is it worth using 1 of my freehits with this team I can do a -4 for the week but if the Arsenal gane is called off I’m buggered.

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