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The Boot Room – Rate My Team – Game-week 5

The Boot Room – Rate My Team GW 5 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League

Photo-02-01-2014-11-40-06-300x214 Game-week 4 is over and the International Break is under way, for many (including the FF247 team) this means wildcard time. So if you are looking for a bit of help on your new squad or simply feel the need to discuss any future transfers, you have come to the right place. We will also be receiving managers in need of a shoulder to cry on. Because frankly, after this 4 week span a tear or two is understandable.

So please feel free as ever, to post your thoughts, questions and feelings about whatever you want to, but in particular if you would like others to take a look at your team ahead of GW5 and beyond and offer their opinions. Please post or link it below and we are sure you will get plenty of feedback. Some of which may actually be constructive, but we can’t promise anything!

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  1. 169
    AT says:

    Anyone feel like Wilson loses a lot of his appeal without Gradel? Was an excellent addition with his pace and assist potential..
    Deciding between him and Mahrez..(had both at £5.5m so no price diff.)

  2. 170
    Ruben says:

    I just created a European Qualifiers Fantasy team. I know that I’m 6 rounds late, but it’s great fun. LOOK AT THIS TEAM. If only this was my FPL team. Hahaha.

  3. 171
    dharoc says:

    Already done Depay -> Ayew.

    Thinking about doing two more transfers. 0.0 ITB atm. 1 ft left.
    Currently have Sakho and Chadli. So my dilemma is:

    Sakho + Chadli (2 ft next round, miss price rise on Pedro. 0.0ITB)
    Deeney + Pedro (4 pt hit + price rise on Pedro. 0.0 ITB)

    All of them have ok fixtures the next few GWs. I do believe Chelsea is going to improve a lot after the international break. Both Deeney and Pedro have promising underlaying stats, but as do Sakho and Chadli… What to do…

  4. 172
    maple says:

    sorry, think i posted in wrong thread 😉

    So. on WC version 2…. 1.4 in the bank.

    3 questions..

    1 – Upgrade Keeper to either Hart or Cech and loose financial flexibility going forward

    2 – Move ou Ayew or Payet for Mahrez and slightly upgrade in other areas

    3 – No arsenal coverage, and No Chelsea backline.. should i rectify this and if so how?

    MANY MANY THANKS ALL, top 1M here i come…

  5. 173
    colonial says:

    Get Courtois and you cover questions 1 & 3.
    I would get Mahrez ( if fit) for Payet – you then have some cash over
    Captain Aguero

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