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Double Game-Week 31 Comparison Sturridge vs Suarez

Double Game-Week 31 Comparison Suarez vs Sturridge

Sturridge vs Suarez

Luis Suarez or Daniel Sturridge is a debate that has taken a hold of the FPL world, in particular since Sturridge came back in GW21. The easiest thing in the world has been seeing the need to own both of them, the hardest thing has been choosing which one to captain. On a weekly basis we find ourselves rooting for our captain and rooting against the other half of S&S, despite them also being on our team. With the big Double Game-Week on the verge of commencing we find ourselves digging a bit deeper into the numbers and the possible consequences of choosing one over the other.

Sturridge vs Suarez

When Liverpool played Cardiff last time, Sturridge was out injured, so there is no real indication how Brendan Rodgers would choose to deploy his English International. While in the game versus Cardiff earlier in the season he played a 4-3-3 with Suarez as the centre forward, it does not mean he would use the same formation in spite of their 3-1 win. However if he did, one would assume that it would mean Sturridge as centre forward and Suarez playing on one of the wings. Rodgers has been notorious for deploying different formations and just because his diamond mid has worked the last two games, it does not mean he will repeat it. He had 3 wins on the run including the devastating 5-1 demolishing of Arsenal, before he changed to his current diamond mid (4-1-2-1-2). One can deduce that Rodgers treats games individually and adjusts his formation as he sees fit.

When Liverpool played Sunderland last time (GW6) they lined up in a 3-4-1-2 and S&S both had a massive day, it was the first game back for Suarez. So it would appear that a formation with 2 up top could work, but realize that Sunderland had just sacked Di Canio right before this game and Kevin Ball (caretaker) was making his debut in that game. So Rodgers probably had no real sense of what the Black Cats would try and do versus them. Now that Rodgers has seen Gus Poyet at work, I am sure he will deploy the tactics he deems fit and it could be anyone of his eight or nine different formations. But perhaps all an FPL manager should be concerned with is whether he will play 2 up top or Suarez on the wing.

When Suarez was out wide for Game-Weeks 23-27 (in purple) he averaged 5.4 PPG, Sturridge averaged 11.4 PPG. A difference of six points in a DGW would be huge, as it means there could possibly be a 12 point gap between captain choices. When both were played up top Suarez averaged 10.6 PPG and Sturridge averaged 6.4 PPG. A slightly smaller gap, nevertheless an 8 point difference over two games could prove very useful. Perhaps the capacity for large hauls more consistently appeals to you. Suarez with 8 double figure games compared to 4 for his strike partner (when playing together) is the clear winner there. Fact is just about every stat, points to Suarez over Sturridge. The more you look the harder the case becomes for Sturridge as captain. One could say that a higher percentage of his shots are in the box and on target, but I prefer the guy who takes more shots and that is without doubt the Uruguayan. Despite the stats and all the info that favours Suarez, in the end the winner of this game week captaincy battle could simply come down to how Rodgers decides to line them up. I guess it could be worse; we could all be putting ourselves at the mercy of David Moyes.

Thanks for reading Sturridge vs Suarez, this article was written by Mito

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  1. 31
    McButcher says:

    Good Luck you guuuuuuuuys!!!

  2. 32
    Raziel says:

    Ok transfer deadline closed. Good luck this GW people. May you all succeed. Not sure about you guys but I smell pussy. Will be a great week regardless.

  3. 33
    Desmo says:

    feels good to be back!

    good luck everyone! massive scrore coming up

    by the way, here is my team

    collins goalman Lolarov
    toure gerrard nolan sissoko
    jelavic suarez (C) sturridge

    de gea – richardson – azpilicueta – john

    what do you guys think?

  4. 34
    HL says:

    My main ML opponent just took a -16 !
    Well, good luck with that dance !!
    ML cash prize –> come to papa !!!

    • 34.1
      Desmo says:

      i guess i just took 20 HL. hhaha good luck for me!

      • HL says:

        Desmo – are you sure we are not in the same league 😉 ?!? haha…
        p.s. why on earth did you do that smile ?

      • Desmo says:

        hhaha not the cash one HL.
        i’m not sure HL, bit frustrated and try something unusual.
        i sold eriksen, ince, aguero, hazard, (all frustrated me) and i might regret for sold lallana and cahill. plus i did that on last sunday. Lol

        • HL says:

          Desmo – just had a quick look at ur team and overall ranking, and I am disappointed you chose to do this crazy move sad !!!
          You were in the 36K in the world, mate ! You
          Yes, you now have 11 DGW players (even 12 !! if we count DDG on ur bench) , but a -20 ?!?
          You could ve had a very nice team with a -8 max !!

          I will be cheering for ya, mate !!
          Really hope things will go ur way – I would really hate to see lose ur ranking just bcs of a 5min madness…


        • Desmo says:

          thanks HL appreciate it. i was on the right track before GW 28, i have 2 FTs and planning to have 8 or 9 dgw players on 31. but because it was a busy week at work, i missed it and waste my 1 FT. then another mistakes is sold van persie for aguero, knee jerk, and the wagon crashed on the halfway. GW 28 to 30 i dropped by 10k.

          now i really hope my madness paid off. it’s a soar or sink GW for me.

    • 34.2
      EBC says:

      I was hoping my competition would do the same but it looks like most have 9 or more with no hits.

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