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The Boot Room – Rate My Team – Game-week 5

The Boot Room – Rate My Team GW 5 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League

Photo-02-01-2014-11-40-06-300x214 Game-week 4 is over and the International Break is under way, for many (including the FF247 team) this means wildcard time. So if you are looking for a bit of help on your new squad or simply feel the need to discuss any future transfers, you have come to the right place. We will also be receiving managers in need of a shoulder to cry on. Because frankly, after this 4 week span a tear or two is understandable.

So please feel free as ever, to post your thoughts, questions and feelings about whatever you want to, but in particular if you would like others to take a look at your team ahead of GW5 and beyond and offer their opinions. Please post or link it below and we are sure you will get plenty of feedback. Some of which may actually be constructive, but we can’t promise anything!

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  1. 157
    FlockaFlame says:

    Thank you for all your responses they were incredibly helpful, if I do use the wildcard, what are your thoughts on this team? (Yes I know De Bruyne is a big risk)

    • 157.1
      inittowinit says:

      Flocka, that has the makings of a really good squad. I’d ditch KDB for a cheaper alternative and get Aguero in there though. Yeah I know, everyone more or less will have him but so be it. He’s one of the few players that can leave you behind. If it’s that versus KDB as a newcomer then I’d go Aguero for sure and at least keep pace. That makes the KDB replacement pick all the more important to nail. How much would that leave for that spot?

      • FlockaFlame says:

        I dropped the highest rated attacker (Gomis) and replaced him with aguero and it only leaves me with 4m ITB, what do you think my next course of action should be?

  2. 158
    MattX says:

    Evening everyone. Just had a proper look at my team since last Thursday and realised I have a few “knocks” so should I play my WC? I don’t really want to do that yet want to wait till about late Nov but do I need it now??

    • 158.1
      inittowinit says:

      Certainly not Matt. I expect Mahrez will be fine. Benteke I’ve no idea on and I’d possibly be shipping him anyway but other than that you’re looking fine I think.

      • MattX says:

        Ye that’s what I’m thinking/ hoping for! Ye I was thinking of Benteke being my next player out but not sure who to bring in maybe Martial if he hits off or that new Spurs striker either.

        • inittowinit says:

          To be honest Matt I’d swerve those for now until they’ve settled in and even established a place in their teams. You could do worse than either Vardy, Wilson or Sakho given their decent fixtures ahead. Sakho maybe not so good in GW6 but certainly 5 and 7 look good and the other 2 are good for a fair few weeks worth.

        • MattX says:

          That’s very true mate. Don’t think I’d get Vardy because of Mahrez but what do you think of Diouf?? Wilson could be a good safe choice and I’m not investing in West Ham as I think they are so unpredictable.

        • inittowinit says:

          He’d be the last choice I think (Sakho) and mainly because of that City game that splits the good 2 home ones. I wouldn’t shy from Vardy though on the basis of having Mahrez. Wilson maybe the safest unless Murray gets an early look in. No idea what the plan is there as in whether he partners him or shares pitch time initially though.

        • MattX says:

          Ye I think I’ll stay away from Sakho to be honest. Might have a think about Vardy could be good for a few weeks while the Leicester attack is performing well. That’s true I’m not sure how Bournemouth will lineup now as they have 3 fairly decent strikers in Wilson, King and Murray so maybe they will all play now that Gradel is gone for 6 months. Also with Diouf he has a tough game against Arsenal followed by games that could go either way so might not be the best option either.

    • 158.2
      Calvin Clyne says:

      If you ideally don’t want to play it Matt then don’t just yet. Prices are going up at a crawl so not much benefit to be had money-wise at the moment, and injury-wise, well there’s a longer period for the players to recover. Also the benefit of some of them not going on international duty due to their “injuries” 😉

      • MattX says:

        Cheers CC. I’m pretty annoyed by the price rises this season, my team is still only 100 mil whenever I try and sell everyone but I know what you mean.
        Ye that’s what I’m thinking Benteke is doing with Belgium as his “injury” kind of came out of nowhere.
        Do you suggest anything else on this team??

        • FlockaFlame says:

          Hi Matt, your team looks great as of now and I have a similar situation on my team with “knocks”. The only thing I would recommend, and this is in my opinion, is trading out benteke for a cheaper striker say maybe diouf, and then swapping sterling for maybe even de Bruyne or Pedro, I know Raheem just scored but I think Pedro has more of a big role at Chelsea than sterling at city.

        • Calvin Clyne says:

          Nope, really like it. If the flags are gone come kick-off then I’d say hold the FT. If you’re feeling reeeeeeally adventurous though then what about the cheekiest of punts with Benteke –> Martial? 😛

        • MattX says:

          Flocka- Cheers mate. These knocks are annoying as I’m questioning the validity of them to be honest. I’m thinking of Tekkers out and as I was just asking Init was thinking of Diouf. Might give De Bruyne a bit of time to see how he melds with the City team and I think Pedro will be a great buy but I’m thinking of Haz to Pedro just don’t think I’ll do it yet.

          Calvin – I was thinking of that move but is it too cheeky?? Haha I might just leave him a week or two to see how or even if he plays. Would probably prefer to hold if able so let’s hope the flags are gone.

    • 158.3
      NIN says:

      Hey Matt. I trust all went well? Your squad isn’t really in dire need of a WC so hold off unless you want to make a heap of changes. Maybe lose Benteke for a mid-priced/cheap striker.

      • MattX says:

        Hey NIN, it did mate cheers still have to go back and get the results though. How’d your weekend go?? Think I’ll hold off on the WC. Just trying to decide on the striker now it’s between Wilson, Vardy or Diouf I think.

        • NIN says:

          Good stuff Matt, glad to hear it. Weekend wasn’t too bad for me. 47 FPL points to park off and a general quiet one all round, just how i like it 😉

          Those are three good options. Add Rondon in there too, for consideration at least.

        • MattX says:

          That’s good stuff NIN.

          Ye didn’t think of him but a definite consideration cheers mate.

  3. 159
    Wafflez says:

    My team, got a feeling that i should just leave it as it is. All my transfers and cap choices sucks this season. My rank is 2.1 million smile

  4. 160
    jamesimmo says:

    Which defender for 5.0m or less would you really want for the coming gameweeks?

    – Cedric (good attacking threat, bad fixtures, part of a potentially-very-tight defence)
    – Alderweireld (less attacking, decent fixtures, part of a notoriously suspect defence)
    – WBA defender (not sure who to get, good fixtures, can be solid in defence)

    Or somebody else? My others will be Kolarov, Francis, Martin and Cathcart. Any suggestions appreciated!

  5. 161
    Potty Procky says:

    Loving this Wellie room.
    Okay here is my team.
    Still have both Wildcards
    Ranked 613,637 and 176 points to boot
    Only used 3 Transfer’s and no hits
    So here is my plan….
    Keeping Rooney for the Liverpool game but Benteke should I unload?

  6. 162

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