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Why is Bruno Fernandes a Great Fantasy Football Captain?

Why is Bruno Fernandes a Great Fantasy Football Captain?

Why is Bruno Fernandes a Great Fantasy Football Captain?

When deciding on who you want to captain your fantasy football team, there are multiple factors that you need to consider. Because your captain will get your team double points, you need to find someone who consistently performs, week in, week out. Choosing who your fantasy football captain should be your top priority when making your team, as they will play a major role in your team’s overall point allocation.

With so many great players in the Premier League at the moment, it’s not easy to pick one person to wear the armband. It’s hard not to choose players like Liverpool’s forward Mo Salah, or Harry Kane at Spurs to do the job. A lot of people have gone with the Portuguese superstar, Bruno Fernandes. The highly-rated attacking midfielder has been arguably the best Manchester United signing since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013. He has made a huge impact on the club, and it is not surprising so many people playing fantasy football want him as their captain.

He is Not Cheap
In the 2020/21 Fantasy Premier League season, Bruno Fernandes cost players a lot of money. Three months into the season he was valued at £10.8m, which many felt was overpriced, considering players like Jamie Vardy were a cheaper option. However, he was the fifth-highest scorer in the league at the time with sixty-eight points, he had 6 goals and 3 assists, plus, he had missed the game week-1.

Those who watched highlights of the United games might have felt he was completely reliant on penalties to score them points, but there is much more to Fernandes’s game. He could spot passes that others couldn’t see, his awareness and runs off the ball confused opponents, and many believe that he makes this United side tick. While playing in Italy, Portugal, and England, Fernandes has been very consistent throughout his career. He expects a lot from himself and his teammates around him. A lot of teams are well aware of the attack-minded players United has in their squad, so it is not surprising that a lot of sides like to park the bus against them. Before Fernandes arrived at Old Trafford, United sides couldn’t find a way past blanket defences, but with the Portuguese in the starting eleven, United were able to unlock even the most solid defenses in the league.

He is Creative
Since Ole Gunnar Solskjær took over at Old Trafford, United have started to play counter-attacking football again. The die-hard fans at the “Theatre of Dreams” love to see fast, counter-attacking football, but until now, this type of football has been rarely on display in the red half of Manchester.

This style of football suits Fernandes, and last season he got many assists from when his side was counter-attacking. His creativity and his awareness of his surroundings help him find his teammates. Although Fernandes might not be the fittest player in Manchester United’s squad, his skill, and natural ability make up for it. He is always looking for the ball and space as he seems to constantly be on the move. He is a defender’s nightmare because he can shoot from anywhere, take on a player or pass the ball off to one of his teammates. Counter attacking football suits the Portuguese game, however, he rarely gets assists from providing through balls to his teammates closer to the box.

Bruno and Edison Cavani
It’s strange to think that a lot of United fans were on the fence about whether or not they should have signed Edison Cavani. Although the Uruguayan had an incredible career, both at the club and international level, many felt he had passed it. However, he went on to prove his critics wrong, and he adapted to the Premier League in a very short space of time.

Fernandes and Cavani’s relationship on the pitch started to flourish, especially in the second half of the season. The two had a great understanding of each other, and they played some incredible football. With those two playing together, the chances of Bruno Fernandes scoring more goals and getting more assists is likely to increase.

Unlike Fernandes, the problem with Cavani is that he rarely plays week in, week out. Because of his age and history of injuries, you can’t rely on Cavani playing every fixture. Plus, with Mason Greenwood performing very well for United, it’s not surprising Cavani doesn’t play every game. However, the relationship between Cavani and Fernandes is exciting to watch, especially if you have either or both of them in your fantasy team.

Very Rarely Injured
Very few people choose a captain that is injury-prone. There is no point in having someone wear the captain’s armband if they are frequently injured. Fernandes rarely gets injured, which is surprising because he is often on the ball and the Premier League is known for its tough tackling. Defenders in the league are known to tackle hard, especially when they are playing against skillful opponents. Fernandes doesn’t allow defenders to get too close to him, and when they do, he can beat them or release the ball, making it difficult for defenders to make contact.

Fernandes has gone to ground a lot this season, and many of his opponents feel like the Portuguese exaggerates a lot of these incidents to win a free kick or to get his opponents booked. Although he is not known to be a dirty player, he does like to have a word in the referee’s ear now and again, so you can expect him to get booked once in a while. Since joining United, Fernandes has been booked eight times in the Premier League in 56 games but is yet to be sent off.

Fernandes has played a total of 51 Premier League games since signing for Manchester United, and in that time he has managed to score 26 goals and get 19 assists. Plenty of folks are placing bets on him becoming the player of the season on sites like this online kaszinók. A lot of players take their time settling into the Premier League, but Fernandes had no issues whatsoever. He is a fan’s favorite and a big season is expected of him when the 2021/22 Premier League gets underway.

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