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UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2023/24

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2023/24


Hello everyone and welcome back to UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2023/24.

We are into the last 16 now, or R16 as they call it. Things are hotting up in the FF247 Regulars League, we have a surprise (and somewhat reluctant) leader in Rosco, and our current Champion Den Perry is floundering around back in 10th spot. But to put context on how close it all is there are just the 41 points separating the pair, with 8 others in-between them, all waiting to pounce on the former Big Brother wannabe.

The FF247 Regulars Leagues


As for the game itself you have UNLIMITED transfers to burn ahead of R16. That’s for the 1st leg games. You can then make a further 3 transfers for the 2nd legs, but they are a while away yet. Indeed, this round alone is spread over two weeks, and all told the whole of R16 lasts a full month.


We have left some of the key info in here, more as an easily found reminder –

    Before R16 1st leg: Unlimited
    Before round of 16 2nd leg: 3 transfers
    Before quarter-final 1st leg: 5 transfers
    Before quarter-final 2nd leg: 3 transfers
    Before semi-final 1st leg: 5 transfers
    Before semi-final 2nd leg: 3 transfers
    Before final: 5 transfers
    So basically it’s like FPL in terms of being able to carry 1 transfer over. However, as we have now reached the knockout stage we do not have the option of carrying a free transfer with us: you don’t use it, you lose it.

    • Deadlines
      Deadlines are at the time of kick-off of the first match of the round. So unlike FPL you do get to see the line-ups in advance and adjust your plans accordingly.

    There are a couple;

    You get 1 regular wildcard and you can play it anytime you like prior to the start of a round. It acts the same way it does in FPL.

    Limitless Wildcard
    This is a different type of wildcard here, one that many will find very appealing. It is very similar to the “Free Hit” chip we have in FPL. However, there is one major difference… “The Limitless Wildcard enables the user to create a team without any budget restrictions and affords them unlimited transfers for one matchday.” So for one matchday you can afford whatever team you like. You do still have to meet the criteria for players from one team and formations and all that, but there is no budget, so spend away. Once the matchday is over, just like the free hit chip, our teams revert back.

    The Game Itself
    You can access the game here – Fantasy Champions League

    R16 Fixtures

    So that’s the basics, in as much of a small nutshell as we could manage, without boring the pants off you. If you have any further questions or queries or if there are any clarifications you need then as always please feel free to ask below.

    Please feel free to post any RMT’s, or indeed as ever just carrying on talking about any old nonsense!

    Thanks for reading UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2023/24.

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  1. 115
    bees393 says:

    Have Morata, Gundo and Cancelo all not starting…just lovely bad

  2. 116
    Rosco says:

    Well my team (Newcastle are out) but I did get Galeno as one of my 2 FT … and I captained him! Result!

  3. 117
    bees393 says:

    Wow…find myself 4th in our FF247 Public league shock
    Somehow I missed being entered into the regulars one.

  4. 118
    The Padster says:

    UCL Round of 16 draw..

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 119
    inittowinit says:

    R16 is live dance

    All chase the former BB wannabe…. rofl bravo friends

  6. 120

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