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World Cup Quarter Finals Live Match Chat – Rate My Team

World Cup Quarter Finals Live Match Chat –  Rate My Team

World Cup Quarter Finals Live Match Chat

Welcome to World Cup Quarter Finals Live Match Chat. And then there were eight. Well, England plus another seven ;) Some surprises along the way mixed with some familiar names progressing sees us arrive at the quarter-final stage with everything to play for. Like any tournament the continued presence of the home nation is generally seen as a positive, except by Spain of course who have already departed for the more familiar surroundings of Costa Blanca. We have also waved goodbye to Messi and Ronaldo and a new superstar has been born in Mbappe.

Sadly we said farewell to the gallant Japanese but with England facing Sweden, expectations continue to reach epic proportions. It’s coming home. Isn’t it?! Ah c’mon, let us dream!

We have the next two days off until we reconvene on Friday, so plenty of time to think over plans and transfers. Is it time to play a Chip or have they been utilised/wasted already?!

From a fantasy point of view we have 3 free transfers for this round and we can now own a maximum of five players from any one team.


Friday 6th July

Uruguay vs France (3pm)

Brazil vs Belgium (7pm)

Saturday 7th July

Sweden vs England (3pm)

Russia vs Croatia (7pm)

So that you have them to hand in one place here’s a reminder of the substitution rules, transfer allotment, wildcard and boosters. AKA the rules…



Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading World Cup Quarter Finals Live Match Chat

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  1. 32
    Smash10 says:

    Wan Bissaka is he the one that looked good at RB for Palace towards the end of last season. If so there’s the 4 million defender

  2. 33

    For anyone who enjoys cheating and watching the elaborate ways to hide it, please join us in our Tour de France league.
    League code: 27991939
    Or enter by league name: FF247 TDF

    Before you say you don’t follow it much or you don’t have time to be messing with another fantasy team, just know that all you have to do is pick 9 riders and that is it. There are no transfers or nothing else you have to do, just pick the team before the Tour starts and you are done. I will try and post updates on how it is going.

    We usually have about 5-6 join up. We play the big 3 cycling events in the year. Just played the Giro (which I won) in last year’s tour de France it was Cookie who ended up the winner. Kop won La Vuelta in 2017, still no Init on the top step of the podium. :hippo:

  3. 35
  4. 36
    Wafflez says:

    ouch Salah 13 million ^^

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